What Is Gladeals.com / What Is PayNaga.com – Is ‘Gladeals’ Scam or Legit Store?

By | November 30, 2019

Is Gladeals.com / PayNaga.com Untrustworthy – Our ‘Gladeals’ Review / Custmer Reviews.

Welcome to our Gladeals.com Review and PayNago Review. Is www.gladeals.com a scam or is ‘Gladeals’ legit and safe? They are a new site and we should not trust new e-stores until we are sure they are legit. There are contradictions on their site as their ‘ABOUT US’ section says they are Europe’s and America’s leading E-Mobile Enterprise. So that is suspicious as it takes longer than just over a year to achieve such a thing, I’d imagine. Those that gave payment info may have to contact your payment adviser’s for a refund and to cancel your card.

Those that believe they were scammed by ‘Gladeals’ are welcome to let us know what you know in our comments or in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. FREE SCAM REPORTING TOOL is for the reporting of sites we have not exposed yet, ideally. You can submit your own reviews and images to help alert others. Work From Home Scam Sites go there and a Ways to Earn Online, for those interested, is there. Lets begin now our ‘Gladeals’ Review.








Gladeals.com Exposed as Fraudulent – Here’s Why.

Gladeals.com says they are part of the ‘Putian Cola Network Technology Co., Ltd‘ and that they one of Europe’s and America’s leading E-mobile leaders. So that is very eye-catching because I have never heard of them, and I would of. Also, if we Google them then there is no mention of this achievement, and yet again, there would be about ‘Gladeals’.


  • What I find most odd about their site is their email seems to belong to a site called Paynaga.com. Where we find business credentials belonging to other websites then we can say something is very wrong here. Why are they using the email of a website that is used to ‘Provide Secure Payment Services’?
  • Already that is enough for me not to give them my payment information. This should not be happening and they should have their own business email for their customers. That is only bringing suspicion on themselves as any website owner would know, and really anyone else.
  • Within WHOIS we see they registered online on the 2018/05/19 for 2 years. That is about the time required to work up our e-store to be popular. To open an e-store for only 2 years is considered widely online as suspicious. It just is not long enough.
  • Fujian is all they have put for their address which is a South Eastern Coast of China. So we must always beware of any e-store from China as China is the worlds leading supplier of fake e-stores. Of course we can not claim all sites from this region are fake so we must take each one on their own merits.
  • No founder name, business address and also no there is no contact information for their customers when they registered their domain name.
  • We go to their site and we can see an email of care@paynaga.com which we have already said is being used by a site called PayNaga.com, actually, it is care@paynage.com and also service@paynaga.com. So they are very close in name and so what do you think:- are they connected or not?




Actually, they are using the same brand name logo as Gladeals.com. See image below:-


paynaga.com using same logo as gladeals.com.



So now we can see they are using the ‘Gladeals’ logo and also we can see some Chinese writing below ‘Merchant Service’. All very strange indeed. PayNaga.com says they are a payment provider but also they are trying to sell you goods as well? All wrong.


  • ‘PayNaga’ was registered online on the 2018/12/15 for two years. And yet they have ten years of experience with 2.5 million users and 10,000 merchants – 10,000! No, that is not enough time to become so popular so fast. Besides, where is the proof of this? Where are all of those customer reviews and they would have many if those stats were correct.
  • So we have linked two sites that both seem very suspicious. We always recommend you research any e-stores information to see if they are linked to any warnings about them online. Many times we will find other sites using the same info and that can be very valuable data to help us all save our cash.
  • We have found two scam reports about them on Facebook. Unable to locate their FB page however despite an image on their site implying they do have. They only want you to share their content is all it seems. SEE IMAGE BELOW:-









Final Thoughts.

Gladeals.com is a scam. We are not recommending a site that is using the same info as another website. That is not legit but also another site is using their brand name logo. What is going on? I just tried their other Facebook Icon, bottom left of their site, and there is a 404 page so basically there is nothing there for that. Only fake sites do this. Anyone working at a legit site doing this, and let that error go on this long, would be sacked. That is only bringing to much suspicion onto them and so its hard to see how that has not cost them some sales. 




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24 thoughts on “What Is Gladeals.com / What Is PayNaga.com – Is ‘Gladeals’ Scam or Legit Store?

  1. Brenda

    I ordered a Radley bag from radley.co.uk as a gift in December last year, it never arrived. Instead i received a cheap scarf which they claimed was a burberry, they charged me over £50. I sent an email to them via their online web site requesting a full refund which was totally ignored. The money went to a company called Gladeals.com in Jarkarta, a company i knew nothing about, and a company i had not ordered from. I have tried today to find Gladeals online but cannot find them. However, the dodgy site selling discounted Radley bags is still showing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You should definitely contact your bank for a possible refund in this case. Radley.co.uk appears to be online since 2005 and try contacting them on Facebook called Radley London. I see they are using the same website name you supplied here.

      They are saying also that there are a number of fake sites usingn their name. Are you sure it was Radley.co.uk you ordered from Brenda?

  2. francisco ribeiro

    Boa noite, é com espanto e revolta que a encomenda por mim efectuada não corresponde ao meu pedido, considerando uma autentica fraude o que estão a fazer.
    Como podem verificar a encomenda feita( Grinch Bichos de Pelcia Plush Doll Para Presente de Natal Das Crianças, OQewg,1,20.05.
    Total Amount: EUR20.05.) é relativa ao GRINCH de cor verde e peluche que corresponde aos 20.50 euros que já paguei e não um par de peúgas que custam 1 euro. Se isto não é vigarice é o quê? Não há desculpa para o engano, o vosso profissionalismo não é nenhum.
    À GLADEALS.COM Jakarta Pusat
    A conclusão óbvia que retiro da vossa conversa é igual a lixo, não cumprem com o que se comprometeram, devolver o valor de 20.97 euros, dado que o produto que comprei nunca foi recebido e, neste sentido quem anda sempre a mentir é falso, comportando-se como um bando de vigaristas sem caráter, nem respeitam a vossa carta de comportamento cívico para com os clientes. O vosso procedimento é corrupto e merece denuncia.
    Ficam avisados se até ao dia 02/03/2020 não receber na minha conta os 20.97 vou denunciar-vos às autoridades competentes, embaixada Chinesa e Indonesia, em Lisboa,como farei campanha na internet contra a vossa empresa.

  3. Jodi Lucey

    I ordered, from what appeared to be a European web site for Doc Martin shoes, on December 1st, 2019. Paid $56. I received a notification that my package had been delivered somewhere around the last week of January. I received 2 pairs of socks. I contacted them immediately and they asked me for confirmation of my purchase and what arrived. I forwarded the confirmation email I received with a detailed description of the item ordered. I sent a picture of the socks I received. I asked for a refund. I was told that because “We are both victims in this and they paid a lot for the shipping costs, they could only refund 32.8% of the purchase price.

    As you can imagine, I was firm with my response to their offer. I suggested that they send a pre-paid envelope to return the socks and 100% of the refund owed me. They countered and offered me 40% of the purchase price back. I am now seeking an avenue to report them. My card was charged by GladDeals.com Jakarta Pusat JKT. No other charges made as I have identity protection on my card and it is monitored very closely.

    I’m hoping for a refund, but doubt I will get my money back after reading these other posts.

  4. Ab

    Avoid Avoid Avoid
    They are timberlandxoutlet.com just changed the name.
    If you order a shoe, the ship only a socks just to say Delivered.

  5. Nadia reid

    I order from this web site on 12/10/19 never received my items two weeks later I received a packaged open it up it was socks n I have no idea where they came from!(I never ordered them)! Never gotten an email on the updates on my package never received the contents! I’m so upset because the package was Christmas gifts n I spent my last on!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry Nadia and there was another lady that left us a report her presents did not come for her kids. Too sad. Put in for a refund.

  6. Peter from Slovakia

    I ordered from a german looking web site Rodenporst.de a pair of jeans Diesel Red Tag. It seemed to me as a great price for such a jeans beacuse full price on Diesel we shop was 485 EUR, now on Farfetch for 300 EUR
    The same scenario. Price should have ben 49 EUR (including shipping cost), real amount my credit card was charged with 53.55 EUR ( but originally it was charged in Indonesian Rupias) On my bank statement gladeals.com Jakarta Pusat. Item shipped from China
    To my surprise instead of Diesel Jeans I received yesterday a fake Hermes scarf worth maybe some 3 EUR. So the profit of gladeals.com 50 EUR. Obviously Scam / Fraud !!!

  7. Diana Koester

    Scroll down for German version…..

    I ordered a key ring from http://www.rakow-datennetze.de on November 24th, 2019. Price 25.70 euros including shipping. I paid the amount with my father’s Visa card. Delivery should be to my daughter in Germany.

    On the same day, I received confirmation of this order and that they received the payment. However, it didn’t come from http://www.rakow-datennetze.de. The email was sent from auto2@servicecentervip.com. It also said that GLADEALS.COM will be the debitor who takes the amount from the Visa card and we could see that it was booked on the Visa card already from GLADEALS.COM.

    Based on the tracking number, I could see that the goods were shipped from China.

    On December 17th, 2019 I received the package from China, which however did not contain the ordered key ring, but fake FENDI tennis socks.

    I then contacted http://www.rakow-datennetze.de using the contact form, but have not received any messages from there so far. I checked their website for a proper email address but there wasn’t any. Also no phone-no., address or anything else.

    I also contacted the shipper from China and asked for a refund or new delivery. I was informed that the item is sold out and offered me a 35% discount if I keep the socks. I declined this and asked for a refund to my account. Today I received another email from the shipper in China, in which they asked me again to keep the goods.

    I also received a message from my father today that his Visa card had been blocked because several attempts were made to pay with his VISA card, but an incorrect number code was entered always. That happened on 16-December and since the payment to http://www.rakow-datennetze.de / gladeals.com, the card wasn’t used from him.

    So, I have a suspicion, that the credit card data were misused from http://www.rakow-datennetze.de and/or gladeals.com.

    These are the websites/email addresses which are involved in that case.


    Does anyone have a suggestion what to do as the next step to get the money back?

    I already wrote to the Deutsche Verbraucherschutz and maybe they can help, too.



    sowie email

    Ich habe bei rakow-datennetze am 24.11.2019 einen Schluesselanhaenger bestellt. Preis 25,70 Euro inkl. Versand. Bezahlt habe ich mit der Visa-Karte meine Vaters. Lieferung nach DE zu meiner Tochter.

    Am selben Tag erhielt ich eine Bestaetigung ueber diese Bestellung und erfolgte Zahlung. Jedoch nicht von rakow-datennetze, sondern von der email adresse auto2@servicecentervip.com. Der Rechnungsbetrag wurde der Visa-Karte von einer Firma GLADEALS.COM belastet.

    Aufgrund der Tracking Nr. konnte ich ersehen, dass die Ware von China versandt wurde.

    Am 17.12.2019 erhielt ich das Paket aus China, welches allerdings nicht den bestellten Schluesselanhaenger, sondern ein paar Tennissocken enthielt.

    Ich habe mich draufhin mit rakow-datennetze ueber das Kontaktformular in Verbindung gesetzt, aber bisher keinerlei Nachricht von dort erhalten. Ein Impressum oder email-adresse ist auf der HP von rakow-datennetze nicht genannt.

    Desweiteren habe ich mich an den Versender aus China gewandt und um Erstattung oder neue Lieferung gebeten. Mit wurde mitgeteilt, das der Artikel ausverkauft ist und mir ein 35 % Discount angeboten wenn ich die Socken behalte. Dies habe ich abgelehnt und um Erstattung auf mein Konto gebeten. Heute habe ich eine erneute email vom Versender in China erhalten, in dem sie mich nochmals gebeten haben, die Ware zu behalten.

    Ich habe heute ausserdem von meinem Vater die Nachricht erhalten, das seine Visa-Karte gesperrt wurde, da man in mehreren Ansätzen mit seiner VISA-Karte bezahlen wollte, aber immer ein verkehrter Zifferncode eingegeben wurde.
    Ich habe hier den Verdacht, da sonst keine weiteren Zahlungen nach der Zahlung an rakow-datennetze mit dieser Visa von unserer Seite aus getaetigt wurden, die Kreditkartendaten von rakow-datennetze missbraeuchlich verwendet wurden.

    Hab mich deshalb auch bereits and die Verbraucherzentrale gewandt.

    Hat Jemand eine Empfehlung, wie ich hier am Besten weiter vorgehen kann, damit das Geld zurueckerstattet wird?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      One hell of a review Diana and thank you so much for sharing so much information. I know it will help so many going forward.

  8. Mieke Blokker

    I ordered on a Camper outlet, which appeared to be Spanish, 3 pairs of Camper shoes. A black Friday deal total value of about 100€. For me it was just a nice bargain, no trace of fake Chinese materials.
    Payment towards Gladeals.

    I Received a mail from service5 that shipment was planned , including tack and trace links. All in Chinese.
    So I replied that I didn’t want any stuff from China, I ordered within Europe and I don’t want tax issues.

    They replied me that They had no more stock in their European warehouses and that the shipment was already done.

    10 days later I received a scarf. A fake bad quality Burberry copy.
    So I mailed again. Reaction was that a mistake has been done in their warehouse and that they had no longer stock to send me the material ordered. But they were willing to refund me 40% and I could keep the scarf.
    I proposed to send back the scarf and have a refund of 100%.
    Not possible according to them, sending back something would be to much of a risk.
    I offered now to send it secured to them , still with a refund.

    To be continued….

  9. Vernon Williams

    I too seem to have been scammed. Bought some Nike sweat pants for real good price from styleslife.us.com for 35.99, appeared on my c.c. for 37.50. Charged paid to Gladeals.com. Going to do a charge back now. No answer to emails , or no confirmation emails at all.

  10. Tony Byrne

    I’ve been done by these. Bought shoes on stylebyshary.com, (Footwear In) £89GBP or €103.80. Transaction showed up on card as GLADEALS.COM for a larger euro amount. Have tried a number of times to contact them but no reply.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Tony for your report about Stylebyshary.com. We did not know about this site and we see that they are new. Put in for a refund as that is too fishy to let slide. Thanks again Tony and why not let us know how your refund goes, if you put in for one, if time permits and you think of us.

  11. Fiona Wright


    Saw an add on Instagram to buy Oroton handbags 80% discount.
    Purchased 200$ (4 bags)
    Then unusual activity 206$ which Comm. Bank alerted me too.

    The business came up as :- GLADEALS.COM Jakarta Pusat , 1210

  12. C. Watkins

    I ordered some merchandise from this company, have yet to receive, checked confirmation email no tracking information attached. Mysteriously received a package from China today 12/10/2019 which contained a scarf, I ordered boots for 87.00. total taken from my account was 94.14. Company name showing up on my statement is Gladeals.com Jakarta Pusat

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      A scarf? Geze, sorry to read this C. Watkins. Put in for a refund and feel free to let us know how this turns out. Thanks for your report as well.

  13. Carlos

    Fui a comprar unos zapatos a la tienda onlinepabloskyshop.online
    Pensé que era legítima porque vi un anuncio en Facebook y la tienda parece de una marca española de zapatos.
    Rápidamente seleccioné los artículos y fui a pagar, sin revisar más detalles de la web (error por mi parte).
    Si hubiera investigado un poco habría visto que la traducción de ciertos apartados de la web eran muy extraños. Los enlaces a redes sociales llevan a urls que no existen (404 not found) y demás cosas así.
    No compren en esa web ni otras parecidas.
    Luego el pago en la cuenta aparece como GLADEALS.COM Jakarta. Pagp pendiente de asiento desde el jueves.
    Llamo al banco para cancelar la tarjeta, y hoy lunes 9 de diciembre de 2019 veo que ese pago sigue pendiente pero hay otro que ya se ha realizado sin mi permiso de un importe similar.
    Son unos estafadores y malnacidos.

  14. M. Dalton

    I just had to cancel my credit card. Two additional charges were made in a similar amount immediately after the gladeals transaction was authorized.
    Definitely a scam.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks M. Dalton and do you mind telling us the names that appeared on your bank statement please in case others are looking for that information?


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