What Is GimmeStone.com – Is GimmeStone.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 20, 2019

GimmeStone.com Review – Looks to be Legit!

There are a few things that has me wondering, in truth, What Is GimmeStone.com, Is GimmeStone com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, bad or Is GimmeStone legit, safe, real, genuine and good? This Gimme Stone Review is going to do a thorough site analysis to find if there are many scam signs to warn us. So, do you think that GimmeStone is safe and real or bad and dishonest? Those that feel they were somehow scammed by them are welcome to alert everyone in the comments below. Lets begin our www.GimmeStone.com Review.

Many fake sites are from China and seem to be manufactured daily. The problem with these sites, well the problem is most of them are fake, but also they maybe able to produce goods that may not have any likeness to the advertised products on their site. So beware of shoddy, inferior, counterfeit goods etc and definitely let us know if the aforementioned site sent you out something that is just not right. For those that were scammed, then you must contact your payment provider. They may advise you to cancel your card and possibly you may need a refund. So, that is just a few words about fake shopping sites in general to watch out for.




This Program Is Legit!




The founder of the aforementioned site has been in contact and we feel that our ‘Not Recommended’ verdict was inaccurate. After seeing transparent information about their site we are convinced now they are safe and legit. Our apologies for any distress this may have caused or confusion to anyone else. Thank you. The ‘VERDICT’ is being put here to correct a mistake by us on the site in question.





GimmeStone.com Review – Critical Analysis.

Here a few points that have me concerned that we could indeed be dealing with a scam site. So, you may notice that they have an address for their business tucked away in their Terms and Conditions and in their Privacy Policy Page. First off, that is a peculiar place to put your address. Usually you may see that information on the bottom of legit sites, or just somewhere, you simply could not miss it. Also, phone numbers and emails would probably be in your face for customer support. THAT is the way it should be. (See UPDATE TO OUR ‘VERDICT’ BELOW!).


GimmeStone.com Review

Use Caution at www.gimmestone.com!


1). Their address as stated by them is 3rd Floor, 120 Baker Street London, GB W1U 6TU. Companies House is a great online service to check out legit and registered UK companies addresses. We can see that there are many dozens of businesses using the same address as supplied by GimmeStone. Bad Sign Folks – very bad.

Because in the WHOIS database website, that registers details of all sites online, the address is 52 Sirbirskaya Street, Flat 130, PERM, 614000, RU. So, that is a Russian address. Why two addresses?

Very suspicious. But getting back to the many other businesses using the same address does tell us something. They all are using a rental address. This is to give the impression they are from a business capital of the world. And so you can buy a Companies House Certificate for about $125 (give or take) – EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT LOCATED IN THE UK! What a loop hole for sure guys 🙁 .

2). The quality of their site is something to take note of as well. I am not trying to be disparaging or anything, but a shoddy site, is another scam sign. So, we can see that it is clearly untidy, both the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy Page follow standard scam patterned speech of a very generic nature. That is something for sure popped out at me.

3). Founder Name is not located on their site. Why is this? Why is the founder name hiding? There is simply no reason for this other than, what could be construed, as fear of being found out. Again, I could be very wrong, and so you must determine your own mind about them via this article and other works online. I am simply imparting my knowledge for your consideration. WHOIS has the founder name as Bogdan Bovykin, and indeed, there is such a profile on Facebook and You-Tube. So that is a good sign for sure. However, I don’t know if it is the same person and that is only causing confusion.

4). In Their About Us Section we do have some names and faces. Nick Zeroni is the CEO, apparently. That is obviously NOT Bogdan Bovykin! Anyways, I Googled drop the image and nothing came back. That image is not linked even to GimmeStones Site and so that is worrying. Now, they may be construed that those people really do not work at that site and only the images have been robbed online from archive internet images. So now you see why I say founder name not located on their site. Surely when you list a name for a website than THAT ‘name’ is the founder name?

5). The Internet has evolved where it is getting harder to separate good sites from bad sites. Too many times peoples personal payment details are stolen and now their cards are being hit-up for unauthorized random charges. Beware of these charges without your consent and take action with your bank to correct it.

6). They have registered their own site in 2017/07/08 until same time in 2019. Now, that is not a long time for a site that is trying to make revenue for sales. Most legit sites will register for longer. Perhaps the owner is just seeing how it all goes, I can’t be sure, but it is typical of fraudulent sites to register for such short periods of time.





Do You Have A GimmeStone.com Scam Report or Good/Bad Review? You Are Very Welcome To Leave Your Views/Reviews/Reports In The Comments Below – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

See verdict above.

Thank you kindly for visiting scamwitness.com. This is an independent blog run by me (Philip) and your shares, comments, visits and support are deeply appreciated. I love to hear from you so please do sound-out in the comments and lets get this debate on What Is GimmeStone.com going! See you then and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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