What Is GigiBlanket.com – Is GigiBlanket.com Scam or Legit? READ HERE 1ST!

By | January 4, 2019

What Is GigiBlanket.com And Can You Really Believe That Site? Buyer Beware!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Is your paid-for delivery late? This article has your answers to questions like What Is GigiBlanket.com found at www.gigiblanket.com. Is GigiBlanket com scam, crooked,dishonest, fraudulent, bad or Is GigiBlanket real, legit, safe, trustworthy, genuine? This Gigi Blanket Review is not just about their site but about all of their scam sites! There are many of them running around online selling fake quilts and clothing items! Have you a scam report regarding any of their sites? Do you know anything on the question What Is GigBlankets.com? Notice the ‘s‘ – those two sites are the same as each other!

All scam networks seem to have an umbrella reference name, and in this case, they are the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Scam Network. That is the linked review of them as a whole. Reading that article will answer all of your questions on their entire operations as they are now known. Of course, no one knows enough to shut them down. Any additional data is desperately needed and appreciated on exact location, founder names and legit contact data. Thank You.

In particular, they are known for selling fake quilts and have done a lot of damage across the United States. For sometime the BBB has been flooded with scam reports regarding customers not receiving their orders, or receiving an ‘order’, but near worthless relative to what they paid for the item(s). Those that know of more of these sites are welcome to leave the precise URL’s below in order to avoid confusion with other websites.





What Is GigiBlanket.com and also What Is GigiBlankets.com Actually About?

By now you see that they are labelled as a scam and not trustworthy by us. Late 2018 there was a complaint at the BBB. Someone defrauded because they paid for a quilt that just did not arrive. These reports kept on coming! As it turns out there is an organized group of scammers that have designed their fake sites to promote items that they do not own, and worked effectively to promote these sites, as the holidays approaced. This was done with great success and even making the news in the States. Too Many were defrauded out of their cash. And so do beware of www.gigiblanket.com and and as well of gigiblankets.com. Both part of the Amelia Cotton Quilt Company scam circles, and if they are not, then we there are more than 1 scam network pulling the same trick at the same time.


Gigi Blanket Review

Don’t make any purchases from www.gigiblanket.com!


Furthermore, their illegal enterprise seemed to set up their main operations on Facebook and other social media platforms. Many complaints at scamwitness.com about people clicking on such ads, getting cheated, and then Facebook saying they do not violate their policies. How did you encounter their scam site(s)?


The whole Con is this:-

Whoever they are, they are promoting high-end quality quilts for about $60. Buyer purchases and the ‘quilt’ does not show up, or, an inferior (putting it lightly) version shows up instead. What has been reported has been cheap prints so poor in quality that some customers threw them in the garbage! 

But in reality, one of the real designers of these quilts informed us that they are not so cheap. $200 is the price to buy the materials to make such high quality quilts. $550 for labor. $750 is the real starting price for those quilts and they can run into the thousands of dollars depending on your design etc. I am no expert, but there is no way anyone was getting those heavy high quality quilts for just 60 bucks. 

As said, there is much additional data in the review on their network in the intro of this article. Let us now get into the site at hand. Who is the founder? Where are they located? Is there contact information?


Identity – Legit Companies Do Not Hide This Data.

Gigiblanket.com was registered online on in 2018/09/18. That domain is live online for only 1 year. That is a pattern that scam sites follow. They create a site for 1 or 2 years, very rare in my experience of exposing online scams to be longer than this, and so that is enough time to encounter many unwary customers for their malicious intentions i.e. to defraud them.

Their Address is a lie as they have put it as PO Box 1769, Denver, CO, 80201, US. I know its a lie because I have encountered other online companies using the same address. And so how can several online companies be using the same location? So we see that can’t be theirs.

More to the point, time and time again, customers have complained that they received their order from China. Though many of these sites have been said to operate from a Salem address (this has been disproved by the BBB) it appears they are hailing from somewhere in China.




How The Scam Is Done Plus Scam Signs.

Scam Site Review

1). The delivery time is typically far longer than you are told by them. It can take about 2 months to get anything in the post. Expect the worst as it is not going to be one of those quilts as already said. If you ordered cloths then you may notice that they maybe inferior, cheap, shoddy, knock-off- and potentially counterfeit and nowhere near in likeness to what they are advertising.

2). When you land on one of their sites, probably from one of their social media accounts, then you will see their advertised products. When a purchase is made then you will or may also notice that you were not given a receipt or see taxes on the product(s) added into the price. That is your first warning something is wrong.

3). Is your tracking data even legit and real? Too many times this kind of information is not real and only served up in the moment. Use that piece of evidence to apply for a refund. 

4). Were you overcharged or charged on several occasions? Do keep checking on your account to make sure they are not taking more than what was agreed. Sometimes malicious sites, who you now have given your payment details to, may get greedy and try to take out more and more of your cash. Even they may say its part of their Terms and Conditions for you to pay a monthly fee – even when its not in their Terms and Conditions.

5). Once you notice your order has not arrived some weeks later then Support is may not be very helpful. hey may some strange things to you like please be patient, try to understand and also please sympathize with them. That is crazy talk for customer service to speak to customers like that and no legit company would let this happen. Also you may notice that their English maybe slightly broken and with too many errors.

6). Nothing Arrive As Of Yet? When too much time has passed then its possible nothing is going to show up. Or, one day you may get a surprise, and something does show up. Such is the random nature of these sites. For most people, the disappointment is the same and you may see you have a wholly inferior product in your hands. Certainly in this event you were still defrauded and a refund is in order.



Scam Signs Are Your Friends.

Why do they make identical sites? So when one is ruined by too many scam reports about a site, then they lose money in illegal sales and so no longer worth while to keep running, they shut it down and depend on the other(s) for their earnings.

Typically, they will just keep on making more sites until they are stopped. ‘You’ can help simply report them below, BBB and IC3 – Thank You.

Identical Sites! That is a sure-fire scam sign if ever you needed one. As said, go ahead and open up two browsers and you will see they are almost the exact with only the ‘s’ separating them. In particular their About Us section in the dot com version is nearly verbatim from other sites pulling the same trick on unwary customers. It hardly ever changes except to switch out their branding name and site URL.





Do You Have Your A GigiBlanket.com Scam Report? Feel Feel To Leave That In The Comments Below To Expose Them – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt in my mind they are not legit and can not be trusted. I have seen too many of their sites by now and so many are nearly identical. That review left top of this article will link you off to all of their other reviews on their scam network. The comments, in particular in the AmeliaCotton Review, makes for some worrying reading. The aforementioned site is being put into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please do not forget to report them here and elsewhere online wherever you find the invite to do so. The more complaints the more the scammers will be denied, and more importantly, the more innocent people will not lose their hard earned cash. Thanks again.

Thank you for using our site as your source of research concerning What Is GigiBlanket.com. You clicks and comments help support our work and look forward to all of your comments to come. Even if you just want to rave and rant and complain, well, that is what this forum is here for. But aside from that, it is here to help expose this crooked fake quilt scam network and so you reports will help so many avoid that online pitfall.


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