What Is Giftforyours.com – Is ‘Giftforyours’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 13, 2019

Find Out What Is Giftforyours.com – Our ‘Giftforyours’ Review.

Giftforyours.com is a very new site and already we have located a scam report about them. They seem to be linked to Skullabadass.com, per one report. Is Giftforyours com a scam, fake, fraudulent or Is ‘Giftforyours’ a safe, reliable, honest and legit legit store site? We will do our own research now on the owner and attached site information to determine their level of trust.

Those that have purchased from either site are welcome to let us know how that went. You may leave your reports in the comments below this article. Many fake sites from China and so we must locate their businesses address. Not to say all e-stores from China are fake. Lets find out more…




Is www.giftforyours.com a scam?



Giftforyours.com Review – Scam Check.

Giftforyours.com has come under fire, from one report we will leave end of this article, for being a scam. That is a very bad accusation so soon after opening their new e-store. Anyways, The report says they never got a confirmation order number or received the goods. Skullabadass.com is said, per this report, to be the “parent company” of ‘Giftforyorus’. Lastly, they say that all contact info is fake. 

So, lets find out about the founder, biz and contact means. We see in WHOIS that they registered their site in 2019/03/12. 1 year is all they have registered their domain URL for. That is a short time period. Especially when we consider they are selling arguably the worlds most popular goods for kids.

They say they are from PANAMA and using a PO BOX. I seen this PO BOX 3 times today being claimed by other companies. This is indicative of a scam site. It is a false address and it hides where they are from.

No founder name listed when they registered their domain. Another bad sign. Apparently, they are heavily promoting their site all over Facebook. Watch out for them and please report them to us in the comments.



Giftforyours.com Scam Signs.

Already, we can see on their site they have not listed owner name or business address. Where is the customer support number.

  • They appear to be a quilt scam. We extensively  reported on past and present quilt scams and so we will leave some links to those scam sites. We have seen a renewal of quilt scams, and lately we had it confirmed, that they are the same scammers we exposed before.
  • So you may check out those reviews on fake quilts here:-
  • Japcozy.com.
  • Jacozy.net.
  • JinnieStore.com.
  • *Those linked reviews will open in a new tab.
  • Both ‘Giftforyours’ and Skullabadass’ are nearly identical. That is a bad sign and neither site make reference to the other. This could now be viewed as a scam network. However, we can not be sure until we get your reports.
  • No founder name. No business address. Support Number not available. Only a contact email address of contact@giftforyours.com
  • The complaint we spoke of earlier says that ‘Skullabadass’ is a Lego Scam. We do not see that. All we see is that they are selling quilts. You may view that report HERE and will open in a new tab so you may return here, if you wish.
  • They are new and already we see they can offer up to 70% Discounts! That is a classic scam sign. They are also giving away free shipping globally. That is indicative of a site from China because I know that the Chinese Gov pays pretty much all of the exports costs for businesses.
  • They sell other goods as well it seems but they are heavily promoting those Skull Quilts. You may check out our other review on AmeliaQuilt.com and see if you can make any connections of your own. That article, in the comments section, will show you the devastation fake quilt stores have done in the past. 




Final Thoughts.

For now we are not recommending. We must make room for the fact we could be wrong. This is where you and others come in. Those with reports are welcome to let us know if you got your goods or not. If they were of good quality or of poor quality.

Would you recommend them or not and why?

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you and so that concludes What Is Giftforyours.com. We will wait until we hear from our sites visitors.

Over to you…

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  1. Paul Guodace

    I ordered some legos from giftforyours.com on March 31 off a Facebook ad for $49.95. I never got a confirmation and still haven’t recieved anything.


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