What Is Ghrkps.com – Is Ghrkps.com Scam or Legit? Review

By | March 17, 2019

Find Out What Is Ghrkps.com Here – The ‘Ghrkps’ Review.

This review is to create a forum where we can discuss What Is Ghrkps.com website at www.ghrkps.com. Is Ghrksp com scam, dishonest, deceptive and fake or Is ‘Ghrkps’ Legit, safe, real, genuine and should we trust them? This review is to find out more from users of this site, as well as, present our research. Those with member reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments below.

Currently, when we land on their home page it is a customer support page. We can see that they may have been some kind of webshop. What has your experience been with them? We will do some quick research to find out a few things that legit sites that sell, offer paid work from home jobs etc, make freely available.


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What Is Ghrkps.com Really About.

We must always try to seek out information that is crucial for real and honest businesses to make available to people their business site. This information is who owns the site? Where are they from i.e. business address? Contact information is normally a must. When did they register their site. They have new and seem to be quite popular. Lets find out more on What Is Ghrkps.com actually about.



www.ghrkps.com website.



  • WHOIS shows us that they registered their website relatively recently in 2018/20 and for 12 months. So it is very common for honest businesses to want to register their businesses online for a lot longer. It can be indicative of sites that want to scam for 1 or 2 years and then run off with their earnings.
  • They may shut suddenly, where sites that is are fake and dishonest, at any time without warning. This has the disastrous effect of leaving their unwary customers wondering about happened to the service they have paid for.
  • However, it could be in some cases that the founder wishes to remain anonymous because they fear of being scammed. For those e-stores that operate like this then I can say to you that you are bringing suspicion upon yourselves.
  • Customers have a right to know the location of any business that they hand over their own personal information to in cases where service fails.
  • The founder name is not listed and that is nearly always a very bad sign. Why would a legit business hide the founders name? 
  • Their business address is said by them to be Tower Financial Center Flr 35, 50th St y E, Mendez St, Panama. On their website we can see that they have placed an address of Staffordish Limited, PANAGOTIA KASPI 3, FLAT/OFFICE 202, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1095. Why are the addresses different?
  • It is always a good idea to Google any information that you can get your hands on regarding online sites that you may not be sure of. When we Googled their exact address then we find a complaint about a dating site. 
  • It is a complaint of an unauthorized card charge under the name of fndtmc.com. We had already found this exact copy of the site we are writing about now and so it was an interesting find.
  • We see that fndtmc.com was the generic billing name. The phone number to that dating site (we will leave the URL in the Final Thoughts section bottom of this article) as 866 438 3863.
  • The Founder of that dating site apparently is Ntiana Tsamourlidou. This is not verified information as being legit and true. We will leave the source of that data below this article.
  • So we have another site using exact address, that is a dating site, with a complaint of an unauthorized credit card charge. 
  • Multiple addresses is usually not a good sign and warrants further research. Nowhere on their own website do we see a founder name or an address that is the same as the one we see registered where websites are recorded as being registered online – WHOIS.


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What Is Their Service About?

Per their online service chat their are a third party gateway to help with billing issues for third party vendors. However, this may be the case, but I was able to locate identical sites under different names. 

The reports regarding ‘Ghrksp’ has some reports online connected to that one site. The customer service rep said, called Maritisus, that they do not have that information on their system on the type of products that are being billed for, or billing, that people may want to cancel for.

After I asked them why there are multiple copies of their site online, that are the same, the usually swift replies abruptly stopped. 




Final Thoughts.

So it appears their sites are there as a third party customer service function to do with billing information. When you go to cancel your subscription they ask for your credit card information. 

The ‘Staffordish Limited‘ seems to be connected with online reports and so it is not easy to know if that is conneced to the ‘Staffordish’ Limited presented on the bottom of their site.

The full address on their site, that we have stated in this article, is being used by other sites. There is a site called FindTrueRomances.com that is using the exact same address! That to me is very strange.

How can two very different (even just 2 different companies) be using the exact same address as their business address? 

Their email address is cs@ghrkps.com and that appears the only mode of communication except their live chat. The live chat staff just did not respond to my last question and so I left. 

This article is now complete and I will leave it up to you if they are scam or legit via your own customer reviews.

I am also worried that their sites name does not appear to mean anything at all. If it is an acronym then they have failed to make that clear to me as I visited their site. So where we see that site URL names do not appear to make any sense is something to watch out for.

What Has Your Experience Been?

So you are welcome to let everyone know below in the comments on What Is Ghrkps.com and I am very intrigued to know what you have to say about them. Where we find too many scam reports on any site online then we will put them into our List of Internet Scammers.Thanks for coming by and that is all for now. 

theonlindatingscams.com research.


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