What Is Gettilttv.com – Is Gettilttv.com Scam Or Legit Antenna E-Store?

By | March 18, 2019

What Is Gettilttv.com About – The ‘Gettilttv’ (‘TiltTv’) Review. Can We Really Get 100 or More Free HDTV Channels For Life For a One Off Low Price?

This review on What Is Gettilttv.com, located at www.gettilttv.com, is offering 100 channels in HDTV or more for a one off price of just $39.95! Is Gettilttv com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, deceptive or Is ‘Gettilttv’ legit, safe, real, genuine? ‘TiltTV’ claims that an NASA engineer made “Americas #1 Rated Antenna” to help people with their cable fees. That caught my ‘eye’ as something a little outlandish. But is it true? Their only support seems to be support@gettilttv.com – not a good sign.


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What Is Gettilttv.com Actually About? Our Review on ‘TiltTv’ Product Offer – Fake Or Real. Also, What Is Support@Gettilttv.com?

They are a new site, and per one online report, there are other sites like theirs such as tvfix and tvfox. We found FreeSeeTV.com which has a similar product description as the product at ‘Gettilttv.com. However, we can not say if they are owned by the same people. We will run a back ground check to try to find out What Is Gettilttv.com and also to answer What Is Support@Gettilttv.com <- scam or legit?





We came across their product after Google served me personally the same add, with the same product, 3 times in one day. So I ‘clicked’ to see if there were a legit site or if it was only a scam-ad. At first I was convinced by their professional website and their Facebook Plugin Comments. My opinion has changed…


‘Tilt TV’ Background Check!

A company that claims they are Americas #1 Rated Antenna Product Manufacturer (vendor) surely has transparency regarding their business address, contact information, founder name? This is easy to find for legit and honest companies in most cases. Putting it this way, I never never failed to find this information for legit companies.

We go to WHOIS and we can see that their site was registered in 2019/01/01 and up for renewal same time in 2019. They updated their registration in 01/01/2019 and so they could be online for some time by now. 

However, for a business that has made such a big claim as we have already discussed then I find it a little unusual that they have not registered for longer. I mean, they have USA’s #1 Antenna Product, that has shifted 1.5 Million Units per their own website, and they only want to invest in their sites registration for 1 year – per registration renewal periods?

Something is not adding up for me here…

Honest businesses tend to register for some years to come. 1 or 2 years is pretty typical of hit-and-run websites. But not always. It maybe that sometimes founders will register for 1 or 2 years just to see how their business pans out i.e. is there a demand for it or not.

Founder Name is missing at within their sites registration details. For a company that does not state their founder, or even have a board of directors, is something that we should have some suspicions on. Why the mystery if legit? 

Nor is there an email even, never mind a phone number at sites registration, for customer support. This could be that the founder does not want to be spammed. Granted, but surely they want to make sales? So this information is pretty critical for their own companies growth of revenue etc.

We see an address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US. That is a proxy address that hides their real location. I know this because scammers hide behind this address often. Oddly enough, if I am not mistaken, I have seen legit sites use that address as well.

So how can they claim that as their own business address when so many other websites are using it as well?

Either ways, there is no real reason why a legit business hides their actual business address.

Heading to their site and we can see nothing of this nature. No owner name. No physical address or telephone number and only an email for customer support. 

Now we are going to head into their scam signs, ‘signs’, that I almost missed!



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Gettilttv.com Scam Signs – Things You May Have Missed.

  • When we go to their site then we see claims of getting 50/100 channels for low price of just $39.95. This cancels out all cable subscriptions for life. However, when we go to check out we see a scam sign that is frequent with fake sites.
  • Try clicking on their McAffee Trust seal, and the other two, and you will see that they do not click to anywhere. That is like making false claims to see they approved by very trusted sites. They are meant to open in a new link to say they are verified legit as a merchant/supplier of their goods. That does not happen. That was pretty much 1 of my first clues to a scam.
  • Then we see that address of 14455 Hayden Road. I have seen this more so when fake sites then not. 
  • The little reviews online all are screaming ‘scam’! Either the product comes and does not work or nothing arrives. One complaint says they bought similar product $8.99 on their local store and it worked better.
  • ScamAdviser.com has given them a Trust Score of 68% as they have received some ‘Negative Feedback’ about their site. They advise to use ‘CAUTION‘. 
  • A NASA Engineer took time out of his illustrious career to make an antenna so the average Joe-Soaps of this world can pay so little for Cable HDTV Channels? Seems a bit far fetched.
  • Surely a NASA Engineer would be more preoccupied about the effects of space travel, how it could be the next tourism opportunity (but cheaper), or perhaps how we are going to shift our Earth slightly away from our Sun when it grows 100 times its current mass in about 3/4 billion years from now. So you see, these engineers (to me) would probably not be spending much time making affordable products for TV lovers.
  • Their Home Page Facebook Plugin Reviews appears not to be interactive. I tried to ‘LIKE’ and leave my own comments but it would not let me do so. That is another thing that got me worried. The fact that it was served up to me as a Google ad did indeed lend their site legitimacy. 
  • Some of the comments on their Facebook Page appeared to have been removed. Where we see pages that have comments ‘filtered’ out then always makes me wonder why admin would do this.






Final Thoughts.

There are too few reviews, scam reports, complaints online to justify calling them a scam site. Others have and so we need more reviews to say this with confidence. We are seeking your own customer reviews, and where we get too many negative reports, we will label them as ‘scam’ and put them into our List of Internet Scammers.

Did You Get Your Product?

Particularly people would be interested to know if you got what you ordered and did it actually deliver on its promise of free HDTV Channels.

Would You Recommend Them – Yes Or No – And Why?

Again, we are interested to hear your stories. There is not a whole lot written about their site online, and the little we have read on them regarding reports, does not look too good. Since they are advertising on Google Ads Network to reach a Global Audience (RIGHT NOW!) then it is likely their product is being ‘clicked’ on right now. 

Ergo, people may searching for your review right now. 

Thank you kindly for your time and I hope this article was of use to you. Plesae view the comments (if any) for additional information on What Is Gettilttv.com. Do report any website you suspect of being fraudulent below or in the image link below.



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