Review – Is ‘GetBlueTick’ an Instagram ‘Blue Tick’ Scam?

By | May 25, 2019

Want To Know Is Legit? – Instagram ‘Blue Tick’ Scam Alert Folks!

There is a hard-to-meet criteria to qualify for a ‘Blue Tick‘ within Instagram’s platform. There are certain sites online offering this service that have nothing to do with Instagram. is a scam just like BlueTick.Online. We will briefly discuss how this scam unfolds and you will see how you can never ‘verify’ to gain that coveted verified ‘tick’ on your account.

But our concerns are far greater than a site wasting everyone’s time. No, there are other reasons why we are writing-up the sites in question. There is a threat they may dupe people into taking actions that may harm them. Such actions may earn the founder of such sites some commissions and we will show you some possible dangers.



 – How It Is A Fraud and Untrustworthy.

  • You see you already have your answer to What Is Now we are going to show you why we are saying that. It may strike you as a little odd how one site may say such things without another. Where we see a website trying to take advantage of people then we are entitled to warn others.
  • Your real user reviews will of course settle any discussion and so feel very welcome to leave in the comments you own experience. When we detail the criteria for that ‘tick’ then you will know all such ‘blue tick’ sites can not be real. 
  • Better still, you may go to the top of this article and ‘click’ on that link about BlueTick.Online where we have already explained. Different sites but the scam is run exactly the same. I’d even bet a small wager they could be run by the same person or people.
  • Anyways, guesswork aside, let us now see if we are dealing with a honest site by seeking out attached information to that website. Founder name, business address, contact info and also when that site was set up.
  • Already, even though they are a new site, they are generating some decent level of traffic. Such is the interest of getting that ‘tick’. So we see in WHOIS that they registered their site in 2019/05/12 just for one year. Who sets up this invaluable, highly sought-out service, for just a year? Instagram?!!!
  • NOPE!! Clearly not. This is a hoaxer following the patter of scam sites, who typically set up a site for 1 or 2 years with intentions to defraud in some form / fashion, just to delete that site at any moment. One scam sign does not make it a scam. We need a few more.
  • So we see that they have not left a founder name and nor is there one on their site. Why not? What is the problem? Instagram would never endorse a site that is offering a service on their behalf without business transparency. 
  • When you land on their site then you will go through some steps. All is well as you set things up. Then they must verify it is ‘YOU’ and all of a sudden there is a box with red words saying there is an error.
  • They want now for you to take another action that takes you away from their site. Here you may find that you are asked to fill out some offers and then you are given that ‘blue tick’. But, this is only part of this hoax also.
  • When you are re-directed to other sites from a scam site, they may ask you to download some movies, do a survey, and then you must pay for the privilege of this. 
  • The site owner then gets some commission for referring you to their scam sites. This is the bottom line. Sometimes scam sites may ask you for you card info so to verify you are over age to view their site. This is always a scam! Do not give any site such info if you do not know them.
  • Those that have should contact your payment provider and alert them that scammers have duped you out of that sensitive and personal information. They may have to cancel your card to help protect your personal funds.
  • Not to worry, you can order a new card. Dispute any charges that may have occurred for a full refund from your payment provider.




What Is The ACTUAL CRITERIA For That ‘Blue Tick’ Badge On Instagram.

This is all you ever need to know about any site offering you this service. If ‘YOU’ are NOT a BRAND NAME, PUBLIC FIGURE, SOMEONE FAMOUS, then you automatically do not qualify for that badge on your account.

However, just because you are one of those 3, then still you may not qualify.

The only people on Planet Earth that qualify for that badge are those that Instagram deems would be cloned. They advise that if you fall into one of the 3 above that you link-off to your official other social media account to help show others you are who you say you are, and not just another cloned account.

That is this scam fully exposed.





Final Thoughts.

I sincerely hope that has answered all of your questions regarding Comments are not mandatory but are deeply appreciated 🙂 . Looking forward to hearing from you and others and now the site exposed is going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame.




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