What Is GemsTrade.Site – Is GemsTrade.Site Scam or Legit?

By | February 15, 2019

Find Out What Is GemsTrade.Site Before You Invest – The GemsTrade.Site Review.

You are welcome to our review on What Is GemsTrade.Site found at www.gemstrade.site. Is GemsTrade Site a scam, fraudulent, bogus, deceptive or Is Gems Trade Site legit, real, safe, genuine? This ‘GemsTrade’ Review is going to ask some questions that may show-up that site as something that may not yield you any returns. First Question:- How Is Revenue Being Generated? So, we must look closer instead of looking at all the (potentially unreal) returns for little cash. Those that like or dislike their experience with them are asked to review them below in the comments below this article.

There are daily creations of this type of business model in various guises online. The key advice is to never invest more than you can afford to lose. This sounds like money-games to me. They have given an address but it seems to link to an old Georgian House, B’n’B but not an office block. We will be looking far deeper to see if we can trust them, and also, if their claims of all those returns are real or not in this www GemsTrad Sire Review.



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GemsTrade.Site Review – Background Check, Source Of Revenue. Your Chances Of ROI For Your Cash.

Right now we are now going to be vetting them per a few simple steps to see if their basic information is being truthful or not. Where we can not find founder name, real world biz address, legit contact information then we should be careful and do more research. I mean, they are dealing in ‘Synthetic Gems’ – right? And so a company like that surely would have left such basic information knowing that their customers may very well want to access it.



www.gemstrade.site good or not?


Registration of their site was today (see date of this post) and only up for 1 year online. Most businesses will want to go longer than 1 or 2 years and unfortunately it is like scam sites to not want to register for longer. Not calling them a scam, only drawing a correlation from experience online scams.

Address they have put as Lion Mills, Hackney Road, London, E2 75T, UK. They have not put a number to that location. Look closer and you will see that it is an incomplete address. And as said, it appears to link to a residential location etc. So I am not convinced at that.

So, we are going to not make a too big of a deal about them not having any phone numbers up on their site as yet. It is saying ‘coming soon’, though it is an oversight to go into business without having that basic info already prepared and submitted.

Their ‘ABOUT US’ section is just far too generic to know anything about them. They are dealing in Synthetic Gems and then they speak about Crypto Currency etc. It is the kind of HYIP script (High Yield Investment Program) I have read too many times. 

Furthermore, they have not provided documentation, proof, of any product in Synthetic Gems. Are we simply to take their word for it? – With our own cash?

WHOIS registration site address for their business is simply stated as ‘PANAMA‘. Not good. It clearly is another incomplete address. Where we find multiple locations for the one company is a cause for concern, especially when they do not bring clarity to why.

Anyone see a founder name? I don’t. That is not OK and so the founders are being deceptive about their themselves. What if something goes wrong? Who do we contact? See the problem here…




GemsTrade.Site Scam Signs.

  • They clearly have blanked out all information on who they are and where they are from. They have not defined their product and how exactly they are generating revenue to make such big returns.
  • Where we find no definition of product in exchange of monies then we can claim they are a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are illegal in most parts of the because over 90% of participants simply get fleeced.
  • As a general rule, it is not recommended you play these kinds of money games. You might win and walk away with lots of free cash. Or you may get some returns, get greedy, and lose much more then you intended. So, be careful.
  • No founder name.
  • Addresses are incomplete or link to a place that is clearly not a business that is into Synthetic Gems. Ponzi Schemes will invariably give us a UK address, and other such places that are known for good business, to convince us they are safe and legitimate.
  • Per investment level the payouts are just too high.
  • 10% referral commission is depending on getting in a constant stream of new sign ups that invest. Where this stream of new investors ceases then this business model runs out of cash. Where then does the money come from to get you all those high returns from? See my point? The whole thing collapses and they can run off without warning with most of the cash. Sure! Some will or may get paid but most will/may be left disappointed.





Final Thoughts.

Its up to you! Most people that land on these sites know what they are getting into. Personally I would not gamble a penny within such a biz model because there is simply no way of knowing if you will get any returns, but also, for you to win then some unwary person loses. That is not nice. What are your thoughts on the site just reviewed? Did you win and got a good ROI? Lose? Let us know below in the comments.


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Ultimately, if you want to make money online you really do have to work for it. These kinds of ‘fingers-crossed’ money games online is only going to raise your blood pressure when you lose cash you may simply can’t afford to lose. Please REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE before you go, and also, you are welcome to check out our Latest Scam Alerts Here. Looking forward to hearing from you and others below in the comments.




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