What Is GaMoney.Club – Is GaMoney.Club Scam or Legit Website?

By | October 2, 2018

What Is GaMoney. Club, What Is GaMoney. Fun, What Is GaMoney. Site. and all of their Online Threats.

What Is GaMoney. Club and can we really trust them? NO, we can’t trust them. Those asking Is GaMoney Club dishonest, fake, scam or asking is Ga Money Club real, genuine, legit and good will have your answers in this GaMoney Review. They offer 10c a click and that is far too high a payment for easy work. I will try to find out the creator and all their sites registered info. I will also show you why their sites paid work offer is not legit and how you could be scammed. Btw, all those sites in the above title, are all the same and owned by the same person(s). A review of one is a review of them all.

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What Is GaMoney. Club, GaMoney. Fun, GaMoney. Site – The Full Answer.

GaMoney.Club Exposed!

www.gamoney. club.

Let us begin to find out who is the owner to have all the info in order to answer What Is GaMoney. Club. GaMoney Club GaMoney. Site and GaMoney. Fun were created 28/09/2018. None of those sites have a founder listed and there is no real world address for their actual business location. They are part of a scam network running since 2014 called ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System‘.

There are now 1522 copies in English, with many shut down, but they are always making new ones to replace the old sites. These sites will typically run online for 1 whole year and then be shut down or re-directed to new versions. That is the number for the English copies, there are Russian and German copies as well.

There work and what they offer.

You are to sign up whereupon you may notice they wil not ask you to confirm your email address. Already that is enough for me to call them a fake site. Legit sites will always ask you to confirm your email address. Once signed up you have to view ads. Each had earns you 10 cents but they are not real earnings – only digits on your devices screen. You also make money for free for referring others, and of course, that is not true either.

50% Earnings from your referrals.

Once you begin to make referrals to their site then you are promised half of those sign ups pay. That is a ridiculous amount and is not real. Remember, their sites offer you 10 per click for all members – where then is the other five cents coming from to ensure everyone gets paid fairly and the same? That, conveniently, is not explained anywhere eon their site and is actually just another scam sign.

Minimum Payout – Fake Earnings Potential.

You must make $300 before you are able to apply for that cash. That is set too high by the way and usually you will see sites like theirs set it to 1c and only as high as $100. $300 is set with their sites to ensure you work harder and for longer to get in more referrals and do more work on their site, ensuring they will make money from everyone.

They say you can make an easy $300 for everyday you work on their site for 3 to 5 hours. Again, that is too much money for so little work skills and time. Those that have the time to do 1000 ads will be convinced they can earn the incredible pay out of $4800! Again, only a lie to make you work harder. Should that have been real then Google would crowded with many reports of those kinds of payouts, but unfortunately as time passes, there will be nothing but bad reports on all their sites.

Fake YouTubers – A Real Danger.

I have personally witnessed these scam sites get excellent exposure on YouTube. One video was showing people how they can cash out their earnings – it got over 100K views! Those are the real scammers. My YouTube Channels Videos does be littered with links from these sites by people I believe don’t know they are promoting a scam site. I just tell them straight to save them some time – they never even say ‘thanks’ – oh well.

How they will scam you!

Here is the part you need to be most vigilant. You are to request your cash once minimum threshold has been achieved. Then you must apply with another form. Then they will say you must make them 40 referrals first before you can cash out. To save you time they will offer 100 referrals to you for a few dollars of about $9. Then you will  notice they want a further $20 to help you cash out. Its all nonsense. You are making referrals to help create a bigger membership for the scammers to scam more people, so when they finally lock you out of your account, they have more people to further defraud.

Further Threats – Phishing and Malware Attempts!

Unfortunately, the scam is worse. They will or may have downloaded some malware to your device to try to find out as much info on you as possible. This info could your full name, your date of birth, real house location, work address and anything they can sell on. All members legit data is sold online and they can make big money in quick time for such information.

The sign up form to join their site is only a phishing form to get your real and most important email address.




Final Thoughts.

They will waste your time. Try to get about $30 out of you in total. They will lie about everything to you and you will never get paid. So many times people ask me how they can get paid by these site, and the answer is always the same – youwillnevergetpaid!! Not from GaMoney or any other of their sites. Sorry for all of the bad news but the good news is, there is a way to earn online, and so you can click anywhere on this article to get your free account or further info on my #1 choice.

Have questions on What Is GaMoney. Club, What GaMoney. Site or on What Is GaMoney. Fun? You can ask me below. Those interested in learning how to earn $100 a day or more from having your own website can get your free account HERE. Thank you all for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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