– Is a Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 3, 2018 – What it Really is and Why I Don’t Recommend Them. looks to be a HYIP/Ponzi Scheme. Those needing to know What Is GainHourly com, Is GainHourly fake, fraudulent, dishonest, scam or is Gain Hourly real, genuine, good, honest and paying out, can find out here in this Gain Hourly review. Ownership and website registration details will be researched and checked. How they say they are earning money will also be scrutinized very closely. I suspect they are just paying older investors with new investors money- that is an illegal operation. Let us find out below.

I am very suspicious of their site, and if they are what I think the are right now then they will play on peoples need for quick cash for their own gain! However, there is a way to earn online for the long term without risking the weeks shopping money in the hopes of making big returns. You can learn to make a website and make that site generate at least $100 a day – I am on my way to achieving this at the time of this writing. Those interest in the platform that shows me how to do this can read How to Earn Money Blogging. It will show you how to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, the #1 Platform Online in Website Success, or you can simply access your free starter account HERE.
 – The Full Analysis. Exposed! website.

First we are going to find out if we can locate the real founders name of When this info is suppressed, and where we find no business address or support contact, then we can begin to feel certain that something is already not quite right. So, 21/09/2018 was when they created Gain Hourly. The address is displayed from Arizona, US. However, They have a UK address on their website which is obviously not the same one registered to their domain.

Gain Hourly Corporation Limited,

United Kingdom,


Q2P 4BV,

29 SackVille Street,


Having exposed many sites of this nature it is not unusual to see a UK address. The hope is it will raise its legitimacy in the eyes of its readers. Problem, not enough question these details and do indeed just accept it. I have also looked several times now and unable to locate any company registration number. So, there is no verfication whatsoever they are who they say they are.

What is their area of expertise to raise funds to pay investors.

I really don’t know! Again, such fake investment sites will add content describing in loose terms something about investing stock, trades, Forex etc. But in this instance, GainHourly claims they are investing in Talented Peoples New Business Up Starts. Great! Where is the candidates that my money is going in order to verify this. No matter what these sites say they are doing with your money – they never seem to want to prove it, its just a story.

There is not one!

Now we know they are not being truthful on how money is being generated. I mean, if our investments really were going to new upstarts, how then can those upstarts generate an income to warrant the returns to Gain Hourly’s members? It can take years for an upstart to even be in profits, so none of this makes any sense to me at all.




How Money is Being Generated in Reality.

Quick Money or Fraud?

‘Easy Money’ for Who?

Given they have not shown any transparency on how monies are generated, and yet they can promise returns like 40% returns on a Max Investment of $50,000!! No, that is how Wall Street was crippled by Bernie Maddoff.

Its all about getting as many sign ups as possible, convince those sign ups to invest, and then use that money to pay out to the older investors. Older investors happy and so may invest again and again. The experienced players of these fake money games will invest in the first few days, potentially earn a profit, and run for the hills with their profits. Newbies may lose thousands if they earn anything at all. 

How They Will Collapse.

Some of these sites will just collapse in a few weeks. Some last years. The one being discussed life’s span is dictated by how many, and how frequent, they can et new members to part with cash. Once the new members stop coming in then that is the time they will think about closing their site.

They are a site that are promising returns to all members that they can never fulfill. There are only so many people that will sign up and participate and so when they can’t get anymore, they site can’t continue. Complaints will fill the net and definitely no more will sign up to them.

Who’s Most at Risk.

So, I know I have already said the newbies, but there is a little more to this. Experienced Ponzi Participants know what they are looking at. They know such sites are completely illegal and so they venture cautiously. They will only invest so little that they really can afford to lose it. Such people may invest in multiple new sites at once and so they are slowly buidling up a profit from the ones that do pay out.

However, newbies are a different story. A newcomer to online investing may indeed mistake GainHourly for a real and legit investment company that is trying to help new start ups. They may invest small, at first, and then when they see that returned could invest again. This time, higher. Maybe they get paid again and then they invest much higher – higher potentially than all the investments and earnings prior this point – this is the point you will lose all of you cash!

How to Get Your Money Back!!

Well, you can’t. No one knows the founder of the site under discussion. This is a problem because now there is no come back once you hand over your cash. You could of course just ask for it back and you may get it back.

Those that somehow paid by their bank card, PayPal can make contact with them and try to get a charge back on such payments.




Final Thoughts.

SO, I believe they are a Ponzi Scheme! They have not given any reason to doubt this and the founder looks to be trying to make money only for himself. Most of the money put into the site will go to him anyways. Over 90% of people get ripped off from such schemes and so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a penny after your investment. Those that earn  will have done so at someone else’s expense. Its up to you and I don’t recommend them, but if you can’t resist, then only invest what you can afford to lose. For me, they are a scam site!

Have questions on You are welcome to ask me in the comments below. Looking for a legit company to earn real money online, where you the founder is not just going to run off with all the money? Those looking for such a company can read about Wealthy Affiliate HERE and learn how to start up online for free and for the long term. Don’t want to read anymore – you can get your free starter account HERE to kick start your new online business! Thank you all for checking out this article and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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