Review – Is ‘’ Scam or Legit Free VBucks Game?

By | May 25, 2019 Is Not Giving Away Free V-Bucks – Our ‘GainFn’ Review.

Sorry to disappoint you but you are not going to be able to get free VBucks from playing any games at They are a new site and only taking advantage of Fortnite Players desire for free V-Bucks and so we will detail how they are wasting peoples time. But also, how they potentially want to earn some commissions from ‘you’!

Those that have gone through all the steps of the above mentioned scam are welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments. This really will help others not to have their time and efforts wasted as well. But also, those that gave over payment information to this site need now to contact your payment provider. 







What Is – Scam Warning.

  • We are going to try to find out who the owner is, contact info and if they have an address for their website. Those who play Fortnite are constantly targeted with false claims of Free V-Bucks and seems to be just another fake site offering this service. However, there are a few tricks within their scam that seeks to monetize their visitors for their own selfish financial gains.
  • WHOIS shows us that their site was set up in 2019/05/04 and it is a year that they have done this for. If you were legit then why only register for a mere 12 months? This is indicative of a scam site as many past and present ones set up for only 1 or 2 years.
  • When you consider how cheap it is to register a domain this then makes absolutely no sense. However, there are many times there are people who are earning from home and maybe want to see if 1 or 2 years is going to be worth their while, before, renewing their site. 
  • But, that is not the case in this instance. It is only a deliberate attempt to garner trust and then trick people into taking actions that may earn the owner of this site some small commissions for instance.
  • When they registered their site they have also hidden the owners name and actual address. They have only put ‘PANAMA’ as their address. And so incomplete addresses is never a good sign. Also, ‘PANAMA’ when sites are not ethical use ‘PANAMA’ as their ‘address’ and so watch out for that.




How The ‘Gainfn’ Scam Works.

  • When you land on their site they say thank you for your continued support and here is a surprise. Then we see when we click it is a You-Tube video. That maybe only to drive ‘clicks’ to their You-Tube video in a trickery way in order to appear popular and so push-up their rankings.
  • When scroll down and then we see the option to ‘PLAY’. We click on that and then I put in a fake name. Mine was ‘kkkkk’. Their ‘system’ accepted that as a real user name. After clicking ‘next’ we see a message saying we have 5 attempts and to just click on play to spin our luck. 
  • After clicking on Play we can see 3 sums of free V-Bucks up for grabs. It is worth noting that V-Bucks is a game currency that you have to pay real world cash for. When you have these V-Bucks then you can do various things with them in the game Fortnite. It is the equivalent of someone giving you Free Cash!
  • Everyone will win 13500 Free V-Bucks on the first spin. When we go to CLICK ON ‘DEPOSIT’ some strange things begin to occur. This is where the scam kicks-in and so this is the part that causes the harm to people potentially.
  • Once they have ‘PROCESSED’ these free V-Bucks then we must ‘VERIFY’ for their partner Antibot Partners. We click on this and so we are re-directed to where there are two offers to complete. 
  • I can see STREAM THE BEST MOVIES FOR FREE and also to COMPLETE A SURVEY. Some of these offers may try to trick you into paying too complete these actions. The free movie site may ask you to give them your card details to prove you are over 18.
  • Please never fall for that as that is only a phishing exercise so they may try to access your funds. How? There are 10,000 possible combinations to a four digit password to your card. Scammers will sit as long as it takes to input 4 digits until they get it right and then help themselves to your funds.
  • The survey may take 45 minutes or longer and they too may ask you to pay to complete your task. Here they may ask all kinds of ‘personal tastes’ questions along with our email address. This is tantamount to getting others to give free market research and also getting peoples money for this ‘priviliege’.
  • In either event, should you complete one or more of these tasks, the owner of will earn some small commissions. The more people they can trick into falling for this scam the more they will earn. That is all there is to this scam.





Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam and they are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame. All are welcome to leave your reviews below.

We will leave some links below this article to others research so you may see what they are saying about the site just exposed. It is wise to look in several places regarding any site to build a better picture so you know we are not personally invested in saying something is a scam when it may not be.

Those that gave payment information should contact your payment providers to possibly cancel your card. Since the scammers may have you payment info then this will still any possible random charges to your card.

That is all on and their ‘FREE V-BUCKS’ SCAM and hope this article finds you well and before you have fallen for another fake sites tricks. Report.

ScamFinder Report.






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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Paolo,

      I do not believe you can get free V-Bucks. Your very question confirms this for me. I am not associated with and only wrote about them.


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