What Is GadJetMart.com – Is GadJetMart.com Scam or Legit? Read Here 1st!

By | January 8, 2019

The Answer To What Is GadJetMart.com Will Save You Your Cash.

Those asking What Is GadJetMart.com, at www.gadjetmart.com, Is GadJetMart com dishonest, crooked, bad, scam, fraudulent or Is GadJetMart good, legit, real, safe, genuine, honest? This GadJet Mart Review is inviting you to leave our scam reports on that site. Do not buy from them. You may not get anything for  our order, or an inferior product, and also your payment details maybe at risk. Many fake shopping sites online and they have another called OnDemandDealz. Do report them below if they scammed you.

Most online shopping sites are coming out of China regularly. We shall see if that is where they are from. Also, such bad sites are able to send out products, but these products, may not be of good quality. Probably low quality, inferior or counterfeit goods could be delivered to your door. Worse still you may not get anything. Be sure you keep watch on your card because scammers sometimes will try to make many charges to your account. Simply contact your payment provider for a refund and also to potentially cancel your card for a new one.


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What Is GadJetMart.com Really All About.

So you know What Is GadJetMart.com and you also know to stay clear of OnDemandDealz as well. To be clear on why we are calling them fake then we have to go through a few steps. We start by looking up all the information that is attached to their own site. Such data as who is the owner, contact information and also where they are from. It is common with online frauds to hide all of this info, to give out fake data and usually from China. Let us find out more.


GadJetMart.com Review

Don’t buy from www.GadJetMart.com!


1). That site was registered online in 2018/06/18 and they have opted to only register their business for just 1 year. That is very unusual as legit businesses will want to have their products online for much longer. So now already we can say they are looking like they are following the pattern of online scams.

2). Their address is a PO BOX 0823 03411, Panama. A ‘PO BOX’ is not an ‘address’ but a legit business.

3). Phone number is +507.8365503. That number has the area code for Fairmont, Minnesota, Rochester, Mankato, Alberta Lea and Austin and. It is also connected with other sites online. Where we find details already attached to other sites, or complaints, then we can ask how can several companies use the same number? I am wondering if that number will just ring-out or even work.

4). No email or a founder name is attached to their sites online registration. That is a bad sign as legit sites don’t have a problem usually to display such info.

5). On their site there is an email address at support@gadjetmart.com. No number or owner name. That is all and usually legit businesses will have a whole section on how to get in contact with. So we can see plenty of alarming warning signs to alert us.

6). However, quickly looking at their Privacy Policy Page there is an address of PO BOX 352 East Setauket New York US 11733. Why it is hidden there is because maybe just less than 10% of people will click on a sites Privacy Policy and so where scammers can hide data from most people and that is the address connecting them to OnDemandDealz.com.

Scam Signs Involve the Following:-

  • They have similar products to the the site that is connected by their addresses. This is a clue they have more than one site and so could be a scam network.
  • Their prices are incredibly low and that is also a sign of a scam.
  • There is next to no information about their real world location, as I am sure that is not their real address for that would mean they would get arrested, and so not is another sign.
  • No founder name attached  anywhere online to their properties.
  • Email is all they have for contact.




Do You Have A GadJetMart.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave That Information Below – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

The internet is awash with various scams in every niche. Standard practice should be to always look for reviews on site you don’t know or that are new. Where there are too many bad reports then clearly you should give them a miss. I am placing the site in question inside my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please to take the time to report on them below – thank you.

Taking questions on everything just written on. Those that have additional information on the site(s) are welcome to leave that data below. I respond to all comments and so looking forward to your comments below. Thanks for stopping by and why not take your 2 Free Websites Below just for clicking our article. 

Beware also of CandyFuture, AlluMad, ForYouthSome, EnjoyHop, RejoiceBuy, Poisly.com as those are fake shopping sites as well.

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