What FuMoney.XYZ – ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Exposed – AGAIN!

By | April 13, 2019

What Is FuMoney. XYZ about? – The ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Expands Their  Duplicate Scam Sites Network.

Nice work indeed in finding this review on What Is FuMoney. xyz. They are not a good site. No one gets paid. We tell you this early to save you some time. Below why ‘FuMoney xyz’ is a scam, fraud, deceptive and malicious. They are not legit, safe, genuine, trustworthy or anything of that sort.

Those that have had their time wasted are welcome to report them in the comments. We will detail how their scam works so you may recognize any difficulties you maybe experiencing with cashing out. Whatever you do, do not pay them a dime! Those that gave them payment info then you should conatct our payment provider. 

We will leave a video below for those that want to view that instead. It is about atmoney.win but they are all identical, and so a review of one, is a review of all 









‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Marches On. FuMoney. xyz Is Just Another Scam-Copy.

Fumoney. xyz is not to be trusted. Actually, any site that looks like theirs should just be avoided. We have the list of the most recent threats from this horrible ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Russian Scam Network. We will list them below, so you will be in no doubt, the seriousness of this threat.

2014 was when they emerged and by 2017 they had over 3000 copies online. All the sites remain mostly identical. They come in Russian, French and English, or I think German. Can’t recall. Never mind.


For the English copies there are now 1846 where the latest were released in 2019/02/01. Below is the list of these sites in no particular order:-

  1. obmoney. xyz
  2. uvmoney. pw
  3. etmoney icu
  4. agmoney. pw
  5. enmoney. icu
  6. afmoney. icu
  7. akmoney. xyz
  8. oxmoney. fun
  9. unmoney. host
  10. awmoney. xyz
  11. obmoney. pw
  12. ohmoney. host
  13. efmoney. xyz
  14. inmoney. fun
  15. ovmoney. xyz
  16. azmoney .icu
  17. ommoney .pw
  18. abmoney. fun
  19. idmoney. pw
  20. egmoney. xyz
  21. ysmoney. xyz
  22. ozmoney. pw
  23. ozmoney. host
  24. lopmpney. club
  25. legmoney. club
  26. lagmoney. club
  27. ogmoney. icu
  28. uxmoney. pw
  29. grumoney .club
  30. walmoney. club
  31. gubmopney. club
  32. sepmoney. club
  33. ropmoney. club
  34. atmoney. fun
  35. esmoney. pw
  36. ucmoney. icu
  37. ormoney .host
  38. onmoney .icu
  39. opmoney .fun
  40. armoney. icu
  41. ehmoney .pw
  42. uhmoney .icu
  43. ezmoney. icu
  44. edmoney. icu
  45. osmoney. icu
  46. ecmoney. pw
  47. ucmoney .fun
  48. epmoney .host
  49. apmoney .icu
  50. osmoney. fun
  51. ozmoney. fun
  52. ivmoney. host
  53. drumoney .club
  54. trumoney. club
  55. ekmoney. icu
  56. evmoney. host
  57. ekmoney. xyz
  58. ydmoney. site
  59. oxmoney. icu
  60. okmoney. host
  61. ofmoney. pw
  62. avmoney. xyz
  63. germoney club
  64. zermoney. club
  65. plomoney. club
  66. asmoney. host
  67. egmoney. icu
  68. ormoney. fun
  69. lipmoney .club
  70. urmoney. xyz
  71. ukmoney. icu
  72. otmoney. icu
  73. afmoney. pw
  74. ummoney. icu
  75. yrmoney fun
  76. apmoney. host
  77. elmoney. fun
  78. okmoney. pw
  79. ymmoney. pw
  80. oxmoney .pw
  81. asmoney. fun
  82. ehmoney. host
  83. enmoney. host
  84. asmoney. icu
  85. esmoney. fun
  86. obmoney. host
  87. ovmoney .icu
  88. yrmoney. icu
  89. esmoney. xyz
  90. anmoney. host
  91. ormoney .icu
  92. kakmoney. club
  93. tedmoney. club
  94. wesmoney. club
  95. owmoney. pw
  96. ocmoney. pw
  97. ammoney. fun
  98. almoney. icu
  99. ysmoney. site
  100. ybmoney. pw
  101. ovmoney .host
  102. udmoney. icu
  103. esmoney. host
  104. ohmoney. fun
  105. padmoney. club
  106. ohmoney. xyz
  107. nammoney. club
  108. radmoney. club
  109. lapmoney .club
  110. tramoney. club
  111. zagmoney .club
  112. uzmoney. icu
  113. urmoney .fun
  114. uwmoney .site
  115. uzmoney. fun
  116. acmoney .pw
  117. uvmoney. icu
  118. ekmoney. host
  119. atmoney .pw
  120. abmoney. site
  121. ewmoney .xyz
  122. okmoney .fun
  123. olmoney .xyz
  124. eqmoney. icu
  125. uvmoney. xyz
  126. barmoney .club
  127. lesmoney .club
  128. usmoney. pw
  129. ahmoney. xyz
  130. unmoney. xyz
  131. owmoney. icu
  132. tsamoney. club
  133. izmoney. pw
  134. azmoney. pw
  135. unmoney .icu
  136. apmoney. xyz
  137. azmoney. host
  138. emmoney .fun
  139. osmoney. xyz
  140. ebmoney. host
  141. ymmoney .fun
  142. edmoney .xyz
  143. prumoney. club
  144. talmoney. club
  145. ewmoney fun
  146. epmoney. pw
  147. avmoney. host
  148. ufmoney. site
  149. owmoney. xyz
  150. ecmoney .host
  151. ammoney. icu
  152. ufmoney. host
  153. agmoney .fun
  154. ukmoney .host
  155. afmoney .host
  156. penmoney .club
  157. onmoney. pw
  158. uxmoney .fun
  159. evmoney. pw
  160. ytmoney. icu
  161. edmoney .fun
  162. urmoney .host
  163. osmoney. pw
  164. usmoney. icu
  165. armoney .pw
  166. olmoney. fun
  167. ukmoney. xyz
  168. anmoney. fun
  169. elmoney .host
  170. ormoney. xyz
  171. awmoney. pw
  172. uwmoney. icu
  173. ozmoney. icu
  174. ormoney .pw
  175. enmoney. pw
  176. ommoney. xyz
  177. ubmoney. fun
  178. ommoney .host
  179. usmoney fun
  180. evmoney. icu
  181. ebmoney .pw
  182. azmoney. xyz
  183. edmoney .pw
  184. acmoney. fun
  185. efmoney. icu
  186. ygmoney. fun
  187. unmoney. pw
  188. almoney. host
  189. ofmoney. club
  190. exmoney. fun
  191. apmoney. pw
  192. ofmoney. icu
  193. asmoney. pw
  194. ocmoney. fun
  195. avmoney. pw
  196. urmoney.pw

Those are the copies released only from 2018/11/03. That is not even a pinch of what is really online in three different languages scamming people globally 24/7!


Below is a video I have made a while ago exposing Atmoney. Win. It is the verbal version of this article. Below the video is a continuation of this article on how this scam works, for those that prefer to read.





Quick Overview On How This Scam Works.

Free to sign up. They ask you to watch a video and then complete captcha. Actually, just fill the captcha would of done it. Anyways,  don’t matter, they still do not pay out. You will see your fake earnings tallying up in your account.

When you hit cash out at around $300 then they will ask you to pay them. Typically around $19 for 40 referrals and then around $9 more. All a scam. Even if their system crashes, apparently, they may ask you to resent to them.

All only a means to get our bitcoin or banking information and some free cash.


Account closes when the site closes down. There is no other way. The membership numbers does not show when members leave so your referrals think there is nothing wrong.

Do not be pulling people into this scam! Please share this article instead to nullify that mistake


Final Thoughts.

So, they are a scam and would love to hear from you. We have exposed about the amount you see above in our posts. 

Those interested in earning online then just ask us. If you are bothered to ask us then we know you are serious and will give you my time to help. 

There is a way to earn online and it is free to start. That is all I am saying for now until you enquire, if you are still looking for real and paying work online. Thanks for coming by and that is all on What Is FuMoney. xyz and on this terrible scam called ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

How to Start a Blog Now – Your Launch Pad Tutorial.




6 thoughts on “What FuMoney.XYZ – ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Exposed – AGAIN!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      If you paid by BitCoin then I am not aware of how to get refunds by bitcoin – don’t think there is away if so. What was your payment method Keziah?

  1. fudge

    please assist me with a business I can do to earn money via my pc thank you

  2. Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo

    Gmail Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo
    3 messages
    Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 8:34 PM
    To: helenagillmore100@gmail.com

    Could i have the authenticity of this business

    Here you can contact support and see the reviews other users

    HelenaGilmore2000 Good luck to everybody!, especially the project managers!
    It looks like I am finally able to solve my financial problems! Hurray, I‘m shocked!
    I collected 800 dollars for three days, but I could not recruit referrals.
    Decided to buy them on the exchange, transferred money, and after 3 minutes they were already in my account!!!
    In 5 minutes, a message about the receipt of money on the card came!!! Great efficiency!
    Happiness to all, good luck and health! If there are questions, write to the email helenagillmore100@gmail.com
    I am happy to answer!)))

    Review added 08/06/2019 21:07

    Administration: [No replies]
    Herzliche Grüße / Kind regards
    Cyrus Omolo| PRETTL PRO GmbH- Sales Manager (AGENT) -East Africa | ext.omolo@prettl.com | https://www.prettl.com/index.html |+255768684790 | +255787899196 | +255622684790 | Skype: cyrus_international

    Helena Gillmore Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 8:34 PM
    To: cyrusomolo@gmail.com

    I was going to leave, but I see a letter came, I decided to immediately answer)))
    Yes, the site actually paid the money, I tried many sites
    On earnings, everywhere came across only scam!
    And then really after the purchase of referrals money went to the card in
    For 5 minutes, I did not believe until the last and still in shock!
    There will be more questions, write

    Best regards,
    Helena Gilmore
    Cyrus T.J Okolah Omolo Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 9:14 PM
    To: Helena Gillmore
    Why do I have to pay for referrals?

    How if referrals signed by themselves and the system doesn’t pick them up.

    Given into this,no payment would go through the card without 40 referrals right?

    If YES then this would be a great headache
    [Quoted text hidden]

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Cyprus for giving us all an insight to how they operate to defraud their members. It is appreciated indeed 🙂 .


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