What Is FreeShelly.com – Is ‘FreeShelly’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion Store?

By | March 2, 2019

Find Out What Is FreeShelly.com – The ‘FreeShelly’ Review.

You are welcome and great work on finding this review about What Is FreeShelly.com situated at www.freeshelly.com. Is FreeShelly com a scam, fake, deceptive, bogus, dishonest or Is ‘FreeShelly’ legit, real, safe, good, honest, genuine? This www FreeShelly com Review is to answer if they are safe or not to buy from. Those with informaton on that site are welcome to leave  your view/reports below this article to help others.

There are so many fashion stores online right now and most of them, that are fake and dishonest, are coming from China. That is a point of concern and so we will be doing a background check on this. Where sites are fake you may not even get anything for our hard earned cash. Even you may find, if you receive something, that you could end up with shoddy, replica, cheap, damaged, counterfeit goods and in this instance seek a refund. 

Where you have been scammed beyond doubt you have to inform your payment provider to perhaps cancel your card. This will stop cyber-crooks from randomly making withdrawals from your account. Let us now find out if ‘Free Shelly’ falls into this category.



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FreeShelly.com Review – Trustworthy or Not?

So we begin to answer What Is FreeShelly.com and if they are good or dishonest. This information is going to sourced online and compiled here, in this short ‘FreeShelly’ Review, to save you time and also to get involved in any discussions in the comments about them. A background check is now going to be done, and these steps, anyone can do to help see if they are legit or not.




www.freeshelly.com review – recommend or not to recommend…



  • We need to find out who the founder is. Where their company is from, contact information and also when their site was registered. Where we can not locate the first three points then that is something for ‘you’ to take into consideration before making purchases on any site.
  • 2018/10/01 and renewal date for their domain is in 2020/10/01. 1 or 2 years online is a very short time indeed, not when we are dealing with online businesses, as normally they will register for longer. However, they can renew and so these are some points to keep in mind as it may also be a sign of a hit-and-run-site. As said, they can renew, and so they may just be seeing how their business grows and if it is worth their while.
  • Business address that they have left is Gan Zhou, CN – that is China. So that is a bad sign but no necessarily meaning they are a scam. Remember, there are many good online stores from this region with little complaints.
  • That is an incomplete address and a very bad sign as well. Why leave an address that no one can find? Is this a sign of a deliberate cover up of their exact location? So far, it could be seen like that.
  • There is no Founder Name and that is their first real down fall. Why even with legit sites they will sometimes hide the founders name?
  • Heading to their site we see that there is an address of No.119, 3088 Street and Renmin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China.
  • Googling that address we can not seem to locate ‘THAT’ exact address. There are addresses similar to it for a Financial Square and a Hotel. However, it does link back to their site, but, does not seem to link to a real world location for their business. I could be wrong.





‘FreeShelly’ Scam Signs.

We can see they have a Facebook page. Landing on that page we are almost immediately greeted with warnings from their customers. Even they are calling them a scam. Complaints of non-delivery of goods despite having paid for them. Classically a bad sign for sure.

They have an address from China, per their site. Why then are they charging in American USA Dollars? 

For the high quality garments they are advertising their prices do seem too-good-to-be-true. Plus they are giving away Free Shipping and so one has to wonder how they are earning anything when they are being so generous like this.

No founder name on their own site. We are now in a position that we are giving our payment information to ‘someone’ whom we have no way of knowing. That is akin to giving away money to a complete stranger for a service you may or may not receive.

If you do receive anything, given they are so cheap in prices and also for them to earn a profit, you may receive low quality items – potentially.

There is not a customer phone number on their site and that is very bad indeed. How are their customers supposed to make efficient contact for late orders, non-deliveries and even refunds? service@freeshelly.com email contact simply is not enough for a real online business to have for their customers.



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Final Thoughts.

I believe, given the information above, they could very well be a scam site. You must take the responsibility onto your self to continue your own research and make up your own mind. Never take just 1 sites word on any other site and so you may check out this report HERE to view another source of complaint. That is all on What Is FreeShelly.com and I hope it was of use to you. Don’t forget to report them below to help alert others, or to recommend them. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

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