What Is FreeHue.com – Is FreeHue.com Scam or Legit? 100% Scam Alert!

By | December 25, 2018

What Is FreeHue.com About And Why They Are Not A Legit Company.

There is a pile of people online asking What Is FreeHue.com located at www.freehue.com. Is FreeHue com crooked, scam, bad, dishonest, fake or Is FreeHue good, legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy, honest? This Free Hue Review is a Scam Alert Warning to the unwary.One of many Facebook Ads doing the rounds looking for ‘clicks’. Those that were cheated by their site are welcome to leave their own FreeHue Scam Reports and Reviews below. Facebook don’t seem to mind these scammers so long as they pay their advertising fee’s and not violate Facebook’s Policies – that is what I call bad advertising for Facebook’s Advertising Services.

The above website has some complaints cropping up online calling them a scam. One site has them on a watch list of Facebook Scams and that site is called noscams.info. Thank you to that site for help verifying my own suspicions. Most of these false shopping online stores come from China. That is a very important scam monitoring point to keep in mind. Normally they appear to have their own manufacturing processes to be able to produce cheap, counterfeit, replica, knock off, inferior goods. You will NOT (I wager) get the exact item you paid for.




What Is FreeHue.com and How to Spot an Online Shopping Scam:- Your ‘FreeHue’ Warning.

There are a few points in this article to help you spot a dishonest online shopping site. To wet your beak a bit just have a look at your receipt (if the gave you one) and see if FreeHue.com took for taxes – ? Did they? If not then you have to ask why a company does not do that. We will cover all such points. For now we want to be locating the ownership details, contact information and also where they are in the world. That data is standard to have and also endlessly provided by any good and trusted company online.


FreeHue.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.freehue.com!


What we are looking for is a complete address. Too many times scammers will put up some nonsense like ‘AZ, US’. That is all. That is definitely a point of concern. However, I see 14455 N. Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. If you don’t know, that is a very well known scammers address. Google that address and it might have 100’/1000’s of scam reports from other sites using that as their business location. 

Their site was registered in 2018/09/7/. Their registration was for 2 years and that is 1 year longer then most scam sites register for. However, they may shut down at anytime without warning and so you should consider applying for a refund while there is still ‘some’ point of contact.

No Founder Name and Zero Email Address Provided. Only two years online, where legit businesses have already invested incredible sums of money into their real world biz, and now they only want to pay small money for just 2 years online? Makes no sense and is considered suspicious by the online scam monitoring world.




How The Scam Unfolds Plus Scam Signs.

As said do be mindful of clicking ads on Social Media (Particularly on Facebook). About 2 years ago I read something about scammers mass-migrating onto Social Media. They also infiltrating dating sites as well. Anywhere they can make contact with people. Images they use are typically not their own and don’t have permission to sell/advertise their products or use the person(s) image(s). You may find that their prices are too low as well.

As for dating sites, do beware of those that ‘fall in love’ with you too fast and whom has just about ‘everything’ in common with you. Give it time, and they may ask you to send money to them so they can travel to meet you. That is the ‘template’ for that romance scam most of the time. They never turn up.


OK, here is how this whole ‘Scam-Gambit’ is played out:-

Where ever you locate their site, when you land on it, nothing too suspicious may occur to you. However, we will shortly cover the Scam Signs that will help make it obvious to you that they are being deceptive. 

1). Those that have provided their banking information may want to contact their banks. Scammers may try to charge you more than once, or try to charge you a monthly recurring fee, so do keep an eye on that. Your bank will advise you best but you will probably have to cancel your card.

2). After Payment then you may notice that they did not take for taxes on the item. Is this the case with you? That is something very easy to overlook and a good sign of a scam.

3). Additionally, payment may have been taken well ahead of the agreed date. Take a screen shot of the communication of when they say they would take payment and the ACTUAL date they took payment. That can be used as proof for a refund.

4). Despite what their site may say about relatively quick delivery time, most scam sites take their time, and so expect to wait about 2 months. Of course, that is if you get anything delivered to you at all.

5). Nothing Show Up For Your Order? Let us know in the comments to help warn others -thank you.

6). Those that receive their order may find that the item(s) is an inferior product, nothing what they advertised, damaged, counterfeit, replica, knock-off etc. This is because they have already set up a manufacturing process to produce their own goods. Or, they may just buy cheaper versions online and then post them to you instead. 


Scam Signs – Know The ‘Clues’ To Stay Safe Online.

Let us now take a quick look at their site to see if we can find a few signs that they are not legit. Already we know they have hidden their entire identity online. But simply looking at their site in specific areas will also tell you the true story of their real intentions.

  • Their Support Number of 012 800 456 789 seems to belong to several other online companies. The first location to find it elsewhere is a site called huafone.com that tells us they are from Detroit. Phone Number with multiple companies using the same one is a bad sign indeed.
  • In Their Drop Down Menu it says Laptops, Computers, Accessories etc. However, under those headings they appear to be selling Biker Jackets. That makes no sense. When I click on those ‘biker jackets’ then it loads a page without any product.
  • The displayed hand held controllers are too cheap. Original  price of $300, for the Accusan Elit <- spelling error, scam sign -> Orci Luctus Et Lectus, reduced to just $90! That really is too good to be true. If that item is really worth $300, and usually sold at that price in order to make a profit, then they have just lost their profit on that sale. That is a huge scam sign and one I look for constantly.
  • No address of their whereabouts or name on the site. Now you have no clue who you are dealing. 
  • Another example of too-good-to-be-true deal is the Fusce Aliquam Class Aptent Felis (mobile phone) is originally priced at $410. They have that one reduced to just $120. Another fine example of what to look out for in terms of scam signs.




Do You Have A FreeHue.com Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Scam Reports and Reviews Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Prices are too low. Their menu says one thing and then the suboptions say otherwise. Contact number belongs to other online companies also. No founder name, email registered online. All very bad signs of a scam and so you should probably seek a refund. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That is all concerning What Is FreeHue.com. Those with questions are welcome to ask and I will respond to try to further help. Seek a refund and do report them below in the comments to help warn others. Those with additional data are welcome to ad to this article by sharing it below. Thank you for visiting scamwitness.com and looking forward to all of your comment to come.



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