Best Free Website Creator Online For Novices Step 10

By | June 21, 2017

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Welcome To Your Last Step in The World’s Best Free Website Creator Online.

Congratulations on Your Final Step on the Best Free Website Creator tutorial for beginners!!  I sincerely hope you have learnt a lot about WordPress and how to use it to becoming an Online Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur!

Below is a ten minute video detailing, as promised, how to make your own videos for free that you can upload to YouTube and embed onto your website from there.

If there is anything unclear, as always, please ask me in the comments section.

In this final video not only am I going to show you how to make a video with FREE SOFTWARE, but also, how to ADD AUDIO WITHOUT A MICROPHONE ATTACHED TO YOUR LAPTOP!

All you need is a laptop and a mobile phone.

Click video to follow along.


Detailed Steps for the Best Free Website Creator World Wide.


  1. YOU need to download (it is free) Microsoft Expression Encoder 4!

  2. Be sure to check you have a Voice Recorder on your Mobile Device.

  3. As you are recording your screen please MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE RECORDER IS RECORDING YOUR VOICE!

  4. When video (screen capture from encoder) is done, stop voice recording.

  5. Rename Voice Recording Audio File.

  6. Share Voice Recording Audio to your Gmail (email) account.

  7. Download Voice Audio Recording from Gmail to your Desktop.

  8. Be sure to ENCODE your Screen Recording as you are doing above steps.

  9. (Nearly there!)  Go to

  10. Upload your Audio after you selected MP3!!  You will be taken to the right page.

  11. Select Convert File.

  12. The Audio will download from online-convert automatically to your laptop and you can locate, drag and drop it into Windows Movie Maker at the beginning of you Expression Encoded Screen Capture.

  13. Save to YouTube in Movie Maker.

  14. GO to YouTube and Login.  Click the UPLOAD ICON.

  15. Now, locate your video and Drag and Drop it into you-tube.

  16. Select Public, Unlisted or Private.

  17. Once all that is done, click SHARE.  Click Embed.

  18. Copy Embed Code into your WordPress Page Editor as previously covered.

  19. SAVE DRAFT‘ or ‘UPDATE‘ and you are DONE!

This is how you blend screen captures and audio without the luxury of a microphone attached to your laptop.

I do hope you have had fun following along this series.  I hope I have informed and given you highly actionable information you can apply easily and swiftly towards the creation of your websites.

I am always here if you need further assistance along these lines on any part of it.

I thank you for your time and all your comments and look forward to working with you all in the future.

One last thought before I leave you for now.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

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