What Is FotMoney.Club – Is FotMoney.Club Scam or Legit?

By | September 21, 2018

What Is FotMoney. Club and How They Defraud Their Own Members Since 2014 – Paid Advertising Viewing System Exposed as a Fraud!

Thank you for ‘clicking’ and you have done yourself a favor by asking What Is FotMoney. Club. Let us ask some questions such as Is FotMoney Club fake, fraudulent, scam, dishonest or is Fot Money Club good, genuine, legit, honest and paying out? This FotMoney Review will answer all of those questions and more. Do read until the end as there are many dangers with participating on their site. For now, it is my opinion, they may be a scam site out to rob you of your precious time and your hard earned cash.

While I am sure the above site is not a real online business site to earn money with, it does not mean there are no good online companies. That is far from the truth. I have located many and reviewed them. However, one good and honest company that stands out above the rest is Wealthy Affiliate. They can show you how to build your own online business from scratch and with a free start up HERE. You may read about them HERE as well if you like to find out who they are and hwy they are passionate about your online success.




What Is FotMoney. Club – How the Whole Site Operates to Scheme and Scam.

FotMoney.Club Scam Site

Those that want to know even more on What Is FotMoney. Club are in for a disappointing journey here, if, you were thinking you can still be paid. To find out if a company is a good company then we should be able to locate the founder of FotMoney. Do you know the creator of this site? 

This info should be available clearly when a site is first registered on the internet. I can see that the owners name is not listed and there is no address either and only states as ‘PANAMA’. They created that site on the 15/09/2018. That is the same date incidentally that unknown scammers set up WorMoney. Club and Tumoney. PW, along with other sites they have made at this time period. Actually, they are continuously making these nearly identical sites to replace the old sites that have or will shut down soon.

These kinds of sites have been circulating online since 2014 and there are unknown thousands upon thousands online at anyone one point in time.

Their scam comes from Russia! They are making these fake Paid Advertising Viewing System sites in English, Russian and in German!! This is a fairly well known online scam among bloggers but it does ‘snag’ lots of people online that are not aware of that. 



How it Works – The Fake Work.

All are welcome to sign up without a fee to find work that is easy to do and that a kid could do ignoring the teacher. This ‘work’ is simply clicking on ads and filling out some kind of code. There is also the affiliate link sharing they encourage to pull in more members for you to earn 50% of your sign ups earnings. This is a lie and not true, as I will explain below.


It is 10 cents for every click you do and for every code that you complete. You leave a task without completing those two required steps then you won’t be credited with any money. The pay is said to be up to $300 a day! Those that have the time to spare that can watch up to 1000 advertisements can earn about $4800 a month. 

Oh, by the way, if you signed because of that ‘JEMMA RICKER‘ testimony, just know that ‘JEMMA RICKER’ is a fake name of a one of the scam artists. Her testimony is located all over Google bragging about her fake payments.

The Minimum Pay out is $300 and this is when you will be asked for some money to cash out. Don’t fall for it.

How the Scam Ends!!

Once you apply for your earnings then you will see a form. DO know that is a fake form and the response I believe is only from a ‘bot’. Not a real person in most cases. Anyways, you will be told to make 40 new sign ups to them before they can give you your cash.

NOW! Those that run all over the internet to make those refferals still won’t be paid. There is yet another hurdle to over come. They will want you now to pay them money of about $10/$20 to cash out. This is some kind of bogus processing fee but actually is one of the ways they make money from you before you are booted from their site for good!

At the moment you pay these crooks then you may see that you can’t get back into your own account. That account will remain live until the site is shut down. Then they will take your personal details and sell them onto scammers.

These scam sites make considerable money selling on peoples sensitive information to scammers on the deep webs. Those that are worried about this can simply set up a new email address or just ignore obvious scam mails when they come into your inbox.

The 50% earnings they say you can earn by making sign ups, and when those sign ups start to earn, then you can take half their money is a total lie. ALL MEMBERS ARE PROMISED 10C PER CLICK! How can this be true if you are taking half your referred members pay for nothing? Simply non-sensical and making money online this way is not that simple, actually, its impossible because no one gets paid except the scammers who set up the site in the first place.

Report All Online Scam Sites below in the comments or here scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.



Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt in my mind that FotMoney is not real and very fake indeed. There is no way you can cash out. Support will not care about you or even try to help you to get paid. Their operations have been running for a very long time and don’t look like they will be closing anytime soon. Keep clear of them do and report them below!

Have any questions regarding What Is FotMoney. Club? Comment below and I will assist. Looking to work online but don’t know where to get started online for a free start up? Then you have come to the right place as I help people all the time within online business to help them make money online. You can read How to Work From Home Online and for Free. Sign Up HERE for Your Free Account, to save yourself some time. Looking forward to all your comments and to working with you for your financial success online.




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      If you take a look round our site we have written up how to do this. Its free to sign up and first 7 days Premium if you feel you have the determination to run your own website. Let us know Marvin if you have questions 🙂 .

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      Its a scam and I am not aware of anyway either to get a refund by BitCoin. Please be more careful. Do research before falling for too good to be true work from home scams. If you are looking for one, and you have good work ethic, then I can help. Just ask.


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