What Is ForSeni.com – Is ForSensi.com Scam or Legit? ‘ForSeni’ Review.

By | January 30, 2019

Find Out What Is ForSeni.com in this ‘ForSeni’ Review.

Welcome and your route to finding the answer to What Is ForSeni.com, found at www.forseni.com, is over! Is ForSeni com a scam, fraud, fake, crooked or Is ‘ForSeni’ legit, genuine, real, safe and good? This www ForSeni com Review is to alert you to a site I KNOW is not good. They are a malicious sites and have at least one other that is also a scam called SenMok.com! Please report them below if they have scammed you.

Those that have handed over your payment information now need to contact your bank. Crooks may harvest such data, sell it on for a for a profit, and so others may have the capacity to charge your card at will. Also, you may need to put in for a refund as well because they really are a scam site, and soon you will see why. 

Many fake sites are from China and that is a sticky point when it comes to online safety. Not all sites from there are bad, of course not, but most shopping sites do come from here. So we will be sure to find this out either ways. Many times it seems these fake sites can make very poor quality products, shoddy, inferior, counterfeit and even may try to sell you on stolen goods. Always look for reviews before submitting your card to any site online for purchases.



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ForSeni.com Review – What Is ‘ForSeni’ Really All About?!

So you know right now that the answer to What Is ForSeni.com is that they are fake and dishonest. They are only out to try to defraud you. That answer is also the same for SenMok.com. They are identical and they may very well have dozens or even 100’s of copies online. For now, we shall take each site on their won merits (if any), and rate them accordingly so ‘you’ can see why they can not be real.



Beware of www.forseni.com!


Registration begun for the above named site in 2018/11/12 and only for 1 year did they do so. So honest selling sites know it takes more than one year to be financially successfully online for which that is only the starting time. Scam sites will usually set up for 1 or 2 years and they can shut down at any time. So do put in for your refunds before they vanish. 

Already, they are following the scam pattern that is well known as laid down by scammers in the past. Capellania 31, Garzia Garcia, Nayarit, 66200 is the address they registered for their site as their contactable business address. I have found at least 2 sites with that same address that are fraudulent and are selling bikes. They are even brazen enough to be using the same images! Images I wager they have stolen!! So, we can see they have others and so they are a network of scammers.

The Founders Name is apparently Salas Frederico. So that name is the name of the 49th President of Peru and I don’t think he owns the aforementioned sites, 🙂 . Those details so far are on other sites and ‘Salas Frederico‘ is also the named owner of them as well. 

Their email, per their site, is service@maingmai.com – don’t sound right. Doubt it even works. Nope, my mistake, that is another scam but they are owned by the same people. Forseni does not have an email even in their ‘CONTACT US ‘ page. No address and no founder name listed either. All bad signs that we are dealing with an intentionally deceptive site.




‘ForSeni’ Scam Signs.

There are some indeed, and a few of them, stand out more than most. Let us start with the PRICES!

  • On their home page they have very generously slashed a full $1000 off of the original prices. That is not how to make money online and actually only a way to get into debt! Those prices really are too-good-to-be-true!!
  • Soon as you land on their home page they are still in Christmas Mode! They have completely failed to update their site and that is not a good sign either. 
  • They have no name on their site, and if it really were ‘Salas Frederico’ then what is the problem? 
  • No address anywhere to be found.
  • No customer contact email.
  • Zero phone number and actually there is just the same images they have been using on their other sites far as I can see. It is just a copy and paste job from one site to the next with little changes like domain name and site logo. All else appears to be the same.





ForSeni.com Reviews and Scam Reports Are Welcome In The Comments To Help Warn Others – Thank You.















Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt they are not legit. What legit company do you know that does not give their location, contact data and the owners name? I don’t know any. And seriously, the prices are far too low to be real! So they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers while I go about exposing their other one just found during researching their site. Please report them below to help warn others – thanks again.


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That is all we have time for on What Is ForSeni.com and hope it has saved you some cash. Those that paid really do need to contact your bank. They are not sending you out what they are advertising, but something that is far lower in quality, if anything at all. Even during pay disputes it is not uncommon for fake sites to send you out an empty envelope to make it look like you received your order. Worse thing is, it actually works at times. Do sound-out loud and clear in the comments to let all know NOT to buy from that site. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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