What Is ‘Flashen Max’ – Is FlashenMax.com / FlashenTorch.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | January 13, 2020

What Is ‘Flashen Max’ about – Our FlashenMax.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Here we have a potentially a new scam network with at least three duplicates  other shut down! What Is ‘Flashen Max’ really about? Is ‘www.flashenmax.com / www.flashentorch.com / www.flashenpro.com’ just a fraud pretending to sell Torches with up to 90000 Lumens of Power? Or perhaps those other sites are legit as well and so ‘FlashMax’ is safe to buy from? We have received a scam report about one of these sites and so we are putting out this warning to all. Please share.

Those duped out of cash are welcome to report them in our comments, to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+ strong and counting, and those that have images of any goods received from any site, are welcome also to report them to our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. That tool allows our sites users voices to be heard louder and on a much broader scale. You can upload your images there and we will do the editing. Time to start our swift ‘Flashen Max’ Review and see the comments for real customer reviews, if any.



www.flashentorch.com 'flashen max' scam.





What Is ‘Flashen Max’ In Reality? ~ Scam Alert!

The info on What Is ‘Flashen Max’ will be enough for quite a few of you by now to suspect many will or should be contacting your payment adviser for a refund and to cancel your card for a new one. Your reports about them really will help many save their own cash and avoid this stress of falling for a scam. Sadly, most people won’t bother. Oh well, and so let us now look further into more reasons why FlashenMax.com is a fraud.


We begin to know more, if possible, by asking some questions:- Who is the founder of this fake site? Where are they located? Contact info? How old their site is? No rocket science necessary here and only common sense qualifies all as scam busters 🙂 .

And so we go to WHOIS.com and we see that their site is very new indeed and already they have gathered a decent level of traffic online. That is particularly disturbing as that tells me there are perhaps quite a few people who may have already fallen for this particular fraud.

Their site was registered on the 2019/11/27 for one year. So, we have an incredible Torch that burns pretty much anything at 90000 Lumens of Power and yet they have decided to go into business, after all the design costs, manufacturing costs, correcting obsolescence costs, but one year is good enough for such a great product like this?

Clearly, that makes no sense. One or two years in business for new start ups generally makes no sense. We all know it can take one or two years for any business, online or real world, to pick up as you work hard to get it established and come to prove yourselves to others as legit and competent.

Basically, its indicative of a hit and run scam site. Not always though as there are work from home entrepreneurs that fail to let everyone know they are working from home and so do not need to supply such info, as that would put them at risk. But those cases are rare indeed.

When they registered their site the owner did not leave their name and also they did not leave their real address. The address in WHOIS belongs to their hosting provider, who supplied it for a small yearly fee for privacy and now this is one of the ways scammers can hide themselves from others, while defrauding as many people as they can.

Now we must go to their site, and already we know they are a scam, and so we are only looking now for further scam signs. We see they have an email address hidden away in their Privacy Policy Page.

For the love of all things that make sense why would they not put that email address inside their ‘CONTACT US’ page? So this is what scammers do as they know most people will not bother clicking on those PRIVACY POLICY PAGES ETC until something goes wrong. Incidentally that email is support@flashentorch.com.

Inside the same page we see that they are referring to themselves as FlashenPro.com. You can go to their site and see that in their RETURN POLICY PAGE. AND JUST IN CASE THEY CHANGE THAT BECAUSE OF THIS ARTICLE, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO OTHER WARNINGS ONLINE ABOUT THEM RIGHT NOW ~ HAVE A LOOK BELOW:-




We see ‘FlashenMax’ ~ ‘FlashenPro’ ~ ‘FlashenTorch’ all on the same site and all re-directing FlasenTorch.com. Initially I thought I was on the ‘FlashenMax.com’ website. I had a really bad nights sleep, no joke, and so apologies if I led you to believe that. I only just noticed as I snipped the image above.

OK, since now we are all on the same page, or at least I am just about anyways 🙂 , you can now see there is serious problems afoot with this scam site. 

To compound this set up there is no founders name, no phone number, no business address and only nonsense about how they are selling this torch and yet they have not provided any verification of brand name ownership?




Here Is The Scam Report We Have Received Within Our Tactilax.com Review:-








Final Thoughts.

FlashenMax.com, FlashenPro.com and certainly FlashenTorch.com are scams. The first two are shut down and re-directing to the last one. Please report all the sites you find that are duplicates of the one we have just exposed. Actually, you can report any site to us you feel is not right. Thanks for coming by and be sure to put in for your refund and cancel your card if you gave them your payment info.







list of scam websites.




4 thoughts on “What Is ‘Flashen Max’ – Is FlashenMax.com / FlashenTorch.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Wayne Drewenski

    I ‘ve been waiting 3 weeks now for my flash lite an these morons keep sending it to the wrong address. I m going to cancel my order cause these people are morons..dumb company

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Contact your payment adviser John for a refund and to cancel your card for a new one. Thanks for letting us know and you are welcome to come back here to let us know how it goes. Good luck John.


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