What Is Flamenx.com – Is Flamenx.com Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

By | August 31, 2018

What Is Flamenx.com – Shopping Scam Alert!

You will now find out What is Flamenx.com (www.flamenx.com) and why they are not legit. Those asking Is Flamenx.com fake, scam, fraud, filled with malware or Is Flamenx a good, honest, genuine online shopping website where you can make purchases? Well, there are a ton of complaints online of paid for items not showing up. Should the item show up, then it is not the one displayed and purchased. 80% OFF OF ITEMS is a big sign you are not dealing with ethical people here.

You may have come across their unbelievable discounted items across their social media networks. They are definitely increasing in popularity which is only going to lead to a rise in fraud activity upon unsuspecting shoppers. I am not the first to expose this website, for a change, so I have to give credit to a two other sites online for my research. Check out two long time long standing scam fighting websites called:-



Those that maybe suspicious of other websites may search this websites search engine, top right, to see if I have already exposed them. Alternatively, you can click HERE to see the host of one’s that have already been exposed. Should you see a site there that is not a scam site, just let us know, and we will remove it.



What Is Flamenx.com, Owner, How it Works and the Scam Revealed.

Flamenx.com Site

For regular readers of my website, I am writing this article, in the hopes they may avoid this scam. So, the answer to What Is Flamenx.com is already answered and you know they are a scam. But now, and of course, I must prove this to you without doubt. Those that have no doubts may go ahead and leave your complaints in the comments section below to help warn others.

First place we must scrutinize is the asking the question:- Who Owns Flamenx.com?! Surely, if we can know this then we can levy complaints to a real person or for potential legal action, if scammed and no refund occurs. 

All websites will go through a registration process where address, email support address and Founder names will be displayed. The name of the founder of Flamex is ominously missing! That is done, in most cases, to avoid letting everyone know who is doing the scamming.

This invariably makes it perhaps even too hard for authorities to track down and make accountable where online fraud is clearly occurring. Their site was created 28/07/2018 and is already racked up an impressive amount of complaints online!

So we can all clearly see they are trying to sell on items that are popular and actively been sought after by many online shoppers. One of the glaring things for me is that they are trying to sell a drone that is priced at $350, but, they have marked it down to just $69.99!

No business can afford to make those kinds of cuts in profits and expect to stay in business for long. Their site is professionally created and looks very convincing for those that are buying items there and are not either getting their item or getting the wrong one.

It is very common for scam sites like this to even keep their word, to an extent, by sending buyers the item of a lesser quality. This is the only way they can make a real profit after they have shipped your item to you potentially with free shipping. Or, they will just take your money and that is all!

The owners are taking peoples money and then simply blocking buyers credentials to disconnect from them once paid is received.

Flamenx is not just interested in your money, they may also want your information, for reasons not disclosed. Not is not uncommon for fake sites to harvest your personal data during the process of signing up. This may include bits of sensitive data like your full real name, credit card credentials, date of birth, email – all very sought after data by rip-off merchants! So this is another cruel way they are making money from their own buyers who in good faith decided to support their website. 

This data can now be compiled onto a list and this list is sold on the Deep Web to the highest bidder. The highest bidder will then invariably seek to send you legit looking forms of communication i.e. emails from your local stores, in the hopes you click and perhaps buy something from them. Since you potentially may already have fallen for a shopping scam, then they might have a chance of scamming you a second time, that is their logic anyways.



Been Scammed? How to Possibly Get Your Money Back and their Other Fake Shopping Sites.

Owner of Flamenx?

How to get your cash back from unknown scammers.

The website is letting some buyers waiting a very long 30 days for delivery before the buyers become suspicious and investigate their site. Those that did not get their item, or the wrong one, may request your money back if you used PayPal.

Simply contact PayPal and alert them to the scam site at Flamenx.com! They will investigate and well I am sure they can help with that side of things. Here is an article from PayPal how to apply for your refunds HERE.

Those that paid by bank transfer simply need to contact your bank and put a hold on your card regarding Flamenx. Flamenx may even charge your card some significant amounts without your knowledge. So definitely alert your bank by phone, or go into your local branch, and sort this out asap. Best to my layman knowledge they will seek to claw back that money for you.

I did read one online report where a buy confronted this illegal online company and proved to them that they are indeed a scam site. Whereupon that buyer was refunded his money. So, why not go ahead and see if you can do the same.

The other websites that have been connected to owners of Flamenx are:-


allwaystore.com <<- appears to be closing or shut down. The shop was unavailable, was the message I received. Anyone else seeing this message as well?

thesevencolor.com <<- shut down.

Those that have been ripped off by other online shopping websites can report them below, alternatively, you can send that information to this websites support email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. That is checked daily for fresh complaints about dishonest websites online.



Final Thoughts.

I am not endorsing Flamenx.com as a legit and ethical shopping website! There are just too many reports online of them scamming people out of money by not sending their ordered items. Where items are delivered then it is of a lower quality and not to the spec that was advertised for the price paid. Where this has happened to you it is paramount you please go ahead and report them below in the comments section. This kind of site may be only around for a hit-and-run time of one year. They, however, if the money they are earning is tempting enough, might stick around for years to come. This way it will save a lot of disappointment to people and their families in the long run.

Despite their professional site appearance it is obvious now that you should know to stay away from them. These sites give good sites a bad name where it comes to making money online. So there are plenty of legit companies that can help you earn online, for those interested, and one I know well is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up HERE to see if running and earning from your own website is something you would like to do part-time/full-time from home. Need more info? Click HERE to see how you can start for free! That is all today on What Is Flamenx.com and I hope it helps you stay clear of them. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.

Those that have questions are welcome to receive my help by placing them below.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Flamenx.com – Is Flamenx.com Scam or Legit Shopping Site?

  1. Nik

    This is a CROOKED Seller …. SCAMMER , LIE , CHEATED
    Sent cheaper item .. much cheaper than post on website.
    Facebook MUST responsibility for allowed SCAM SELLER
    advertise on Facebook
    We the buyer should have some way to sue this Scumbag
    and put it in JAIL
    … Now the website was CLOSED ….!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nik,

      I know there is a huge website online that is calling for Facebook, Google, YouTube to start vetting these advertisers as they are actively allowing real scammers to harm people. Where there is money then there is crooked people and these big name sites are not taking responsibility at all for allowing scam ads to use their networks.

      I am really sorry this happened to you. Thank though for reporting them. Perhaps you can call your bank and see if they can get a charge back for your cash.

      Thank you for reporting on them as well and those scammers probably have gone and set up another site. I’d love to know all these fake sites so I can expose them, alas, its too hard to find them. They bury themselves deep online and some so sophisticated you can hardly tell if they are a scam or not.

      Thanks again for your comment and its a shame there are so many crooked sites online.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness.com).


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