‘Fgmnbaer’ Reviews – Is Fgmnbaer.com Scam or Legit PowerTools Online Store?

By | June 13, 2020



What Is ‘Fgmnbaer’ – Our Fgmnbaer.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Kudos to the Ladies and Gentleman who took the time to question the too-good-to-be-true prices at ‘Fgmnbaer’! Fgmnbaer.com is a nonsense website and sadly we believe they are a scam. Those that fell for the prices of those power generators should learn to be much more suspicious of e-stores in general. We advise all to seek refunds immediately if you were duped by www.fgmnbaer.com. Our research below will make our quick conclusion very clear.

Your customer reviews are very much appreciated and always needed to aid others in their own research. It is all grand and fine for us to know something is a scam, but when others see customer reviews verifying, it will jolt unsuspecting customers to get refunds faster.

Time to detail why we are saying ‘Fgmnbaer’ is a scam and see the comments for real customer reviews. Should this forum be absent of these contributions then feel welcome to land what you may know about them below and thank you. And also, those that may have spotted a potential online e-store scam are welcome to report that to our List of Online Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section to possibly be reviewed.



www.fgmnbaer.com was registered online on the 2020-05-09 for one year. Businesses that startup with ambitions for success for one year is highly suspicious. Even two years is very suspicious and may indicate a hit and run site in general.

WHOIS.com shows us that ‘Fgmnbaer’ has left no founder name, no business address or contact info. The address present is given to them by their hosting provider to conceal their true location for a small yearly fee.

Not good. On their site, we see nothing that would allow us to trust them, not even remotely. We have also stumbled upon copies of this site elsewhere online. View our KdtMeMall.com Review Here and you will see just one example of a duplicate scam site.

Their email is defejklw@gmail.com. Now, we have their URL Name and business email that are nonsense. Why? They are not reflecting the business name of their e-store. These are age-old CLASSIC SCAM SIGNS to always beware of. I wouldn’t buy from any online biz where even just those two signs exist without doing research to verify.

Also, that email is showing up for other copies of this scam network. Actually, we know this scam site has many others just like it and is part of a huge online scamming network. So any site you see that is like the one in question then please report that to us as we are avidly seeking to expose them all.

We found ‘Fgmnbaer’ when we were research UcsZoe.com. ‘UcsZoe’ is a duplicate of ‘Fgmnbaer’. Note, they have both stupid URL names. 

When we went to ‘UcsZoe’ Facebook Page we saw they were promoting Fgmnbaer.com. Our software shows us that this site is potentially drawing in more unsuspecting customers therefore currently more harmful.

The prices on their site are hundreds and hundreds under the actual real-world pricing for those generators. I know from personal prior experience these generators are not that cheap at all. I once, just once, bought one for close to £600 and so $159 thereabouts is just a scam. 

But more than this, what is stopping someone with good financial means to buy up all those goods as advertised them on for a healthy profit. Even if they just added $100 it would still be a very worthwhile venture. So by this point alone, their site is just a scam.















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