What Is FebShoes.com – Is FebShoes.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 12, 2019

Find Out What Is FebShoes.com – The ‘FebShoes’ Review.

You are welcome here to see for yourself the answer on What Is FebShoes.com at www.febshoes.com. Is FebShoes com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest or Is ‘FebShoes’ legit, good, safe, real and genuine? This ‘Feb Shoes’ Review is a scam alert! Don’t buy from that site. There are already warnings online about them and so you must now a few things before you go. Contact your payment provider for the potential of a refund. You may need to cancel your card. Please spare a moment to report them below this article to help warn others.

All the time it seems fake shopping sites coming out of China. Typically customers pay cash and either not get anything, get something shoddy and sometimes even worthless, inferior stitching, perhaps you runt the risk as well of receiving counterfeit and maybe stolen goods. Delivery times, despite what such fake sites say, can take up to 2/3/4 months. Scam sites will usually give you a returns address from China even if they give you a USA, UK, Canada etc address on their site.





FebShoes.com Review – All About ‘FebShoes Onine Scam Store.

We begin to check for ourselves why they are fraudulent by checking out their site. We also we look to see for legit information like owner name, real world location and contact information. That is standard stuff, and if they have nothing to hide, they will leave that and of course a customer support number. Right now I can already see FebShoes.com has not left a number. Honest sites will leave this info without fail. Lets find out their registration date first.



Beware of www.febshoes.com!


Two years online is simply not enough to establish a business for. Most real and safe online e-stores will set up for life as that is just what they typically do. Fake sites will only ever register for 1 or 2 years, defraud people as many times as possible, and then run off with much illegal earnings. Such fake sites are always improving in quality so it can be hard to spot the bad from the good. Registration was in 2018/08/29 till same time in 2020.

Address I found on Google Maps, which you can quickly view HERE, and nowhere do I see ‘Feb Shoes’ listed on that map. So it seems that they are using someone else’s address to esteem themselves greater in peoples eyes. That is ‘normal’ for bad sites to lie about their location. In WHOIS we see they have put an address that is not theirs also. That 14455 Hayden Road address is already in use many 100’s and possibly 1000’s of other sites. I see it being used all the time.

There is no founder name and no support email left at their sites registration. No founder name left on their site either. There is no reason to hide that information but only if you are a fake site. We could forgive the cover-up address in WHOIS if they were honest on their own site.

Pre-sale feb.customerservice@gmail.com and After-Sale is onsalevip@hotmail.com. That is all the contact information they have listed. Very little and you may just ignored or they not work.




‘FebShoes’ Scam Signs.

  • First thing to notice is that they do not possess a customer support number. That is very suspicious for a selling site, especially when for an Air Jordan brand store. That is simply the globally recognized/iconic brand simply would not forget to add.
  • The date at the bottom of their site, left and it is very hard to see, says 2008 – 2019. That is an extraordinary lie as we have already said that WHOIS has them listed only from 2018. Bad sites will give out prestigious/bogus addresses, and lie about their sites age, to garner a greater sense of trust. How can they be a scam if they have been online doing business since 2008?
  • And so that is what they would like you to think. It works per reports online about scams in general.
  • The McAffee Secured Trust Seals are not real. They do not open up into a page that says ‘FebShoes.com’ has been verified as legit and safe. So now you are running a big risk to give them your payment information. Once again, contact your payment provider for advice. 
  • If you are waiting for months, or at least well past the agreed delivery date, it may be worth to contact that e-store and ask for a refund or the product. Keep evidence of all conversations for a refund.
  • The prices are actually quite reasonable on first site as I compared them to the legit site of that brand name. However, up to 65% off of those Air Jordan’s seems like a too-good-to-be-true deal! Scam sign right there.
  • In their FAQ’s section they say their Head Quarters is in the USA but their warehouse is in Hong Kong. 5 to 7 days for delivery but that is only for Japan, Mongolia and Korea. That is strange considering you would expect them to give where they are based greater priority.
  • Beware of making returns as these kinds of sites, even when they mess up an order, will leave the returns postage fee’s on you. Problem with that often times the return fee is greater than the actual order. PayPal or payment provider may only partly cover that fee ensuring you are still out money.





Final Thoughts.

So they are an Air Jordan rip off site. They even have a kids section and that is unfortunate especially if nothing arrives in time for special occasions. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please do take a moment to report them below. The more scam reports about they then the less will genuinely be scammed. Thank you.


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That is all on What Is FebShoes.com. They also have other sites that you need to beware of and we will exposing them soon as well. Please REPORT ON ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE or in the comments below this article, or any other article on our site. Looking forward to hearing from you and others and thanks for coming by.


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    Febshoes and Febbuy is a fake site they have 300 fake website the new website will come sepshoes is a fake they cannot ship any shoes because is counterfeit the new law of china that every website must registered to the china goverment and list of previous site that banish fushoes.net,zmshoes,zmshoes.shop,zashoes.shop,zahoes.com they use link farm stealing traffic from any website especially from us with a nonstop attack from our website divert our traffic and connect to our server ,scamdviser protecting this fake website with given high trust rating this fake website fake website with 76 score is a joke compare to the original factory with 57 score scamadviser is a joke protecting scammer site the owner of this fake website is the counterfeit king from china that nike close the website they have 300 fake website online ,check your backlink for link farm.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hanna,

      Thank you kindly for reporting all of those fake sites to us. I sent you an email and looking forward to hearing back from you as well. Thanks again Hanna.

  2. Todd Matthews

    I never knew such sites existed for the shoe or any apparel industry. That’s interesting and definitely something for me to keep an eye out for if I decide to shop for any apparel on a different site or one that promises decent discounts. The red flags are abound here and you’ve laid out an excellent outline from which to spot such red flags.

  3. Gaius

    What a very informative and helpful review on avoiding scams when shopping. It is good to know that there are things I can do to protect myself. I like your article because you have thoroughly discussed and cited the information I need to make smart purchasing decisions.

    Thank you for sharing this article and keep it up!


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