What Is FebBuy.com – Is FebBuy.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 12, 2019

Find Out What Is FebBuy.com Here – The ‘FebBuy’ Review.

In this review you are going to be quickly informed on What Is FebBuy.com at www.febbuy.com. Is FebBuy com a scam, fraudulent, fake, deceptive or Is ‘FebBuy’ legit, good, safe, genuine, real and safe? This ‘Feb Buy’ Review is to alert you to a scam. There are copies of this website doing the rounds. The first we found is called FebShoes.com – also fraudulent. Please report them below if they have scammed you.

Contact your payment provider to apply for a refund and also perhaps to cancel your card. These are the times that most of the fake shopping sites are coming out of China. Many times they will use multiple address for the same site indicating your order could be coming from outside your region. Typically they send out fake, shoddy, nothing, inferior, perhaps stolen goods or counterfeit goods with such fake sites. Lets find out more on why ‘FebBuy’ is no good and only a con.





FebBuy.com Review – Why They Are Not Real.

So you now the answer on what is FebBuy.com and know that FebShoes.com is also a scam. Any site, by the looks of things, that look like those two sites are scams. Those you that know of more copies are welcome to report their exact URL’s below.  Also, please do not forget to report them if they have defrauded. We will begin our background check on that site by asking who the founder is of www.febbuy.com, biz location, contact info and also the registration of their site.



Beware of www.febbuy.com!


Registration was in 2018/10/01 and they have done so for only 1 year. That is suspicious because selling sites that are legit tend to register for considerably longer. So that is our first clue that something does not add up already and our first warning. Beware sites like these could shut down at any time so do get a refund before they shut down.

Texas, US is all they have put as an address. Hiding your real location is definitely deceptive behavior. Already I would not buy from a site that is not honest about where they are from. Additionally, there is NO founder name and so things are only looking worse already.

Looking to their site to see if we can find these details. There is an address and it is the same one as their other site. I Googled map that location and there is no sign of their company name listed for that locale. It is a prestigious address and so that is only to garner trust and a sense of legitimacy. No phone and we listed their emails already in the other review linked in the intro of this article.




‘FebBuy’ Scam Signs.

Bottom of their site they are saying their site has been online since 2008 to 2019. That is a blatant lie as we already know they only registered online since 2018. They have lied to their unwary traffic to make it like they are legitimate, because, how can a site be a scam if they have been online for this long. This is the idea they are implanting to make you trust them.

Their site is an exact copy, word-for-word, and they have not declared these multiple sites to their traffic. That is considered very suspicious and deceptive. 

FAQ’s state they have a HQ in the USA but their warehouse is in the Hong Kong. They are giving quicker deliveries to Mongolia, Japan and Korea. That is strange considering they are asking us to believe they are situated in the USA – makes no sense.

English is a bit off in places on their site. 

Trust Seals on their site don’t work. Try to click on the McAffee images on their site and they are not clickable. What should happen is those images should link to McAffee and they should be telling you how secure ‘Feb Buy’ is. Not so.

Your payment information may now be sold onto other scammers who may try to access your funds. It is common for scammers to make random charges to your card so do watch out for that.

Deliveries taking too long? Scam sites love to take their time with orders and so it is not uncommon at all for deliveries to take 6 weeks, 2 months, 3/4 months. That is grounds to apply for a refund.

There are warnings online about the site in question. There are about 5 or 6 of them best to my knowledge. Any site that looks like theirs then you must assume that those sites are also fake and to be avoided.

NO  customer support number for their customers. It is the same for their other site. No legit business would forget to give their customers a phone contact for queries.




Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam network trying to convince people that they are selling very reasonably priced Air Jordon’s for men, women and kids. Those that handed over payment data need to contact your bank now while the site is still up and running. Fake sites tend to shut down fast at times when they get so much exposed.

There is no evidence they have any permission from the Brand name to promote those products. Expect a cheaper version, so cheap potentially, that it is no where close to what you paid for them. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers right now.


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That is all on What Is FebBuy.com. Please REPORT ONLINE SCAMS HERE if you know of anymore fake sites. We will research and expose them if they have cheated you. SOUND-OFF below to help alert other people. Have questions? Feel right at home to ask and I personally will do my very best to assist you. Thank you for coming by and hope to see you again sometime 🙂 .


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