What Is Fashionmeu.com – Is Fashionmeu.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 8, 2019

Find Out What Is Fashionmeu.com For Real – The ‘Fashionmeu’ Review.

Very nice to see you here and now you will find out for sure What Is Fashionmeu.com at www.fashionmeu.com. Is Fashionmeu com a scam, fraudulent, crooked and bad or Is Fashionmeu legit, good, genuine, real and safe? This www Fashionmeu com Review is a scam alert warning to not buy anything from that e-store! There are many others being run by the same cyber-crooks as Fashion Me U. Please leave your own reviews in the comments if they have scammed you.

Is your order late? Wrong item? Shoddy quality? Not as advertised? Perhaps even an empty parcel of some sort? In all these cases you should put in for a refund and get your card cancelled. They are part of a huge online fake e-store stemming from China. See List Below:-


  1. 1SuperShop.com.
  2. Skying.icu.
  3. HelmetsVip.com.
  4. ForTopVip.com.
  5. Neoiu.com.
  6. Easious.com.
  7. MoreRate.com.
  8. Irelia.Store.
  9. InnovStylish.com.
  10. Family.Beer.
  11. ShopMyBest.com.
  12. SoSoLuckyShop.com.
  13. BabeySy.com.
  14. OvertureBuy.com.
  15. VsTroll.com.
  16. Morderneo.com.
  17. OnsuathyMealle.com.
  18. Next2Day.com.
  19. SurpriseShopping.com.
  20. MjKiu.com.
  21. RomaPinec.com.
  22. AngoHub.com
  23. MyLoveGoods.com.
  24. Surprise.Shopping.
  25. YouthForSome.com.
  26. BalmllJucy.com.
  27. SetComing.com.
  28. LucuryBuy.com.
  29. BreakPrime.com.
  30. OnlineGoodBooks.icu.
  31. InovGoods.com.
  32. NuxtFit.com.
  33. Allkks.com.
  34. MySuperGoodss.com.
  35. SoleGet.com.
  36. ShoppingLily.com.
  37. Elepantate.com.
  38. Coolerones.com.
  39. Escany.com.
  40. Ofun.Store.
  41. Inescany.com.
  42. SuperGoMall.com.
  43. Conglide.com.

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More are being found all of the time. Typically what is happening is they are sending out either no orders, shoddy items, goods that are too unlike what they are advertising, damaged goods etc. Those that handed over their payment information need to contact your banks now. Even though they say a few weeks at most for delivery you could be waiting 2 or 3 months. Get your card cancelled as well, if you bank so advises.




‘Fashionmu’ Review – The Research Has Been Done!

This is going to be a short review to tell all you need to know to stay safe with them. They have hidden all information on their true identity. No one knows exactly where they are from and so they can scam away and still they may never get caught. Good sites never hide such information. Typically they vary in addresses from one site to another.

Many times they use the same old ‘UNIQUENESS’ speech in their ‘ABOUT US’ section. That is where they say they love every passion on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. There maybe 100’s of sites using that quote. The email helpandserving@gmail.com has 1000’s of Shopify sites attached to it and that email belongs to this particular scam network, just like ‘Fasionmeu’.


Fashionmeu.com Review

www.fashionmeu.com about us section.




Its pretty much the same!! There are many more to watch out for. Where ever you see that then you should just leave that site alone.


Of course, the research is already done and so you may peruse all of the reviews above to your hearts content until you know the full truth on all of their sites.

And so to save repeating ourselves forever, and without further delay, I pass you over to this review we have done called RomaPinec.com. There you will see a similar list, not as big as the one above, and so just know they are all bad and only scam sites.



Were You Scammed By ‘FashionMeU.com’

Let us know in the comments. For now, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!

Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life

Do you know of any other scam sites? Do let us know and we will only be too happy to expose them for you. Those that were scammed by any of the sites in our list are welcome to SOUND-OFF in the comments to come. This quick review on What Is FashionMeU.com is now over and I look forward to all of your comments to come. Don’t forget, if want an in-depth analysis of their network, you can have a look at the research in the above links. Thanks for stopping and hope to hear from you and everyone else.




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One thought on “What Is Fashionmeu.com – Is Fashionmeu.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Luis

    Hola amigos. Compre en el black friday. No me percate de investigar mucho de ellos. Ya que los veía en todas redes sociales. Mi compra fue de dos chaquetas por un monto de 71€. Ya perdí esperanza que me llegue con la información que colocaron ustedes


    Hello friends. Buy in the black friday. I didn’t realize to investigate much of them. Since I saw them in all social networks. My purchase was two jackets for an amount of € 71. I already lost hope that I came with the information you placed


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