What Is FarmZily.com – Is FarmZily.com Scam or Legit Shopping Store?

By | November 9, 2018

What Is FarmZily.com and are they Safe and Genuine?

There a bunch of complaints online regarding FarmZily! What Is FarmZily.com (www.farmzily.com)? Is FarmZily com fake, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, scam or Is FarmZily safe, real, genuine, legit, good? This is a warning to all to stay away from Farm Zily – they are a corrupt/fake online shopping store and have already done damage to number of their customers. You will find complaints about quite easily on page 1 of Google. I ask you to please report them below in the comments to help stop them for good. Below is the research to help you decide for yourself.

This website is dedicated to exposing online scams in all their forms. Fake Online Purchase Stores is just one sub niche of online scams. Coming up tot he Holidays I have witnessed a dramatic increase of fake onlne stores and people losing money. I just read today that someone was scammed $750 for puppies that never arrived. This is a serious epidemic and so this website always asks people like you for your reports on sites that may not have been exposed yet. 

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What Is FarmZily.com – Full Report.

I was not scammed by FarmZily and only wish to warn others of their presence and intentions. There is a list of fake online purchase stores so stay tuned by bookmarking this website so you are kept up to date. Below is all the info you need to know you are dealing with a fake site, and you can also use this methods, to determine if any site online if fake or real.

We always begin with the founder. The owner of FarmZily.com registered their site quite recently on the 23/08/2018 and paid to have their site online for just 1 year. Right! Most online stores will nearly always set up their online business stores for even much longer than two years and so 1 year is actually too short a time for any biz to get off the ground. In their short time online they have contributed nothing but complaints from their users online.


FarmZily.com Site

don’t go to www.farmzily.com



The owners name is not linked to their site anywhere, that I can see, online and that ladies and gentleman is very significant. We all know the legit sites that have a ‘glowing’ section dedicated to their founder. But this is not the case on their Farm Zily site either. So, registration details has no name and also and address from Denver, USA, PO BOX 1769.

I will hazard a guess and say that is a fake address or one bought online to send mail to in order to look legit online. It happens all the time. I can guess simply because the complaints online really would have the cops at their door asking some sticky questions on why they are ripping people off online. So, that is a complete fail for their online ID, which incidentally, is a basic requirement of all online businesses but seemingly not enforced for some reason.




How to Know a Fake Online Purchase Store.

Here are a few tips we can apply right now to determine if Farm Zily really is a fake online scam site. We already know they have not supplied ownership details. That is always your first course of action to find out if they are details like that. Where you see they are absent then you are allowed to get super-curious on them and now look for other signs.

No address on their site or in WHOIS for registration.

No name.

Fake email address. You can test this by sending them an email from a junk mail you may have. Should Google return saying they could not deliver the email then you are dealing with a fake email address.

No Privacy Policy Page.

Clear absence of any cookie policies.

Parts of their site don’t seem to function right. For instance, on the site being exposed their ‘Collections’ of items are all empty. Perhaps they are already shutting down due to the volume of complaints.

You can simply drop any image on their sites into Google and see where those images really come from! That is a really big scam sign that they simply have stolen other sites legit images and passing them off as their own!!

Look for reviews online. You can go off to the BBB.org and see plenty of complaints on this particular online purchase scam store. 

In your own research, where you see an abundance of complaints of no product, inferior product to the one advertised, sneaky charges being taken monthly charges that their Terms and Conditions say YOU agree to when you make a purchase then these are all fine examples of what to look out for when determining if you can trust a site or not.



Were You ScammedBy Farm Zily?

As said, do report them below in the comments as it really will help so many avoid this scam site as we approach the big spending season of the holidays. For those that were already scammed then here are a few things you can do to get your money back.

  1. First off, consult a lawyer! I am not one and so these are only my suggestions I have learned in my time in exposing online scams.
  2. Contact your bank and file a dispute for such charges. Once they complete their own investigation then you should be refunded.
  3. Contact PayPal, if you made payment this way, and alert them to the proof you were scammed. They will do their investigation and should refund your money once it is evident to them you were scammed.
  4. You may need to cancel your card and order a new one.










Final Thoughts.

So they are a scam site and they are tricking people, very successfully, to buy from them. Their images have been reported to be from other sites and they are trying to pass them off as their own. Invariably, no product is being delivered. Their address looks dubious and there is just a host of problems with their site as well. You can check out some of the other online scams out there such as CoolWallet.Club, Escapes Mall (holiday scam), BerryLook.com among many others. Any site that makes you wait months for your product, and then even sends you one, may still be a scam. Many times such fake shopping sites will send you an item but its not the one advertised. You may find as well the stitching is bad and it can even be dirty. File a dispute ASAP to get your cash back as that is still fraudulent behavior.

Still have some questions on What Is FarmZily.com? You are welcome to seek further advice below or just to warn others. I will always respond to comments so you are very welcome to leave yours below. Should you have spotted online shopping sites, that you know or suspect are scams, I would definitely love to hear from you! Just leave the URL in the comments and this website will take it from there. If they are a scam site then they will be exposed. Thank you all for coming here today and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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12 thoughts on “What Is FarmZily.com – Is FarmZily.com Scam or Legit Shopping Store?

  1. Mary Albert

    I ordered from Farmzily last Sept-2 quilts.. Within 12 hours I tried to cancel order because my gut feeling was screaming “scam”.. The company replied order was already being processed…After 2 months not hearing anything about my order- I contacted my C.C.(Capital1) and 1st they were helpful stopping payment- but later told me the charge went back onto my credit card . Finally 1 quilt arrived in a ripped package and was wet from weather. The 2 quilt did arrive 1 week later–but neither were the description of what I ordered. . Very disappointed and a costly lesson learned..I will never order from a company unless it is well established and also only use Discover Card–Discover never would have allowed the problem to go that far..

    1. Scam Witness

      Very sorry to hear this Mary and thank you for reporting about FarmZily.com here. They are part of a huge fake quilt scam network.

  2. Perri Morrison Smith

    I ordered a quilt from Farmzily in September 2018 thru PayPal, and have emailed them once or twice a month since then about the “Alice in Wonderland” quilt I’ve never received. Among the various replies w/ excuses I’ve gotten back is the “Truck w/ your order was involved in a serious wreck in a snowstorm!”
    Not only are they lying scanners, they are using excuses tied to real tragedies to further their evil ways! I’m out $70, and PayPal has not been very helpful so far. I’m still mad at myself, and THEM!

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this Perri. You can put in for a refund. Taking images of all communications will help with a refund. You should know that their scam is part of a wider scam network that is well covered online. PayPal should know about it by now.

  3. Audrey Hester

    I also was scammed by Farmzily. I ordered 3 comforters for Christmas gifts in September 2018. By November I tried to contact them to cancel the order, but never heard from them. I never received the merchandise. Because they processed my order through Pay Pal, it went fast. I have fought with Pay Pal and now Visa to try to get my money back and still have not gotten it resolved. It seems I have to prove I did not receive the merchandise instead of the merchant proving they sent it to me. I am retired and stay home with an elderly dog, so I would have known if a package was sent to me. What is wrong with this system? Now I have to reach cmsupport@pscu for more information for my dispute and cannot contact them now. When I look them up online, they look suspicious. What can be done?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You have to contact your payment provider Audrey and tell them that FarmZily.com is a scam. You are welcome to leave the link for this article with your bank. You may also refer your bank to the bbb.org report on FarmZily.com HERE. So now you must get a refund because they will never give you your cash back or a decent product. Then you will probably have to cancel your card for a new one.

      Hope this helps Audrey and love to know the outcome of your payment dispute sometime. Thanks again for stopping by and helping to alert others online. It is very much appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  4. Debbie

    I ordered two shirts from FARMZILY on Sept 29th. I contacted them that I never received my order many many times. I stated you charged my credit card but I never received my merchandise. At first they stated my order was lost. Then it was the excuse that it was the holidays & they were very busy. Several times it was your order will be sent. They stated I will get my merchandise. Now they will not even respond to my emails. My credit card was charged as I said & I dont know whether I will get my money back. I hope so. Why hasnt someone shut this site down ?? I see its still up & running.

  5. ann BAUGHMAN

    I and apparently many others have ordered a blanket from Farmzily. It takes about 2 months or more before you receive the item. I ordered the Wizard of Oz blanket. Upon inspection, the center panels were so blurred that the characters didn’t show. I immediately contacted Farmzily by e-mail who then replied stating they would look into the matter. I requested a refund/credit to my credit card and instructions as to how to return the blanket. A few e=mails later, no other response. So after much hassle, I contacted PayPal to file a complaint. They contacted the company and I will be notified of results. Farmzily shouldn’t be allowed to advertise if they are sending faulty merchandise.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Ann,

      Yes, I agree that they should not be allowed to advertise given they are supplying inferior products for the prices. Thank you for reporting on FarmZily as they really are a scam site.

      1. Nancy

        After ordering 2 blankets back in December 2018 that never came, after numerous emails giving me fake tracking numbers, in December I asked for my refund. Low and behold I was sent an email from them stating that they were in financial trouble and didn’t have money to even pay there employees. Wow! So now I have the burden of going through my cc company. SCAM!!!

        1. Scam Witness

          Hi Nancy,

          They are a real scam company. Simply search scamwitness’s search engine and type in Amelia Cotton Quilt Company and you will see a review that exposes all the main sites they have defrauded so many people.

          Seek a refund and report them to the BBB, IC3 who already are and have investigated. Thanks Nancy for taking the time to leave your scam report. It is appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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