Famous Marketing Blunders By Hoover

By | June 25, 2017

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Famous Marketing Blunders By Hoover Online Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.


Hello my name is Philip and Welcome!  I hope to inform you of one of the biggest and most famous marketing blunders in recent, relatively speaking, times. The purpose of this post is to nail a point home to all online entrepreneurs about the kinds of promises you should and should NOT make to potential leads.  Firstly, we will be taking a look at the Hoover Free Flights Deal from 1992!



I will detail to you exactly how this particular marketing campaign went down in flames!

This ill-fated story begins at the Hoovers Merthyr Tydfil factory, Pentrebach County Borough in Wales. Roll in Mr Brian Webb, and his budding cohort in this fiasco, Michael Gilbey. These two ambitious, if somewhat majorly flawed gentlemen, were two of Hoover’s executives in the marketing section. These two guys banged their heads together and was borne was a ‘magnificent‘ marketing plan to increase sales in Hoover’s vacuum cleaners! Buy a Hoover vacuum cleaner for at least £100 and get two free airline tickets to the US or EUROPE!

The Hoover Deal: Buy a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner for at least £100 and receive TWO FREE AIRLINE TICKETS!


(LOL!). I KNOW I don’t need to explain this to you! I remember I was only 14 years old in my English teachers class. He was a wonderful eccentric teacher that would often digress. He told us about this marketing debacle and one brave kid (not me) said ‘Sir, wouldn’t the flights be more expensive than the vacuum cleaner?‘. Teacher responded, panned faced, ‘YES!‘. If a class of fourteen year old kids can see how crazy this was, why didn’t no one at Hoover HQ stop these lunatics!!! I do believe 1992 is a year that Hoover would sooner forget about! Here is why.

A Few Crazy Stats About The Hoover Deal For Free Flights To Blow Your Mind!

stats graph with a question mark.

The intention was to increase the sales, as I’ve said, of Hoovers Vacuum Cleaners. However, whilst demand went sky-rocketing to clean one’s house, something unfortunate would soon creep in.


  • With all the Hoovers being sold (200,000) it would take 500 Jumbo Jets for Hoover to fulfil their end of this great offer.
  • Factories belong to Hoover had no choice but to do a seven day a week slog to meet demand.
  • British Airways and Virgin allocated 20,000 seats for Hoovers nutty deal.
  • A further 40,000 seats to sunny Florida and Orlando was thrashed out to satisfy demand.
  • Hoover mad a stunning £30,000,000 in sales!
  • Hoover lost a mere 50,000,000 for the cost of airline tickets for customers who bought the Hoover!
  • The real winner of this debacle was the tax man who picked up a nice sum of £4,000,000!!
  • EVEN MORE DAMAGING TO HOOVER was when the Royal Family REMOVED their Royal Seal of Approval from the company’s product!

The First and Number One Rule Of Marketing Is This!

Never offer something that is perceived and or is more expensive to deliver than the actual product or service it meant is to be promoting!!! That is it. I know you did not need to be told this but just look at this case and you will see, it would appear, this kind of common sense can be lost on even the most professional marketeers.

Always Deliver On Your Promises To Your Customers!

Ultimately the two marketing geniuses went down and took down the Head of Hoovers European Division with them. The final insult to Hoover, for their uncanny and even super natural short-sighted behavior, was the European Hoover Division was sold off to an Italian WASHING MACHINE company called Candy!

Confused cartoon caricature of man with ginger hair looking oddly confused.



More examples of such marketing disasters will come soon to help you avoid such marketing debacles in your online endeavors.




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Wishing you all the best and success online!


3 thoughts on “Famous Marketing Blunders By Hoover

  1. Andrew G

    Wow, Thanks for the overall lesson here today, never to basically promise something that is too expensive. It would be hard to admit as well, but we all do it. Thanks for the insight involved in the marketing fiasco that helps us wake up and smell the coffee as well.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      I know I said it in my article, but even a bunch of 14 year old kids got the stupidity of this straight away!

      We were shocked that ‘adults’ could do something so crazy!LOL.

      Thank you kindly for your comment Andrew and Subscribe to my Websites Free Newsletter as I post daily.

      All the best,


  2. admin

    Thank you Andrew G for the comment.  Yes, it was one of those stories that was so bad it made a lot of newspapers sell in the UK!  I STILL can’t believe no one stopped these guys until it was clearly too late, wow!  Thanks again Andrew G, you are my very first comment on my website, much appreciated!


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