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By | October 4, 2018

Investigating – Investment Platform That May Not Be Genuine. 

What Is Is FamilyInvestPlan com fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest or is FamilyInvestPlan genuine, real, honest, legit? You are probably having doubts if you are Googling them, and so in this Family Invest Plan Review, all of your questions will be answered. To find out if they are good or not we begin with trying to find out who owns their site (company registration number?), what they offer for unreal earnings, how they generate cash (proof of) and adding all that up together to answer their real intentions to you. Personally, I think they are a fraudulent site! Let us find out for sure below.

Investing in real markets, stocks, trading, Forex etc carries with it a 50% chance of success or failure. Those saying they got ‘incredible software‘ that earns ‘X’ amount a day, is only getting signals from actual Wall Street Activity – and we all know how that can go wrong. OR, in cases of mining, looking for proof they have actual and very real mining data centers in real locations (and not just images of servers). Ponzi Schemes will usually disguise themselves in those two ways.


I stay away from all of that online as there are just too many risks anyways with trading, and no one knows how long or even if your ‘node’ will solve any mining queries in the block chain (if legit), and so I prefer to work for myself. This brings with it the ability to set my own pay and at my own pace. Those that are interested in online business, without running into scams all the time, are welcome to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. You can look for reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and they are 99% positive, in my opinion.


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Here is Our List of Internet Scammers Scam Sites.

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 – The Whole Truth Exposed. Website website.

Let us now find out fully What Is to know if they are genuine or fake. As mentioned, we begin by finding out owner details and website credentials. The information attached to their sites online registration minimum. There is no Founder Name, No Contact Support and No Real World Buinsess Address – BAD START! That is usually a good sign of the owner hiding his online ID so he can’t be arrested for having set up an illegal website, scamming unwary people, and making off with all the money.

Looking at their site I can’t see an address either.

That is 0/100 for ID transparency.

Now, let us take a look at their Company Registration Number Certificate. Their Certificate 10191550. That registration number actually belongs to a company called MSRCON LTD!! That Certificate appears not to be real and only an easily made cert to trick those just scanning their content. 

How are They Generating Money to Give Returns?

They make claims they are managing and building currencies. They say they are the easiest way to make money and that is not true, there are no easy ways to make money online. Once you have put the work into anything then it will generate money. You can read how to do that from an article from this website called How to Earn Money with Your Laptop from Home.

That is really all they are saying, in various ways, on how they are generating an income – managing and making currencies. No further data, documentation, website links to the data -nothing. So, are we to just take their word from an unknown person and then part with our cash based on no proof

How are They Really Generating Money?

People who sign up, and then invest, well – that money is taken to pay other investors. Then a new wave of people sign up and then that money is also taken but now its used to pay you and others. And the cycle continues, that group now just waits for new monies to get paid. Its an illegal website. 90% of members will lose all of their cash. There is no actual service or product exchanged for your real cash. They are known as HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) or Ponzi Schemes.

Are They Paying Out?

I would say that FamlyInvestPan is not paying out, or if they are, are paying very little. Per their own website, they have paid out over $300. However, we can’t compare that to the deposits, and even for Ponzi Schemes, that is unusual. They Pay Outs section is not real payout proof and so we have to hope it is the truth, if you invest.

Those sites like this that are paying out will only do so for a few days up to 4 weeks. Usually the best time is up to 2 weeks, anytime past that then you are risking your cash and so don’t be surprised if they just keep it and ignore you.

I am New to Investing Online – Should I Try Them?

Well, its an illegal site as said. Also, there is no guarantee of any returns and not even your initial investment back. However, if you are new then you should give any sites like theirs a skip as they are targeting newbies. Beginners at this, on average, can lose thousands of dollars on the one site.

Experienced Ponzi Investors will invest small amounts across many new schemes. Since most schemes will pay out for a while, to encourage others to join and generate payment proofs (though I can’t see any on Family Invest Plan’s site), they will then take their profits and not invest again on the same sites.



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Final Thoughts.

I am not convinced by FamilyInvestPlan’s way of earning money online. They are tempting people to earn quick and big money without doing any honest work. This need to earn magically out of nowhere is playing on greed and laziness. Those that work online would make more money than any scam offer being hawked on the internet. There is no founder ID. No address for their business. No Transparency on how monies are really generated. They have supplied a fake company registration certificate. For me, they are a scam site!

Have any questions on I am taking questions about their site if you need help in deciding if they are fake or not. Do leave a comment below if you have been paid or not. Those looking for a way to earn online Can read about #1 Choice Review and see for yourself, if building your own full time income online is for your or, and its free to start so you have nothing to lose. You can sign up through that review for those that are interested. Really looking forward to all of your thoughts on anything said here today.

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