What Is Family.Beer – Is Family.Beer Scam or Legit?

By | February 2, 2019

Find Out Here What Is Family.Beer (‘Doruvtmw2’) About – Beware!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Happy to see you here to find out What Is Family.Beer at www.family.beer. Or should we be asking What Is Doruvtmw2 about? Is Family.Beer a scam, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked, bogus or Is Family Beer legit, good, real, safe, genuine? This www Family Beer com Review is actually a scam alert! There are too many scam signs, and I also know very well, the scam network this site belongs to due to many hours researching their illegal online enterprises. Please report them below if they have defrauded you.

Those that handed over payment information are advised to contact your payment provider for a refund, and also, to possibly cancel your card. These cyber-crooks unfortunately may randomly charge your card without permission, as well, may sell on your payment data to other crooks who may try to do the same once your bank has put a stop on their company. 

Many times these fake sites are coming out of China and I fear Family.Beer is no different. We will do a background check on them anyways, provide a list of the sites suspected to be connected, and prove why they are fraudulent. Such bad sites will tend to send you out something other than what you paid for, shoddy, inferior, damaged, counterfeit and even stolen goods for your hard earned cash.





Family.Beer Review – The Network and The ‘helpandserving@gmail.com’ Scam Email. – ‘Doruvtmw2’ Is Not a Legit Site!

We begin now to answer further answer What Is Family.Beer in this Family.Beer Review by doing a background check on them. This is very simple to do. We go to WHOIS and type in their generic URL and see what comes up. Where we see no information on ownership, location and contact information then please know that is too suspicious to risk any site with your cash. Honest selling sites are very upfront about these things and where hidden is indeed following a scam pattern that we all need to recognize to avoid online scams.



Don’t let www.family.beer steal from you!


Registration for their site was in 2018/07/13 up until 2019/07/13. So, what is wrong with that registration length of time? Well, honest selling sites know 1 year online is nothing – it is only the start of building their own brand. Reason why scam sites become popular quicker is because they lie their heads off about their prices. They may charge you the prices but the items advertised maybe vastly different once received – if they send you out anything at all.

SO they are following the known scam pattern of fake sites already. The items being advertised may very well be not at all what you will receive. They are good and high quality and their prices are far too-discounted to be true. Too-good-to-be-true-prices are nearly always a sign of a fake site.

ON, CA (Canada) is where they are trying to convince us they are from. That is not true. They are from China and their email address of helpandserving@gmail.com has 1000’s of shops on Shopify per QueryAdmin.com. You may click on that link to their site and see for yourself.

So I see they have changed their email address to weherehelp@gmail.com



Where you see emails, numbers and addresses then always Google them. Many times such information has a ton of scam reports, negative reviews and even many other sites using the same email, telling us, they are defrauding using other sites as well. That is the case when we Google weherehelp@gmail.com.


Checking out their once more we are now looking for an address they may have left there. Where we see multiple addresses is a sign that your order maybe coming outside of your country. 

OK, not this time. So that is even worse and sure sign that something is very wrong here. As said, legit companies will have all of that information in your face soon as you land on their sites. Not good and only more reasons to be suspicious of them.




Family.Beer Scam Signs.

Let us now get the biggest scam sign out of the way first. As said, we have been following a huge network of fake online stores where they don’t send out the goods, or send out something next to worthless, relative to your payment. The following are strongly suspected of being run by the same cyber-crooks as Family.Beer group.


  1. VsTroll.com.
  2. Morderneo.com.
  3. MySuperGoodss.com.
  4. SoleGet.com.
  5. Escany.com.
  6. Ofun.Store.
  7. Inescany.com.
  8. Neoiu.com.
  9. ShopMyBest.com.
  10. SurpriseShopping.com.
  11. MjKiu.com.
  12. AngoHub.com.
  13. OvertureBuy.com.
  14. Easious.com.
  15. MoreRate.com.
  16. InnovStylish.com.
  17. 1SuperShop.com.
  18. Skying.icu.
  19. HelmetsVip.com.
  20. ForTopVip.com.
  21. OnsuathyMealle.com.
  22. MyLoveGoods.com.
  23. Surprise.Shopping.
  24. OnlineGoodBooks.icu.
  25. InovGoods.com.
  26. LucuryBuy.com.
  27. BreakPrime.com.
  28. SuperGoMall.com.
  29. Conglide.com.
  30. ShoppingLily.com.
  31. Elepantate.com.
  32. NuxtFit.com.
  33. Allkks.com.
  34. YouthForSome.com.
  35. BalmllJucy.com.
  36. Coolerones.com.
  37. SetComing.com.

*Linked reviews by scamwitness.com and will open in a new tab.

Here comes the proof now that Family Beer is indeed a fraudulent site. Please see the image from one of their scam sites called ActionSallyhy.com. I have snipped this piece of evidence because many of their sites are closing down very fast!



evidence of a scam!


Now, please open a new tab and go to Family Beer’s ‘ABOUT US’ section of their site. You will see that the wording is exactly the same except for the mentions of their own site. That ‘UNIQUENSS’ is this scam networks ‘calling-card’.

It is something so unique to them that no other company could have coincidentally have the same wording. And since those list listed, and including the one in the image above, are proven scam sites – what then are we to think of the one we are reviewing now?

But also note they started off that speech in the site in question with “At here…”. Bad English is a sign of a scam site and that is not trying to be disrespectful. It just is a scam sign.

Their Facebook follow us option links to no content. However, looking at their link when you hover over it, then we see ‘Seraphic-Lady’. And so even their link to their page does not correlate to their site name.

‘Dorutmw2’ is what is named in their site tab, however, that is obviously not the name they have listed on their sites URL etc. SO where we see conflicts like this then know legit sites do not make these kinds of errors, if they do and once noticed, they are corrected.

Their prices are really too-good-t0-be-true and so that is an big scam sign.

I think I have made my point. Put in for a refund and cancel your card, if your bank so advises.




Do You Have A Family.Beer Review or Scam Report? You can have your say below in the comments to help alert others – Thank You.















Final Thoughts.

So you probably came here because your order is late or nothing is ever coming. Perhaps even you noticed your tracking information is fake? Well, whatever the reason I hope you really let them have it in the comments below to help alert others. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for good.


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Thank you for coming by and that is all on What Is Family.Beer. I hope it has saved you your money and if not then you know what to do. Please spare a moment to help warn others by reporting on them below. Those with scam reports on other sites are welcome to report them below with some details as to why. Don’t forget to leave the exact URL to avoid confusion of other sites that maybe good and legit. Lookinngn forward to all of your views to come. Don’t forget – SOUND-OFF IN THE COMMENTS!




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