How To SPOT Fake Police To Stay Safe While On Holidays

By | June 5, 2017

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Here is how to SPOT Fake Police to Protect Yourself from being FAKE POLICEMugged!!

It can be difficult to Spot Fake Police as the con artists are well versed at acting and lying to gain your confidence.If you are heading abroad soon this is something you definitely need to read up on and learn thoroughly about how Fake Police walk up to tourists and try to scam you.  This is your warning should you be heading abroad soon!


Introduction On How To Spot Fake Police To Stay Safe While Abroad.

It can happen so easily after a night out with a few beers or wine in you when you and your spouse are approached by two people claiming to be the Police.

Please be vigilant against this scam abroad as they will leave you without documents or, potentially, money to get home.

The information I am about to provide to you will be all the information you need to keep you and your loved one’s safe whilst on holidays.


How The Scammers Pretend to be the Real Police.

A typical scenario is YOU are spotted by a the would be scammer as you are looking FAR TOO ‘touristy’.  You could have just left the airport or the train station when an offer to share a cab or someone asks for your help in some benign way.  Here’s how the scam could transpire upon you if your not aware of it:

  • You get into a taxi with this seemingly nice local when the taxi driver takes you down a dead end where they both mug the hell out of you.  (Be of no illusions about the taxi driver, he is in on this also).
  • You get into the taxi and it is stopped by a ‘Plain Cloths Police Officer‘.  He orders YOU out of the cab and asks for documentation such as Passport or other acceptable I.D.  Where upon the taxi guy just drives off with all of your luggage and valuables.
  • You could just be straight up approached on the streets by a ‘Police Officer’ where upon he asks for some I.D. and then he runs away with it.

There are many scenarios where this scam could be weaved into a horrible situation where the end result is you are taken to an ATM and are forced to empty your account to those con artists.Fake tiny green police car with a blue light on top of it.


 What You Can Do To Avoid Falling Victim To The Fake Police Scam.

I highly recommend you never go on holidays ever again!  SOLVED!

NO NO, just kidding.

  1. DO NOT TAKE YOUR REAL PASSPORT OR ID OUT WITH YOU.  Make a copy of it instead.
  2. DON’T WALK ABOUT LIKE A TOURIST!  Walk with direction and intention!
  6. BECOME A WORLD FAMOUS BOXER!  (Not Necessary To Stay Safe).



Neighbourhood Watch @nwatchscotland.

That’s all you need to avoid this particular rip off.  I highly recommend you follow the points above as you never know if it’ll happen to you.

I would be interested to if anyone has experienced or heard about this scam in the comments section so as to help others avoid it.  Any other tips please feel free to express them for the safety of others and I will consider putting up on here! – If their sensible lol.

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