Beware Of False CIA Emails – ‘Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children’ Scam

By | March 18, 2019

Scam Alert for Fake CIA Emails That State “Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children…”!

There is an email being received by many people that state it is from the CIA saying such things as “Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children…” is a $10,000 Scam!! We are helping to expose this email fraudulent scam to warn our websites readers about it. We give give full thanks to OnlineThreatAlerts to ‘raising the alarm’ regarding this particular email scam. One such email was sent by a ‘Carmel Child’.

Even recently we exposed another email scam by a fake name cyber-crook called ‘Mr Ahmend Khan’ who claims to be a banker that wishes to share $30 million with us. After giving all personal information, in such a situation, they may ask for money to get those earnings. Similarly, the scam above is asking for Ten Thousand Dollars to delete fake incriminating evidence against people. 


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‘Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children’ Fake CIA Email Scam Exposed – Please Share This Article Now!

Those that received such an email stating ‘Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children’ should just report that email and delete it. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! No one in the CIA is asking anyone for 10K to hide any potential evidence for any crime. This a blatant scam and they want people to send them $10.000.00 to hide such materials. All bogus!





As stated OTA has alerted everyone and for that we give credit for this scam alert. We ask our own website visitors to make good use of those sharing icons (to your) and share this article as it seems it is a pretty huge email scare alert. Only time will tell how many people have been affected by this latest email scam.

Typically no matter the email scam, once you pay then you will not hear from the scammers again. Or, they will continue to harass you for cash for those that do fall for it. There really is no way of knowing. Those affected by this horrible email are welcome to report in the comments below to help others who may be confused or wish to report this fake CIA Email Communication.

If the Central Intelligence Agency had some evidence on anyone of any nature then they would just call the local cops and have you arrested. 



How Your Email May Have Landed In Cyber-Crooks Hands.

The more online forms we fill out then the more we put our personal details at risk. There really is no way how the scammers got your email address. Maybe you left it on a forum? Perhaps you will-nilly submitted it to a site you thought was legit and safe?

Only you can know about the last times you submitted your email online, and so if you can trace that, then you will have your answer. 

Many times I have had to personally remove peoples email addresses from the comments at our website for their own online safety. Where scammers come across any email then they will or may add it to one of their lists.

These lists then can be sold onto scammers. There are scammers willing to pay very good money to buy these lists of:-

  • Email addresses.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Home addresses.
  • Full names and dates of birth.
  • Work addresses.
  • Car registration.
  • And the most import:- YOUR PERSONAL BANKING INFO!

This is a very quick and relatively easy way for cyber-crooks to make big, and fast cash, online and without hardly any work in doing so. People can be a little careless with their own personal information online and that is only making life easier for fraudsters. 



Your Old Browser Could Be The ‘Leak’ – How To Stay Safe Online.

Old browsers are child’s-play to crack, even by amateur hackers, and so updating your browser maybe a good idea. There are nasty software’s always floating around online trying to access your devices browser history, and so therein, you may have saved your email address and passwords?

If you are continuously saving your personal passwords to your browser then you must stop this practice. Save your passwords in a real world notepad instead.

Your devices caches and registry entries can potentially be read by nasty software’s (called malware) programmed to hunt down anything personal and useful for cyber-crooks.

Up To Date Anti Virus?

Don’t worry, I am not going to spam you now with an anti virus sales link or anything. If you do not have an up to date anti virus then perhaps a virus slipped through and got that information from your device? So do make sure that is up to date for best protection.



Fake Movie Or Dating Site Phished You?

So perhaps you were tempted by something online that advertised it self as ‘free’. There is very little ‘free’ online!! Perhaps you were asked for your card information, or maybe just your email address, to prove that you are over 18 to use their site?

That is a classic and much used clever scam trick. Typically you may see an iframe box on their site where you can fill that in for such info so you may watch ‘free movies’ or sign up to any site for ‘free’. Always read the Terms and Conditions because therein, if a site be fake, is where they can hide horrible fees to your card.

If you are worried you handed over such information then you must contact your payment provider to cancel your card and order a new one. When cyber-crooks have your card information then sometimes there is nothing to stop them from charging your card anything they want – at anytime.



Leaking Personal Info From Your Social Media Accounts?

Well if you were born before the age of the internet then we can say that we have had to learn how to be more savvy online. Leaving your personal social media accounts ‘PUBLIC’ is a mistake. This is worsened if you have your email, name, DOB etc set to public as well. 

You need to go to your accounts personal settings and setting it to ‘PRIVATE’, ‘FRIENDS ONLY’ etc. 





Final Thoughts.

Ultimately you have nothing to worry about. Report and delete such emails that are obvious attempts to extract cash from you. Be sure, if you have the time, to please do report your experiences down in the comments (or in any forum online that you feel is more authoritative and trustworthy) so as to help alert others.

There is no ‘CIA AGENT’ black mailing people for $10.000 for evidence as their scam email details. You can click HERE to find out more reports and from the site whom originally posted this scam alert.

That is all on the scam email message that goes “Distribution and Storage of Pornographic Electronic Materials Involving Underage Children…” is not real and only a scam to defraud people. Thank you all for your time and I hope this article has helped. Looking forward to your reports below in the comments. This particular email scam is going into our sites List of Internet Scammers forever!


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






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