What Is FairySeason.com – Is FairySeason.com Scam or Legit – EXPOSED!!

By | November 29, 2018

What Is FairySeason.com – Read Here Before You Consider Buying From FairySeason.

At first, I was not too suspicious of the site in question. A few quick Google Searches and I was appalled at the level of complaints against them. What Is FairySeason.com (www.fairyseason.com) about? Is FairySeason com fake, dishonest, crooked, scam, bad or Is FairySeason safe, genuine, legit, real, trustworthy, good? This Fairy Season Review is to share with you some of the research freely available online. Right now, given what I have uncovered so far with, I personally would not buy from their website. This article will cover the owner ID, types of complaints that could be your typical experience, Verdict and Final Thoughts. Do leave your own stories about the site in question to help others in their own decision to buy from them or not.

More and more fake shopping sites are looking and behaving almost professional enough to help unwary customers make regrettable purchases. Lately, there has been a flood of complaints against so many fake e-commerce stores that it is hard to expose them all. Even so many, sitting on page 1 of Google, have no complaints yet and so I go out of my way to shed some light on those ones to help stop them doing tremendous damage. There is one in particular I would like also to warn you about. They are called HobbiLaunch! They have many other sites which, when reported, I expose immediately. Others to avoid are Acute.com, LaddyDress, Sleepious, Choies, LeMaxShop, VogTrend, Phoneiei, OMGTrue, NannaThread, HomeApShop, FarmZily, and others that look like them. Lets continue with this FairySeason.com Review.



What Is FairySeason.com Really All About – Can We Trust That E-Store?

Their site is obviously a ladies fashion site. This is not a fashion review and so that is all that needs to be said on that. This is a Scam or Legit Review on What Is FairySeason.com – that is its scope. Already you know my thoughts on their site that they are not legit. But also, they may have another site as well that is near identical. I must confirm before making accusations and so do watch out for that article soon.

There is a procedure I always run through to find out if a site is legit or not. First place we start is with the founder. This makes sense once pointed out for reasons that if you are giving money for items, and you don’t know the merchant, then that is like pouring money into a black hole without returns. I mean, you don’t know who you are dealing with and so, should things go wrong, who do you contact for refunds? 


FairySeason.com Site

Beware of www.fairyseason.com!


All websites have the option of leaving legit details online about the founder, real world biz address and contact information. Honest and ethical businesses do this without end to a point all their info is everywhere online when you query their site. Lets find out if this is the case for FairySeason.

Registered online 2012/05/02 up to 2019/05/02 I can say that is a long time for a scam site to be running. Usually fake sites can only survive 1 or even 2 years online before everyone knows they are scammers. I notice there are reviews in trustpilot and sitejabber, and still, their Facebook has over 700K Likes on their page. This almost made me decide they were legit – almost.

Their Address Provided is simply not sufficient to call an ‘address’. From Guangdong, China, I have seen this location used for other fake shopping sites. Sites from this region are known to have shopping sites that scam people, and of course, that simply can’t be said for all businesses of any nature from China to be scams. Its just common enough to alert you to a potential scam site. One sign is not good enough to come to this conclusion, we need others.

There is No Founder Name attached to their website at Registration! That is a big warning sign guys, because now this website can commit any level of fraud they want, and really – who is liable when you don’t know the owner or location of their business operations? This is the problem…

Looking on their website I don’t see an address either. Not even a fake one, which is normal for such sites to have. I mean, honest businesses want YOU to know THEM. So, missing contact information is another vital sign you are dealing with a deceptive site.



Complaints Against Fairy Season – Don’t Forget To Report Your Own Here Or Elsewhere Online Guys.

Review Website SiteJabber has over 1000 comments on Fairy Season. Most reviews on the first page are 1 Star. There are some 4 and 5 stars. There are 41 5 Stars. 30 4 Stars. 14 3 Stars. 25 2 Stars. 

There are a STAGGERING 1,232 1 STAR RATINGS!! 

Where we see substantially more scam reports on a site than positive reports we can safely call that site a scam site. 1,232 CAN NOT BE WRONG. So, the positive reviews can be fake reviews by the company to combat the bad reviews they have earned by their own behavior since being online.

Swiftly moving onto TrustPilot (another huge review site) reveals the following:-

  • 30% Excellent.
  • 11% Great.
  • 2% Average.
  • 2% Poor.
  • 55% Bad.

Again, many more scam reports than positive reviews.


The complaints

Complaints range from people being delivered the wrong sizes for the item they ordered.

Completely wrong item turns up.

Inferior product to what was advertised is typical of such fake shopping sites and no doubt there is a report, out of all of those reports, probably was stated.

No product arrived.

Payment typically is taken immediately after you place your order. A tracking page is given you where you may notice it is taking a very long time for items to arrive. Ridiculously, one ‘positive’ review said that “if you don’t mind waiting a long time for your items”… etc. That is a fake review as trusted companies typically don’t make people up to and beyond two months for their orders.

They may offer you some kind of refund or discount voucher. Should you refuse then you are said that you can return the item(s), but you have to pay for the returns postage. When legit companies make mistakes I imagine they pay for all of that. But not with scam sites. You are expected to foot that bill.

People are reporting they are simply being ignored by FairySeason after sometime when their order is taking too long. When these bad shopping sites start to get rude, then expect to be ignored, there after.

They will appear to show you that your item has been shipped. You may even see a change of location for your order. As stated, many complaints that their order simply does not turn up.


On both of these aforementioned high trusted review websites, the company has not been claimed. No one from the site under question has come forward to say they own it. Needless to say then that no one from their company have come forward to address the many complaints against them. No legitimate business operates like this.

There is a Facebook Page called “FairySeasonBuyerBeware” warning people of that site. 

I see one complaint where this company agreed they would resend/refund one customer if that customer deletes a bad review they received. Clearly only a bogus company would say something like this.


Were You Scammed By FairySeason? Please Report Them Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.


Contact Your Bank, PayPal – Payment Provider – and put in a dispute for any charges deducted from your account about the site exposed in this article.











Final Thoughts.

I am shocked they have lasted so long. They may be shutting down soon in 2019 anyways or maybe they will register online. There are far too many complaints online against. It has to be said all companies get complaints, even the good ones. But where we see the vast majority of reports as negative then we have to conclude, the vast majority of their customers, can’t be wrong. It is of course up to you if you want to buy from them. Again, do report them below if you have been scammed – thank you. The site just exposed is going into my List of Internet Scammers Section for reasons stated in this article.

I hope that answers all of your questions on What Is FairySeason.com, if not, you are welcome to place any questions you may have below. Those that have information on any scam site online are welcome to leave those URL’s below in the comments – they will be researched, and where found to be a scam, exposed. Very Much looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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4 thoughts on “What Is FairySeason.com – Is FairySeason.com Scam or Legit – EXPOSED!!

  1. Aria Len

    I’ve never heard of this site, but I also had no idea that people were turning fashion sites into scams as well! This was very informative because from what I saw in the post, some of the items are appealing to me, so you probably just saved me a ton of money!

    It’s really unfortunate that people have started turning shopping sites into a way to scam people, especially with Christmas right around the corner.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Aria,

      Only of late have I started to expose fake online shopping scam sites. I had no idea how much damage they were doing. When I found one, I’d bump into another, and another. Its very surprising and I find it worth while work to expose them as well.

      Yes, especially, with the holidays coming up, the sites are exploding online to catch as many people as possible.

      Thank you kindly Aria for your comment – it is much appreciated ~ Scam Witness.

  2. Maurissa Jones

    This is so scary, Thank you so much for the info! I’ll be sharing this on my social media for sure. Do you have a mailing list or something so I can stay in the loop with all these fake shopping sites?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maurissa,

      You are most welcome and I am very happy to hear this article was useful to you Maurissa. Yes, it is quite scary when you buy from a site, that looks so legit, and then experience they are no good and you may have just lost money to a scam site. Happening everyday online.

      There is no mailing list of my website currently. It is just one less thing to load when someone lands here and I like to keep my site as uncluttered as possible. You may bookmark this website and check back regularly when time permits.

      I very much appreciate your comment and also your kind support Maurissa 🙂 ~Philip. P.S. Thank you for sharing this article with your network 🙂 .


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