What Is ExpressHourly.US – Scam or Legit? NEW HYIP ALERT!

By | August 10, 2018

ExpressHourly.US Site

What Is ExpressHourly.US and Is It Easy Money for All?!

Thank You one and all for visiting my site today. This article shall be delivering answers to:- What Is ExpressHourly.US, Is ExpressHourly. US an illegal scheme, Is Express Hourly US real and easy to earn from? Here, in this non-member review of ExpressHourly, you will see the HIGH RISKS you encounter should you wish to invest! Along with how it all works, an attempt will be made, to find out ownership details – though, I am not going to be holding my breath on that point.


Company:- https:-//expresshourly.us.

Founder:- We have a Name! Robin Connelly.

Created:- 08/08/2018 and Registered Online for 1 Year.

Affiliate Program:- Appears Not to Have One.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts‘ at the end of this post.

Farewell Note:- Contains a Recommendation to Earn Online.





What Is ExpressHourly.US and its Operations.

There is an interesting connection regarding this Robin Connelly Founder. Recently, this website exposed CredibleFunds.US as a Ponzi Scam. He is also the Founder of that site! Mr Connelly, of which we have no way of knowing if that is the real name associated with both sites, did not even give a real address for his sites. Let us continue to find out more on What Is ExpressHourly.US.


Here are the ROI Levels for 6 Hours:-

Reserved Seat:-

32% Hourly.


48% Hourly.


72% Hourly.


98% Hourly.

Business Class:-

135 Hourly.

Express Investment:-


The Investment Levels are NOT detailed on their site.

Per allhyipmonitors.com they are paying 1 and 2 are waiting for payment and added to their database on today’s date (see date of this post).



How It Works.

All members can sign up for free and then choose their own investment levels. Once paid, then you sit back and wait for returns per their time criteria.

The first two weeks of a scheme like this then you can expect a greater hope of being paid, but, the older these kinds of sites become then payments become very spotty indeed.

As more members pour into these get rich schemes then the surplus money begins to grow. Old Investors waiting on New Investors, the money from which, is paid to the older group. Not all in any group will be paid. The purpose of such schemes is to make the creator wealthier – not its participants.

Given the High Returns they classify themselves as a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). That is just a fancier way of calling themselves a Ponzi Scheme! As many may know, such schemes are utterly illegal.



How It Collapses and the Fall Out!

ExpressHourly End of Scam

The Collapse is Inevitable! This is so because their business model is promising all members too high returns per investment. This can only forever depend on continuously making new Sign Ups who invest. A huge inherent flaw that makes such platforms very unstable and they may indeed collapse anytime.

Briefly, here is how:-

Given such investment business models depend on new sign ups to survive and proper, it is easy to know that when new sign ups stop coming in, then so does the money.

Unknown Founder is now left without enough surplus money to pay all members their promised returns. At this point, such platforms may even blame their participants for corruption, as was the case with other sites online.

Here is when they are preparing to close down their operations and actually run with most/all of the money raised on their website.


They will only end up scamming over 90% of members, of which, most of these sites do warn you could lose your investment.

For those that earn in such illegal schemes then they can earn very well indeed. However, this is at the expense of other people. I am aware that many HYIP/Ponzi Participants are aware of the risks involved. My article is for those that just don’t know these risks.



EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard



Final Thoughts.

We are not going to endorse them as Legit! ExpressHourly.US was setup with the sole intention to make money for themselves. While some payments maybe evident in time, the vast majority of participants will not be paid. The older the site the greater the chances are of them just collapsing over night. No warning will be given when this occurs and certainly, very little if any, profits will be shared. This is entirely at your own risk with no come back.


That is just about it for our question opinion on What Is ExpressHourly.US. We hope it has helped you find your answers. Should you still have any, then go ahead, and ask in the comments section below. This website always responds to its readers questions. Those interested to Earn a Full Time Income Onine may sign up for a Free Account with Wealthy Affiliate HERE. We can personally attest to have earned money via their incredible platform!Thank you once again for stopping by and I am very much looking forward to your comments to come.

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