EveryShop55.com Reviews – Is ‘EveryShop55’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | January 12, 2020

What Is EveryShop55.com – Our ‘EveryShop55’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to this very short review of EveryShop55.com. Is www.everyshop55.com a scam or is ‘EveryShop55’ legit and safe to buy your goods from? Someone that visited our site left this URL but they left no details and so we could not approve that as a user submission. But we are grateful for it otherwise and so it is our job now to determine if that submission occurred because someone got scammed by ‘Every Shop 55’? Those defrauded by any site are welcome to let us know in our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2400+ and growing. 

If you wish you can upload your images of any goods received, especially if you are seeking to warn others about the low quality of them, by using our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Please give as much details as you can to help Google give it good rankings to reach more people – with Full URL please guys. You can also report to our comments anywhere on our site. Time to begin now to find out the reason for this submission in this swift review of ‘EveryShop55’ and see the comments for real customer reviews, if any at this point.








What Is EveryShop55.com about – Safe or Fraud?

We only need to ask some few questions to know, with a fair amount of clarity, if we can use an e-store without worry or not. We need to ask who is the founder of EveryShop55.com, where are they based, contact info and how old their site is. Fake sites won’t give us their founders name or it maybe fake – look for verification if you see one. They may not give any address or a fake one.


They may also only have an email address for their entire business for all customers. Limited forms of contact is always a bad sign, and for me when we are not able to locate all this info, then I would not give any e-store my payment details as I personally would be too worried to do so.

WHOIS.com is a great bookmark to any device. Here you can see what the founders for most website have left when they registered their domain. We see that their site was registered 2019-09-09 for just one year. That is suspiciously short as legit businesses tend to register for some many more years to come.

But, there are times when we encounter work from home entrepreneurs like myself and so we do not need to supply our biz info as that is our home. So that is purely understood and appreciated. However, you can say this so others will not put you under suspicion as you are asking people for their payment info and giving them no reason to trust you.

Anyways, you be surprised how many e-store owners working from home make the mistake of not clarifying this. Oh well, lets move on.

So we see that they have failed to leave their founders name with an address from Toronto that is already being used by too many other sites to count – quite literally.

That address I believe is supplied to the owner for a small yearly privacy fee and that is how people are able to set up online and not give any info about themselves. This is how scammers have practically free reign to defraud the worlds largest communication medium i.e. the internet.

17 M.1 T. Taling Chan Muang Saphan Buri Suphan Buri 72170 Thailand is their address per their site. I believe it to e fake as there are images for this address and it looks like either a nice hotel or a really nice house. Either ways there is no sign of their shop there. Bad sign and indicative of a fraudulent site as clearly legit companies do not supply such addresses.

support@everyshop55.com is their email address but where is their businesses phone number for their customer service department? No founder name either and this is not good. This is all bad.






Final Thoughts.

EVERYSHOP55.COM IS NOT RECOMMENDED DUE TO LACK OF BUSINESS INFORMATION! You are welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments, or anywhere on our site, and we will be happy to receive any additional info you may have. Thanks for coming by and why not share this article, bookmark our site, as we are here to assist you going forward should you have questions about any site.




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