What Is EtMoney.ICU – Is EtMoney.ICU Scam or Legit Paid Online Work?

By | November 7, 2018

What Is EtMoney. ICU – Must Read To Avoid Being Scammed.

Welcome to my website and really nice work on finding this article to know What Is EtMoney. ICU. Is EtMoney ICU fake, fraudulent, crooked, scam, dishonest or Is Et Money ICU safe, genuine, real, good, legit, honest and paying out? This EtMoney Review is going to show you how much of a huge scam network you are dealing with here. The pay for the work is far too high and also your personal details are at grave risk of being sold onto other scammers. Below is the research to help you decide for yourself.

In my mind, there is no doubt EtMoney, and all sites that look like it, are fraudulent and only seeking to cause people to waste their time and steal their money. This website has exposed 100’s of their sites and so do know that not everything online is fake. Far from it, and all anyone needs is simply to be pointed in a right direction. I stumbled upon a scam site, found a review on it, and came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone interested in earning money online for the long term are welcome to find out more. You don’t need prior experience or expertise in as all is shown to you. No cc to begin and beginner friendly. 



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What Is EtMoney. ICU – What Is The Paid Advertising Viewing System?

That really is the same answer for both. The Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Network was set up online in 2014 and the owners originate from Russia. They have since expanded from Russian copies, German copies and English copies, with ZatMoney. Club being the 1st English copy. So, they have been releasing about 50 or so copies every 2 weeks and I keep a very close eye on those releases.

OK, let us find out for sure that EtMoney is really a fraud and not this article making a huge mistake. Always begin with the founder and find out if you are dealing with someone that has some level of legit details online. Those offering paid work from the comfort of your home are required to leave honest site registration details, usually. 





Et Money was registered on the 03/100/2018 and set to expire online in 2019 same date. OK, so we see that they are offering ‘honest’ work but only registered for 1 year? That is a bad sign and actually indicative of sites that are fraud. Fraud sites will hang around online for 1 year, and sometimes even 2 years, before shutting down and taking all the earnings.

When it is clear and evident to most people that such sites are not paying out, then that sites traffic will go down to almost nothing to a point its not worth their while to keep it running, and so they will re-direct that site to a new version or shut it down and have it replaced. The Scam Network is known by ‘Webdengi’ and is indeed a notorious – HUGE – paid to click online scam network. 

There is no real address and the email they have on their site from helenagillmore100@gmail.com is connected to countless online scams.




The Fake and Fraudulent Work – How The Scam Operates For All Of Their Sites.

From one site to another the scam never changes. It is a very well oiled machine by now. The only difference is the URL and website logo, as you would expect. You may even notice that so many of their sites have the same member names, same pay out numbers, reviews, Gmail, errors and even their TOS is in Russian. 

The Work.

As you may or may not know the work is simply clicking on ads. Then you fill out a code. These codes net their fake website $1 for every 5000 codes filled

The Other Option to Earn is making referrals. You simply share your referral link to all of your networks online. I have read reports online, and from comments left on this website, of people pulling in their own co-workers! That is simply awkward and so I recommend you stop sharing that link and consider sharing this article to help warn others.


On any PTC sites it is nearly impossible to earn anything before you grey! I have tried!! You are faced with endless clicking and then you see only fractions of cents per click, and do consider these ads can range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds and more. You be lucky if you walk away with $10 per month for many hours of work. So, I never recommend this kind of work to anyone because from experience I never cashed out once before just giving up.

When you don’t login to those accounts with such work for about 30 days then you lose all of your little earnings. The website keeps that, and since most people do indeed give up, that is a lot of free money for the site creator.

OK, so Et Money says they are offering 10c a click. That is not real. They offer you 50% commissions from every one of your sign ups efforts. That is also bogus.

10c is not real because as mentioned that simply can’t be afforded and is way above industry standard. They further make me laugh when they say you can earn up to and beyond $300 a day for just 3 – 5 hours of work per day. You would not make that in a year working on a PTC site, such is how difficult to earn anything on these sites.

You can Google all you want, you will never find real and legit payment proofs from any of their sites. You can simply click on the HOME MENU BUTTON, top left of this web page and you can see the many copies scamwitness.com has exposed.

That is the work and earnings covered. Below is how the scam works.




The Scam and How It Works.

Cash Out.

The cash out is $300 and some of their sites have it at $150. The usual you should expect to see is no where over $100 to cash out. Even that is far too high but is accepted as ‘OK’. Many sites will have it set to $20, $5 and even a 1c to cash out and so you see $300 is huge. This is to allow you loads of time to do as much work as possible and make as many referrals as possible as well.

When you try to cash out they want from you 40 new sign ups. These 40 sign ups are not mentioned anywhere on their site and so it is only part of the con. The point of them asking for those sign ups is to get you to buy them from their site. That will set you back $9 and only a way to get cash out of you.

Then they want $19 to cash out! Again just another way to get money out of you and you should not pay them any money as you still won’t get your cash.  Once those payments are made you are locked out of your account. You can’t delete your account until the site shuts down for good. You personal details will probably just be sold on for a profit for their site.









Report All Scams Below In The Comments Section – Thank You.






Final Thoughts.

I hope now you see why you will never get paid from these guys and how they are fraudulent. There are now 1667 of them in English and that is not even considering the numbers in German and Russian. Should you come across any site looking like the one reported in this article then you are welcome to report those sites below. 

Do you have questions on What Is EtMoney. ICU? You are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to help. As a reminder before you go do consider the #1 Recommendation to earn online. Its free to start so you have nothing to lose just by giving them a go to see if doing real online business is for you. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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