What Is Esshe.com – Is Esshe.com Scam or Legit? Esshe Review

By | February 1, 2019

What is Esshe.com about – Is Esshe Trustworthy or a Fraud?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Nice work on finding this article on What Is Esshe.com found at www.esshe.com. Is Esshe com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, bogus or is Esshe legit, honest, real, safe and genuine? This www Esshe com Review is going to take a good look at their site and then we will decide. Read this entire article to help you make up your own minds. Those that feel strongly they were scammed are welcome to report them below in the comments. 

Make false and bad selling sites coming out of China constantly and so that is something that we will be looking out for. Too many times scammers are setting up social media pages and successfully directing people to their scam sites.

Social media sites are not claiming responsibility and staying out of the situation, even when you report it to them. Many times these scammers will take your cash and not even send your order out. If they do, then the products maybe defective, damaged, inferior quality, not what you ordered, counterfeit and possibly you run the risk of receiving stolen goods.





Esshe.com Review – Let’s See If They Safe or Not.

All websites have to register their unique domain name and there is information then attached to all sites. We head to WHOIS which is a site that registers websites and shows the information left there by the owners. Where we cannot locate the owners name, real world location of their online selling business, contact information then we can already say they are not legit. So, this is an important step for them. Lt us find out now What Is Esshe.com really about.



Lets find out more about www.esshe.com!


Registration for the above mentioned site was in 2017/10/26 and two years was all they decided to register online. Two years is a long time for us but not for online businesses. So that is typical of fake sites to register for so little time where as legit businesses follow a pattern of registering for a lot longer. Not a good sign but not enough to say ‘scam’.

So here comes the bad news. The address they have supplied is not their address. It simply can not belong to them because that address is already in use – by 100’s of other websites i.e. scammer sites! So that is a usual address employed that helps scammers mask their real world location.

Very bad sign. That address is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, US. Anywhere you see that address then it is worth noting it and running away from that site. It is just too much of  worry given it is one of the scammers fake addresses favorite.

Can anyone tell me have you ever encountered a legit site, that you knew was good and trusted, that not have a founder name? Well, they have not submitted a founder name and there is no reason for this. That is a cover-up! So if something now goes wrong with your order who then do you contact? – That Live Chat or CONTACT FORM on their website? That is simply not good enough and only allows the site to hide from everyone. FOR ME – I WOULD NOT SHOP THERE! No Way..


The scam signs above are typical of fraudulent sites. For me, if I encountered a site where I was being tempted to buy something, and the above features applied, – NOPE! Chances are it maybe a scam site.


Many times, even when there is no information on their site that should be located at the point of registration, they may leave information of this nature on their own site. So, let us find out more by going to their site and having a look.

I find it amazing you can set up an e-commerce site and get away with not leaving an address! I hope I have not missed it but I really do not see one. So that is a huge flunk in my books and only more reason to stay clear of them. They have not even left an email address. That site is now a blank canvas for any form of contact of identification! SCAM! SCAM!

No honest and legit site fails to give that information because it is only common sense to know that people will want that data.




Esshe Scam Signs.

They have a good following on Facebook but suspiciously there is next to no comments. Many views and shares but almost no comments. The images below are some of the warnings given by customers of Esshe.


Esshe.com Scam Reports

Esshe.com Complaints

  1. Those are some harsh complaints and so you have been warned.
  2. No fonder name on their site and no address, actually, nothing by way of contact.
  3. Copyright date says 2016-2018. That is a lie as we know that they have set up their site online in 2017 to 2019. Fake sites like to lie about their sites age because it helps others trust them more than what they should.
  4. They have no HOME BUTTON and so that is common with scam sites. I really do not know why they leave that out, however, I do not see that with legit sites.
  5. Their prices do seem OK and not too-good-to-be-true, but then, I don’t go shopping for bikinis and so that sure of their actual prices for one. Usually when a site is fake they tend to give too much of a discount.
  6. Top of their site though they are giving away 50% and free shipping on items. That is too much. Far too much. You don’t see that with legit sites as then they would be giving away most of not all of their commissions.






Do You Have A Esshe.com Review or Scam Report? Please leave that information below in the comments to help alert others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Their site is being planted into my sites List of Internet Scammers and so do beware of them. Those that made a payment need to contact your bank and alert them. So many times fake sites will or may randomly charge your card without permission, or worse still, may have a nasty undisclosed monthly recurring fee. You may also have to cancel your card for a new one. Please do take a moment to help warn others below. The more that report on them then the quicker they will be shut down, or loss so much profits from being exposed, that it is no longer worth their time and shut it down themselves. 

Fake sites can close down at any moment so do get your refund now!


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Thank you for dropping in and I hope to hear from you all about on this article. Those that have reports on other fake shopping sites are welcome to report them below. Please do leave the FULL URL to avoid confusion with any other sites. Also, those mad as heck are welcome to have a good rant and a rave in the comments. Sound-off all you want but please no swearing. Thanks guys and looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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8 thoughts on “What Is Esshe.com – Is Esshe.com Scam or Legit? Esshe Review

  1. Sarah

    The items did arrive but they were very poor quality and shipped directly from China. I ordered two shirts that were Women’s XXL. One fits my 10 year old daughter. The other fits my 16 year old daughter. Neither fit their intended wearer–me! The swim suits were below average. I really should not have ordered from them. Regret doing it. Only saving grace was paying with PayPal so my information should be protected…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Yes, they can’t randomly charge your PayPal account Sarah and sorry to read about your experience with Esshe.com. Thank you kindly for reporting them here as well as I know all reports will help others in their own decision making process. Thanks again Sarah.

  2. Polly stoker

    After waiting for weeks, I did receive 2 bathing suits from esshe.com but they were very poor quality and I requested a refund and have had no reply in over a month. Pretty sure I’m getting screwed out of my money. I will never buy from a site like this again, it was an instagram ad showing all these models which looked like normal sized people and the products I received where ‘“large” size which would not even fit a child. And weirdly stitched like uneven prints and sewing. No way anyone could wear these products. Hope to just warn everyone I know not to buy from this company!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Polly for taking the time to report on Esshe.com. Sorry to hear your experience was not a good one. Have you gone for a refund yet Polly? Certainly put in for one if you have not done so already.

  3. Julie Butler

    i feel like i have been scammed from them as well. i just started to wonder where my items were…the tracking number is not working and not bringing up any location for it. plus i noticed when i ordered the items i checked the return policy or so i thought i was looking it to make sure i could return the items and get refund to my card. yes it would but when i looked in my email and see there was a “return” policy now that said no swimwear and another area said if you had a discount or promo on the sale there was no return either. if i would have seen this i would have never ordered from this company. complete hoax! i’m going to try to dispute it with my credit card company and hopefully i’m not out the $300.00. Completely Sick over this! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

  4. Kelli Orso

    I too feel that I have been scammed by Esshe. I ordered a swimsuit from them in early January and I received an email that stated my swimsuit had been shipped. I was provided with a tracking number that doesn’t seem to exist. I used my ATM card to pay for the merchandise and they did take it out right away.


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