What Is EscanyCare.com – Is EscanyCare.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 24, 2019

What Is EscanyCare.com About – Always Look For Reviews.

Good job on finding this What Is EscanyCare.com Review! Is EscanyCare.com a scam, fraudulent, crooked, bad, dishonest or Is Eascare com legit, good, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? Well, this EscanyCare Review is going to spill the beans straight away to save you some time. They are not legit! They have other sites and Escany Care is part of one of the most productive online scam networks I have ever seen! There other sites are identicla, and yet, they have even more sites that look nothing alike the each other. The sites to also watch out for are, and owned by the operators of the aforementioned site, SurpriseShopping.com, Ofun.StoreMjKiu.com,OnlineGoodBooks.icu, Conglide.com, InovGoods.com, ShopMyBest.com, ShopingLily.com,YouthForSome.com, BalmllJucy.com, MoreRate.comSkying.icu, NuxtFit.com, 1SuperShop.com, MyLoveGoods.comEasious.com, Morderneo.com, OnsuathyMealle.com,SetComing.comCoolerones.com, MySuperGoodss.com, LucuryBuy.comVsTroll.com, InnovStylish.comSurprise.Shopping, ,SuperGoMall.com, Neoiu.com and there are so many more! Those that know of more of them are welcome to report them below.

This network is working in over drive right now shutting down older sites and setting up a ton of new ones. The latest to hit the online world for fraudulent purposes is Escany Care and that is a pure copy of all the rest. They are operating from China and maybe able to produce cheap, shoddy, inferior, counterfeit and you may run the risk of receiving stolen goods. Those that made a purchase need to contact your bank soon as you can and complain about being scammed. You maybe entitled to a refund and certainly probably will need to cancel your card.


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EscanyCare.com Review – Your Scam Alert Warning Has Arrived!

This post is hoping to find you before you get scammed by a malicious site called EscanyCare.com. If you already paid, then you now know the truth and what to do etc. Watch out for social media ads that seem to be allowing scam ads run riot! Many complaints of this scam network using such services. So they have already covered up all of their owners information, they lie continuously about each sites location, the contact information is next to none, phone numbers are sometimes connected to other online scams (the ones they appear to own) and don’t work anyways, don’t expect a response via their sites email etc. It is as bad as it gets when it come to an online scam.


EscanyCare.com Review

www.escanycare.com is not a good site!


  1. The above copy was registered in 2018/12/29 and one year is all they are registering that domain. That makes little sense because legit selling sites will wan to last longer than a mere year. So they are following a scam pattern already. They are using a fake address and many other scam companies online are hiding behind that same address.
  2. Since these are cyber-crooks running all of these sites then there is no way to trust them with your payment information. They are after that as well as your cash! They not even send you out anything, and if they do, it may just be damaged goods etc. Even sometimes scammer sites are known to send out empty envelopes to produce a legit tracking number. Incredibly, even when it is known to some banks and other payment methods (whom I won’t name in case they sue me for something I can’t prove) know certain sites are scams, its always the poor unwary customer who loses cash that they can’t afford to lose. Who can.
  3. 1-626-456-6688 is the same number being used on their many identical sites. That number does not work. So now it is easy for us to see that they are running a huge network as you can Google the companies names in the intro to see for yourself. Rarely that number changes.
  4. The layout of their site is arranged in a shoddy manner, and that is not to be disrespectful, that is just another scam sign.
  5. The images that they use on their sites are not owned by them. They do not have permission to be promoting them. They are only there to make people think they can buy them but they don’t get those products, if anything.
  6. Prices are too-good-to-be-true and so many of their sites give away over 50% and even 80% savings on discounts plus free shipping or heavily discounted shipping.
  7. IF anything arrives it will take about 2 months, more than likely. That is a very common time frame for scam sites in general who sell online.
  8. Support, if contact can be made, may not be very helpful after they fail to deliver your product per their own time scale. They may even become rude and then just ignore you. Watch out for broken English and errors in communications and that is a sign that they maybe operating outside of your country, despite whatever address they supply on their own sites – which does change sometimes.
  9. I see an address of 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. That is a very well known scammers address, that many other sites online love to use when they are being fraudulent, to help hide their true location. Be safe, whenever you see that address – don’t buy from them.
  10. service.escanycare@gmail.com is the only attempt by them to give you a means to make contact. You will probably be ignored and may just be a phishing attempt.
  11. 2010 TO 2019 is the date they have on their own site bottom left. That is a lie and so you already know they were registered late 2018. The older the site then the more trust it automatically gets from people. And so how can a site be fake and still be online for long? And that is just another way they try to convince they are legit to make more sales.






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Final Thoughts.

They are part of a huge scam network and can never be trusted. Any site that looks like them is probably one of theirs. Please do report all other sites that you believe are part of this network. Other scam sites are also welcomed to be reported here. Please do leave a comment below concerning anything said here to help others avoid this horrendous online scam – thanks guys. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers forever.


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That is all on What Is EscanyCare.com and I really hope it has saved you your cash and the hassle of a refund. Those with questions, or wish to sound-off with a good old rant and a rave about the scam site in question, are welcome to do so – just no swearing please. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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