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By | October 18, 2018

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Scam Or Legit Reviews is a shoddy site pretending to covince people to invest with them. What Is Escading com ( Is Escading fake, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked or is Escading real, genuine, safe, good, legit and paying out? You can also ask those questions of copy. This is the not the first time I have seen one of their copied and pasted sites doing the rounds. The owner will be investigated and the whole scam operation exposed in this Escading / Review. To start, and for some this info on this line will be enough, they are a scam site pretending to be experts in Forex, Investing – but its all nonsense. Personally, with the state of their site, I am surprised its even worth their while.

I am convinced Escading is nothing but a cheap looking fraudulent site that is only set up to rob people of their money. This article will clearly layout their business structure and then you will see that how they are illegal. For some, its like the whole internet is nothing but fake sites. This website is proof that such thinking can not be true. Having been scammed myself multiple times, I eventually stumbled upon a site that is good and trusted. They offer a free starter account for life with no cc to begin. Those interested in making real and ethical money online may want to check out my #1 Recommendation. Sadly, not everything can be free, and so there are Premium Options to consider.




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 and Scam-Ops Fully Exposed.

Google both of those sites and you will find they are exactly the same barring the color. and are clearly from the same scam network and they have other copies online as well. Let us find out who the founder is and their real world business address, if that info is available.

Escading was setup 24/09/2019 and the owner only registered for 1 year online. Sites that are meant to be legit ways to earn online will register for more than 1 year. They will also provide founder name and real world address, along with support email etc. This is not the case with both of these sites. was set up 08/08/2018 and similarly void of legit info identity info. Website



There is no identifying info no their site either. This is a clear case of identity cover up and is one of the main scam signs that we are dealing with a dishonest site. So there is no confusion, this is only applies to businesses offering paid work, and not to bloggers. That is worth mentioning because people have some confusion along these lines, if other bloggers website comments are anything to go by.



Anyways, where we see these kind of intentional cover up is only telling us one thing. The site was created to be dishonest. Even if this unknown founder was to payout at the start of their sites life, it is only a matter of time, before that stops and there are no refunds. Also, its common enough that sites like these could pay out for 1 year and even 2 years, before turning bad and not paying out to anyone. Missing details of this nature is a huge big deal and you should always question such sites legitimacy from the get go.





What They Offer and Why Its Just Another Boring Scam Site Online.

Let us face it, getting scammed online is just frustrating, and if it happens to often, just gets expected and actually really boring. That is why I don’t hunt down others to give me a job anymore. I work for myself by Blogging and earn well from that. The earnings are increasing by the month as well, and really, anyone can learn to do it that isn’t lazy. The laziness is how the scammers are so sucessfull in their own illegal ways of making money. Big Cash, Quick Money, Instant Payouts, Easy Money etc are all not real and such ideas are used by scammers to appeal to our greed and laziness.

Escading and ActiveSkill both offer the same way to earn money. But most will lose their money. So, they say, in a mere five lines on their home page, that they are a high yield loan program, backed up by Forex Trading, where they invest in ‘VARIOUS‘ activities and funds. — COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBLED NONSENSE!! Those words DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!! What ‘VARIOUS‘ activities and Funds? Forex is not backing up their ‘High Yield Loan Program’ < Even that don’t make any sense.

Generic work from home offers is another sign of a scam site. They have not clearly defined how they generate their revenue, and also, they have provided ZERO PROOF that they are even connected to the activities they have described.



Ponzi Schemes are completely illegal and they have ripped off over 90% of all participants historically speaking!

Similarly, those who enter into the aforementioned sites hoping to earn big money fast, will soon realize they can lose $100’s to $1000’s on their fake as hell ‘investment’ program’.

A Ponzi Scheme is where you give money over, in this case to a complete stranger with no way of a refund, and cross your fingers you will see some returns or even your money back. There is no defined product, no proof that their program works, no legit founder names attached to this kinds of site because they know they will get arrested and spend much time in prison, they are not financially regulated and so they can run around the internet ripping off old ladies and probably and thinking themselves ‘big’men and women’ for doing so – nice work guys, and that will be their legacy when they are gone, a legacy of shame. Anyways, that is their life and their business. My job is to expose such sites on every level possible and that now has been achieved.








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Final Thoughts.

They are a scam site based on their business model. This business model is called a Ponzi Scheme. This is where all money from investors is used to pay older investors. When new investors sign up, invest, then that money is paid to pay the second wave of investors. Their website scheme will collapse when there are no more people read to be duped out of their money, and so when that happens, they founder has no money to pay out to anyone else. Most of the earnings will always be kept by the founder with some relatively few pay outs to their members. Its a heartless scheme that requires only that you have no moral in your being. ITS A SCAM SITE – THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

Should anyone have questions, or would like to report on and, are welcome to do so below where I will answer all questions and respond to all reports. As mentioned, all who are looking for a real way to earn online, without fear of being scammed, should check out my #1 Recommendation. That is all for now and thank you coming by. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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