EreMoney.Space – What Is EreMoney.Space, Scam or Legit?

By | September 14, 2018

EreMoney. Space, EreMoney. Bid and EreMoney. Site – Paid Advertising Viewing System Exposed!

I am glad you are doing your ‘due diligence’ and researching about EreMoney. Space, EreMoney. Bid and also EreMoney. Site. They are all the same. Review of one is a review of them all. So, those asking What Is EreMoney Space, Is Ere Money Space a scam, fraudulent, fake, dishonest run by cyber-crooks? Or is EreMoney good, real, genuine, legit Paid Advertising Viewing System online job for all? I am afraid, if you have been working on any one of the above sites, you have had your time grossly wasted! Below is my research to help you make up your own mind.

To save you time, I am of no doubt, all the above mentioned sites are nothing but scams. Long time running cyber-crooks Paid Advertising Viewing System since 2014. Many copies released every few weeks. Those really looking for legit online work may want to check out How to Earn with Your Own Website <<- Online Entrepreneurs Wanted! Or, get your free account HERE with Wealthy Affiliate – The #1 Online Platform for Work from Home Success.




All You Need to Know on EreMoney. Space, EreMoney. Site Including EreMoney. Bid.

EreMoney.Space Site

EreMoney. Space was created 08/08/2018. EreMoney. Site was set up 27/04/2018 and EreMoney. Bid was registered online 21/04/2018 and all their addresses are listed as PANAMA. Scammers address and I see it used all the time. They are all identical and run by the same scammer that has created 1440 of them in English per date of this post. As said, they release dozens of them every few weeks to replace ones that are shutting down. They always have surplus copies circulating the net and sometimes they will just lazily redirect to a new one when their URL gets a really bad name online. 

Naturally enough, the Founder is hiding down some cyber-net-rabbit-hole and so he/she/they have been making an absolute fortune, I imagine, these years since 2014 – free money 24/7 by scamming their own members. Below is their fake job offer, which, I don’t recommend you take part in since the creator(s) are just going to run away with all of the monies from your efforts, and since no one can locate their ID, they are getting away with this all the time.


Below will be a Q and A Style Format so you can skip and scan to your most interested info.

What are they exactly?

They are copied and pasted sites pretending to be legit and high pay out Paid to Click Sites or PTC Sites. All of their sites are the same by their wording, color, template, site errors, fake payout numbers and fake member names. Their TOS is in Russian as well which makes no sense if they really do not want to alert people like me online. There has not been one report of a payout online and this site only receives complaints and queries on how to cash out – you can’t! I will cover how that works soon enough.

Job Offer?

Get paid 10 cent a click and then fill out captcha. You must wait for the advertisement or website view to be finished before you account is credited those fake digital monies. Those fake monies are instantly credited to your account. Please watch out for fake YouTuber’s trying to show you how to cash out – you can try, but you will never get paid.

They claim you can make between $50 to $300 a day! That is bonkers for any PTC Site. They usually only pay you fractions of a cent for one click. It is very low pay and I even don’t recommend you work on any PTC Site, even those legit ones, because it takes too long to earn anything that is worth collecting. I have never earned a cent from any of these kinds of sites myself.

$4800 per month if you view 1000 ads! That is their job offer complete and of course no one is getting paid any of those earnings, I am sorry to say. Incidentally, they run an affiliate program but that is only for you to recruit new victims into their scheme – you will never receive any monies for that either, I will cover that below under how the scam works.



How the Scam Works.

EreMoney.Space Printing its Own Success

Founder having a Nervous Break Down Printing Money for Himself!!!

Theirs are a particularly nasty scam! You work up to your minimum cash out, if I can recall is about $150 or $300, anyways, that figure changes from site to site and is one of few differences between their many thousands. So, you reach the cash out point that can all too easily be achieved in one day or two. Then you are to fill out a form. Great! Form comes back and its going to take forever to verify (about 3 months) your earnings and clicks, its just rubbish. Then you see a convenient express cash out style form.

So, you fill that in, then they are asking you to pay them $10, $20 or $30 – whichever figure pops into their heads first, I guess. You may then see you are locked out of your account. That is all. The money you generated is nowhere close what is on your screen, however, those ads and clicks are for real third party websites. Those clicks will then have earned EreMoney. Space and all sites like them some money. Since they got thousands online, and yes I almost forgot, they come in Russian and German to, well they are scamming unimaginable numbers of people at any one point in time.

Any Cyber Threats to Watch Out For?

Unfortunately, they are not just after your money and work efforts. Should  you have supplied them with your legit email, PayPal, Bank Details, Home Address, Real Name then you got some actions to take. You need change your passwords to those accounts you have anywhere online. Ring your bank and check for suspicious charges going to unknown sources. 

Also, update your anti virus as they possibly could have downloaded some nasty malware to find your cached passwords in your browser. Never save your passwords to your browser and only keep them on a real world note pad like I do.

Big Data for SALE!

So, all those details on put onto a list. That list will have all the personal details phished out of you, and thousands like you, and dropped into the Deep Web. Now, that list is put up on an auction style site. The one that pays the most can have the list. So, that information is then used to try to scam you again in the future by other scammers. Selling this kind of Big Data, as its called, can net scam sites some serious and easy cash. Always do Google Searches for reviews on site where the money is too good to be true. 

The 40 Referrals Trick!

At Cash Out you will be asked, as well, to make 40 referrals in order to be eligible for your monies. You can check anywhere on their site, and no where does it say you have to do this. So, you go ahead and pull in 40 other people like family, friends and yes I even got reports of others being pulled in by their work mates. Awkward.

OK, now they will ask you for the cash. They want your money and after you make their membership grow so they got more work to do for themselves by scamming surplus members constantly. They will only shut down by being extensively exposed, like what I am doing now, and by good people sharing this article to help others online. Those that will – Thank You in Advance 🙂 .



Final Thoughts.

To recap, they get you to work for them for free. You are also manipulated into sharing your link to grow their member numbers. Monies is earned too fast for too easy work. Nowhere should you ever pay a cash out fee and is only a sign of a scam site. Also, if you find surprising criteria for cash out, that was not mentioned anywhere on a site, then that too is a good sign of a scam. Anyways, I am only expecting to see complaints in the comments section. Those STILLLLLL asking me is EreMoney a ScamYES!!! You skimmed too much haha.


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