What Is EpMoney.Host – Is EpMoney.Host Scam or Legit Job Offer Site?

By | November 9, 2018

What Is EpMoney. Host – The Full Truth On Their Paid Advertising Viewing System Russian Scam Network Exposed – YET AGAIN!

This article is going to fully answer for you What Is EpMoney. Host (www.epmoney. host). Is EpMoney Host fake, fraudulent, bad, dishonest, crooked and filled with malware or Is Ep Money Host good, safe, genuine, real, legit, honest and pays out to members? This EpMoney Review is warning you right now to stay away from any sites that look like theirs! ScamWitness.com has exposed 100’s of these sites such as ApMoney. ICU, EpMoney. ICU, ArMoney. Club, PenMoney. Club, to name a few. They are all identical! Below is my research on Ep Money to help keep you safe from them. Also, please report them in the comments section if they scammed you – thank you.

I know its beyond disappointing to hear this news and I know the feeling all too well. I ran into a few scam sites in the past myself and know what its like to have your time wasted, money scammed and get phished to bits! Not nice and actually its not something you want to be telling everyone because you feel too embarrassed. So, I would like you not to be embarrassed because of the fraudulent actions of others – they should be embarrassed and ashamed, not you. When we encounter too many scam sites then we become convinced there are no good ways to earn online. That is not true – there are tons of ways to earn online and every now and then I find one that delivers on their promise.

The first one I found was Wealthy Affiliate, who have been online for many years now and have made newbies into millionaires from their program. Of course, in my opinion, that is an exceptional result but also it really is dependent on your own hard work. So, without further delay and for those interested in real and proven legitimate online work, you can check out my #1 Recommendation at your leisure.



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What Is EpMoney. Host – You Will Never Again Fall For Their Scam Sites Tricks Again!

So, a review of one is a review of them all because they are all the same except in name and logo. Their Scam Network on the surface is called ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’. Their actual scam network name is ‘Webdengi’ – dengi is the Russian word for money. Their fraudulent paid to click sites have been conning people online since 2014. They cough-up about 50 sites every two weeks. This website has exposed 100’s of them watch daily for new releases. That is the short explanation to What is EpMoney. Host.

To prove to you that they are a scam site then you can follow me along the process I take to determine this. We begin by asking a reasonable question:- Who is the Owner of EpMoney. Host? All sites when they 1st register online have the option to leave their name, address of their business and contact info. Legit sites that offer work from home jobs do this all the time. Where these details are missing then we have a serious red flag issue and must continue to do more research.


EpMoney.Host Site

stay clear of www.epmoney. host



Not surprisingly to me there is no name attached to their site. Watch out for their support email of helenagillmore100@gmail.com – that email is linked to countless online scams and you will just be ignored or messed around by bots talking to you. Ultimately, it is of no help and you still won’t get paid.

You will see a table of members and paid out figures – that is all fake! Not one of their sites have ever made a provable payment to their members because they don’t pay out. This holds true for all of their scam sites and I have not received a single payment proof on any of the articles exposing them or on this websites You-Tube channel.

So, we have no online ID and no payment proofs – and still there is more to come.




How The Scam Works to Deceive You Out Of Money.

Minimum Cash Out is $300. Pay per day on average for 3 to five hours work is anywhere from $50 to $300. You are offered almost $5000 a month for clicking, filling a code of 1000 ads – all RUBBISH! You are to click on those ads and fill a code and then you receive 10c. That is at least 7c too high as the highest I see such sites pay out, when considered not yet turned to a scam as PTC sites mostly 99% turn into a scam in 1 or 2 years, but mostly these sites will only pay out fractions of a cent per click. These sites are so hard to earn money from that I rarely recommend you ever work on them.

OK, that is the money side of things, but there is also their referral offer. You are said to receive half your sign ups money from their work efforts when they sign up through our link. That is a lie. It is a lie when we consider that all people are told they will earn 10c per task and now where does that 5c you take come out of to make sure all people earn equally? It is not coming out of the scammers behind their sites and certainly not from the advertisers behind the ads. That there is another sign of a scam as their logic simply does not add up.

Cash Out Alert!

Once you apply for your earnings, earnings you can get in a matter of days to hours, you will find out a few things that are not mentioned on their site.

They will ask for $9 if you have not made them 40 sign ups. You can of course make them manually but what is $9 when you have already earned $100’s. 

They will ask for more money of around $19 to cash out your earnings. So do know any site that asks you money to cash out is more than likely a scam site. I have never witnessed a legit site do this and we can consider that another but highly glaring sign of fraud.

If their System Crashes, which I assure it does not, they may lie to you and say that your funds were somehow lost and that you must send that money. It is insane because that money has to go somewhere and so they just act like its somehow lost. Don’t pay it twice, better still, don’t give them a penny of your money. Its only another trick to steal cash off of you.

Once you pay or not it matters not because you won’t get your earnings. All accounts remain open and active, even if they ban you from your account, until their site shuts down. This is typically in 1 year, or sooner, and so that is when you will find your account deleted. Your personal data is probably being sold onto scammers who want your info for fraudulent purposes.

Do see the other reviews at the start of this article for additional data or check the comments, if any.










Final Thoughts.

Report these sites below in the comments section if you can spare a few moments of your time. Your reports will save so many from these scam sites and so it is important to help out with all of our online security. Thank you to those that will. They are a PTC scam site network and they are making a fortune from all of those clicked ads and filled out codes. They have now got 1667 of these sites in English (of which some have shut down but steadily being replaced always) and they also come in German and Russian. Those who find Russian and German copies are welcome to report them below.

Have any questions you would like answered on What Is EpMoney. Host? You are welcome to ask below in the comments section where I will be happy to respond to you. Don’t forget about the #1 Recommendation that really can show you how to earn in online business for the long term. With some investment of your time you really can make money online from a site you can be proud to have made yourself. Any questions on that I am happy to answer in the comments or you can see my review by clicking the banner below. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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