EpMoney.Fun – Is EpMoney.Fun Scam or Legit Paid to Click Job Offer?

By | October 20, 2018

What Is EpMoney. Fun – Full Report and Update on their Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam Network.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Congrats on Googling What Is EpMoney. Fun (www. epmoney. fun) – most don’t and so you have saved yourself some time and potentially money! Is EpMoney Fun fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked or is Ep Money Fun genuine, real, legit, good, honest? This EpMoney Review will let you in on their little secrets. To begin, there are thousands of this sites cloned and have been running since 2014 as a network. Recent copies have been released as of yesterday (see date of this post). Since they are all the same, then this is also a review of:- What Is EnMoney. Fun, What Is UtMoney. ICU, What Is YlMoney. Club, What Is IsMoney. Xyz, What Is AwMoney. Fun, What Is EgMoney. Fun, What Is OxMoney. Host, What Is IgMoney. Fun, What Is OlMoney. pw, What Is OgMoney. Fun, What Is AroMoney. Fun, What Is OpuMoney. Fun, What Is EraMoney. Club, What Is UtaMoney. Club, What Is IfMoney. Fun, What Is ElMoney. ICU, What Is UmMoney. Host, What Is UdMoney. Fun, What Is UxMoney. Host, What Is AmMoney. XYZ, What Is YcMoney. Fun, What Is AnMoney. ICU, What Is UdMoney. Host, What is OKMoney. XYZ, What Is UmMoney. Xyz, What Is AgMoney. Host, What Is IwMoney. pw, What Is AdMoney. ICU, What Is ErMoney. Xyz, What Is OgMoney. Fun, What Is EpMoney. Fun and also check out UhaMoney. Win <<- List of the Previous Batch of these sites.

This website has written on 100’s of these sites, along with other bloggers and You-Tubers, we have put a serious dent into their illegal earnings. I know this because more and more of their sites are shutting down sooner than ever before. There are now 1609 duplicates doing their best to waste peoples time, efforts and also money with their fake Paid to Click websites. There is a way to earn online without running into scams.

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EpMoney. Fun Review – The Full Exposé on What Is EpMoney. Fun!

Its pretty obvious by now that you know the answer on What Is EpMoney. Fun – they are a scam site, along with all the others. As said, a review of one is a review of them all as they are all the scam scam run by the same person or people. SO, and to be very clear, this article is also answering:- What Is ErMoney. Xyz, What Is OgMoney. Fun, What Is EpMoney. FunWhat Is YcMoney. Fun, What Is AnMoney. ICU, What Is UdMoney. Host, What Is OKMoney. XYZ,What Is EraMoney. Club, What Is UtaMoney. Club, What Is IfMoney. Fun, What Is ElMoney. ICUWhat Is OlMoney. pw, What Is OgMoney. Fun, What Is AroMoney. Fun, What Is OpuMoney. Fun, What Is UmMoney. Xyz, What Is AgMoney. Host, What Is IwMoney. pw, What Is AdMoney. ICU, What Is UmMoney. Host, What Is UdMoney. Fun, What Is UxMoney. Host, What Is AmMoney. XYZ, What Is AwMoney. Fun, What Is EgMoney. Fun, What Is OxMoney. Host, What Is IgMoney. Fun, What Is EnMoney. Fun, What Is UtMoney. ICU, What Is YlMoney. Club, What Is IsMoney. Xyz! These sites come in English, German and Russian copies.

Disturbingly, most if not all of the sites listed above, and in the link left in the intro, have variations i.e. .club, .icu, .club, .fun, .pw, .win, .info, .host etc. There are usually around 4 ‘dot’ domain extensions to all of their sites. You can Google anyone of those sites and you will probably see the exact name plus other sites with different ULR ‘.‘ EXTENSIONS. This is a rampant and very dedicated scam network. For that reason I personally check my online source daily for new online threats to help make others be aware of them. Should you have found 1 not listed then you are welcome to let us all know in the comments below.

Owner Information?

No matter how may times I check for owner information they continue to flout that most necessary listing of their name(s) of the ownership for these sites. Its away for these people or person to avoid big jail time. Owner, whoever you are, has never come forward not once in all the time this site has been reporting on their sites to refute a single word. This is common practice otherwise they would only verify the truth of these exposé’s. Anyways

EpMoney. Fun was created 19/20/2018 and they are shutting that one down in 2019 same date. These sites can shut down in weeks to months, all solely dependent on how exposed they get and complaints surface, and so this is why this article avidly seeks your complaints about anyone of their sites if you were scammed. This scam network comes from Russia, and if you look to their Terms and Conditions, its not unusual to see it in Russian. Scammers will leave clues, and if the unwary don’t recognize those clues, this tells the scammers that YOU are a Good ‘Mark‘ to take advantage of.

As expected, there is no founder name listed, no real world address or email attached to their website. Yo can go to their site and you may see a name of ‘Jemma Ricker’ – that is not a real persona but a name I see often in many of their Google Snippets. The Scam Network also goes by ‘WebDengi’ – ‘Dengi‘ is the Russian word for Money


You may also see on all or some of their sites an email address of helenagillmore100@gmail.com. Google that email and you will see a report stating that is attached to 100’s/1000’s of online scams in the past. Be warned.




How It All Works – The Scam Revealed.

Paid Advertising Viewing System PTC SCAM LIST

Now this article will show you the work on offer, the pay they offer – which of course is far too high and therefore fake, what happens at cash out and how they will try to scam you out of money. But also, there are hidden threats you really need to be aware of. All this will be listed in a Q&A Format for readability and to help you find your preferred information faster.

Are There Threats At Sign Up?

As soon as you walk in the door of their website you have already been phished. The sign up form requires your email address. Incidentally, it is a fake sign up form and you could just as easily put in a fake email address and still get access to their site – a reliable clue of a scam site – as legit sites don’t work like that, they will nearly always ask for email confirmation.

Most people will use the same email address for all accounts. Unfortunately, most people will also use the same password for all accounts online. Scammers know this and so if they get your main email address then they have the same password used at sign up for all of your online accounts. You simply need to change the passwords to your accounts, most importantly your Google+ account, and then you should be OK, if they have’t already hacked those accounts to steal all available personal info.

All personal information like your email address, name, DOB, bank details and anything of that you submitted to them is put onto a list. This list is then sold on for big money and is one way they are making quick and easy cash online.


Exactly, What Is The Work They Offer?

You sign up for free and you will see two options to earn.

  • Click ads and fill codes.
  • Share your referral link for 50% profits from all of your referrals earnings.


10c for clicking on an ad is not real and very high. The usual amount is only 3c, if you are lucky, but more usually just fractions of pennies. Work like this anywhere online is just a waste of your time. It can take weeks just to earn anything to cash out and maybe $10 a month. Its rare that it is higher, either event, you will put in full time working hours for money any sensible person would not work for offline.

Fill out captcha code to complete your earnings for that click to your account where it will appear in real time. Those are only digits on a screen and not real.

They say that some members are earning $4800 a month for clicking on average 1000 ads. That is nonsense. Since 2014, and from all of their sites in English, German and Russian, not a single report online has been made available of payments to any member. They are just using people to earn from all of those viewed ads. In these sites, even the advertisers are being ripped off as the audience clicking their ads are not interested to spend money to buy their products or services. Since practice accounts for about 36% of fake traffic to advertisers ads.

What Is The Minimum Cash Out?

Depends on which one of their sites you are on. Sometimes its $150 and other times its $300. Both thresholds are far too high. Some would say that even $100 to cash out it ridiculously too high. Sites will usually set this threshold to something more manageable of $10,$1, 1c etc. So those cash outs are only to make sure you make as many referrals to them as you possibly can.

Also, you can hit the minimum cash out in hours. That is not real.

How To Make 40 Referrals For Them?

This is something you should just stop and not bother with. When you try to get your cash they will ask you to have referred to them 40 people, if not, then do so to get your money. This is not mentioned anywhere on their site up to this point.

Or, they will offer to sell you those referrals for $9. That is just a way to earn some money from you fraudulently as those referrals as just bots or digits on your screen.

Once paid if you do then they now want around $19 to process your earnings. Again, that is just away to steal money from you. Should you complete all these payment tasks then you are locked out of your account.


These sites are suspected of downloading malware to your device. These nasty pieces of software are programmed to hunt down passwords, band details, home addresses, car registrations, DOB, names etc. That info, as mentioned can be sold, to either target you or make fake identities to make purchases in your name. Should you see unusual activity on your card then you need to contact your card provider immediately and explain the situation for preventative steps.


Below is a Review of AtMoney. Bid  – 1 of the Most Damaging of the sites, belonging to same owner as all ones above, Exposed on You-Tube.










Scammed By Any Of The Sites Listed? Report Them Below And All Other Sites You Suspect Or Have Done The Same To You – Thank You.






Final Thoughts.

That is a lot of bad news and for that I am sorry to be the one to break it to you. At least now you know and can move on. They will harvest your personal details for a profit. Manipulate 100’s to 1000’s of people to work for them for free. There are multiple cash out threats designed to gain money from you fraudulently. The people have no verification proof of having made any payments from any of these sites, past or present, no identity proof, no address for their ‘business’, no email support except 1 that is attached to a huge list of online scams. 

Those that have questions on EpMoney. Fun, or on any of their sites, are welcome to place them in the comments below. Certainly do report them if they have scammed you. Don’t forget about this websites #1 Recommendation to help anyone earn from home. Free to start so you have nothing to lose. In truth, anyone can do it and is a long term goal. However, once you have dedicated enough time and effort to your own online business, the long term financial benefits are long term, and sometimes – will pay you for life! Thank you all very much for stopping by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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