What Is EpicTapestry.com – Is EpicTapestry.com Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | April 2, 2019

Review on What Is EpicTapestry.com – Is EpicTapestry.com a Scam?

Thank you for ‘clicking’ on our review to find out What Is EpicTapestry.com found at www.epictapestry.com. Is EpicTapestry.com a scam, fraudulent, bogus and fake or Is EpicTapestry.com legit, safe, real, trustworthy? This short www EpicTapestry com Review is to show you how to do a background check on their site. 

We have come across a warning about ‘EpicTapestry’ on Facebook warning users that they are a fake site showing up in peoples news feeds. We can’t attest to the accuracy of that accusation, but, it did peak our interest enough to look into them ourselves.




www.epictapestry.com scam or legit? Please share what you know in the comments below – thank you.




Is EpicTapestry.com a Scam? – Customer Reviews Welcome In The Comments.

It is really easy to do a background check on any site online. Given that EpicTapestry.com is an online retail store then we should expect to see a real world address for their business, contact information, founder name and also when they registered their site. 

Where this info is missing or fake then we should always look for reviews. Where we do not find reviews, then the first place you check, after the above of course, is their prices. Where you see huge reductions on most goods then that is a solid sign of a scam site.

So we go to WHOIS and we can see that their site was registered in 2017/11/20 and they have registered their domain name for just 2 years.

2 years in human terms is a long time but not for Google regarding websites. That is only the start of any business online and usually when an honest site takes off big time, if at all.

So we also see that their sites address is nothing but a PO BOX from PANAMA. That is not legit and so for me personally would put me on high alert for now.

Another thing that has me worried is they have not listed their founders name and also there is no contact information when they registered their site.

It could be the founder wishes not to be spammed. But really, when you are running an online business this missing information looks suspicious, especially when, you expect other people to hand over their payment information.

Within their site we see they have an email address of support@epictapestry.com. In their CONTACT US section they speak very unprofessionally to their customers. We never expect weird statements like:-


Having a question or concern? Feeling lonely or just want to talk?

Their own business address should be clearly displayed, along with founder and phone number. We none of this. These are typically considered scam signs and so you should consider carefully if they are scam or legit.




Final Thoughts.

On a positive note they appear not to have all too apparent complaints online. We will wait for your reports of your experiences with this website before casting our verdict on whether they are scam or legit.

Where or if we get too many scam reports on them then we will have no choice to place them in our List of Internet Scammers.

That is all on our very short review about What Is EpicTapestry.com and we hope you in the comments if indeed you have been duped out of your own cash.

Where many reports on a site exist then we can help each other know the truth on the great number of e-stores online.

Over to you…



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