What Is ‘EmeraldBux’ – Is EmeraldBux.com Scam or Legit?

By | March 4, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘EmeraldBux’ Here – The EmeraldBux. com Review.

Need to know What Is ‘EmeraldBux’ at EmeraldBux. com? Is ‘EmeraldBux’ a scam, fraudulent, crooked, deceptive or is EmeraldBux. com legit, real, safe, genuine and paying out? This www.emeraldbux. com review is going to show you why they are not legit in this review and only a scam. Those that have had their time wasted are welcome to report them below this article in the comments to help warn others. 

This kind of Paid to Click is notoriously a useless way to earn anything substantial online. I do not recommend these programs anymore because of the time consuming efforts relative to the extremely low pay outs. Even to earn $10 in one month is not possible for most people. Typically most people will try them out for a few days, get frustrated, and leave what little earnings they generated to the website. This line of work in general is practically a scam in my view.




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What Is ‘EmeraldBux’ About – EmeraldBux. com Exposed!

So please be kind to yourself and do not work on sites that offer this low paying out type of Paid to Click work. If it was a great form of generating an income the entire ‘Internet’ would collapse for the too many good reports to be received. Even I personally have spent far too many hours filling out surveys, and then, they say I do not qualify after five minutes, 10 and yes even 18 minutes worth of survey filling!

There is no come back! Even when you fill out the survey successfully then sometimes there will be a convenient ‘glitch’ where you will not be paid, at times. I have tried most PTC platforms and I do not endorse any of them whatsoever. Not anymore.



www.emeraldbux. com is not trustworthy!



We are going to show you why we know 100% why they are not legit and can’t be trusted in this review. We begin by doing a standard background check on their site that anyone can learn to do in minutes.

‘Emerald Bux’ Scam-Monitoring Background Check.

  • First we find out what is ‘Emerald Bux’ registration date for site. 2018/03/20 and registration ends in 2021 same date. What business that offers people to earn from home would register their opportunity for such a low length of time? That is our first clue that something maybe wrong here.
  • It is typical that legit offers will register for many years down the road, and they do. However, there are times the founders of sites will register for little time to measure level of success relative to time and effort. Expect to spend between 2 to 5 years online before true success is achieved – if you are consistent.
  • So now we see that 1 or 2 years is not a good sign. Even when such sites are paying out to begin with, even after 1 or 2 years, they can go ‘scam’. 99% of these kinds of site are not legit and so you must beware of them and stay clear if you do not want your time wasted for little pennies to too few dollars a few for your own efforts.
  • I believe your time is worth more than that – don’t you?
  • Their address inside WHOIS is not theirs and is an address known as a proxy address. This hides their sites real location. We have no founder name and also there is no good information of this kind on their own site. So we are in essence working for an unknown ‘boss’ with unknown intentions? NOT GOOD!




‘EmeraldBux’ ‘Work’ And Scam Signs.

  • It is free to every one to sign up to their site. You will find that it is 10c per click. That is the first thing I have seen and actually 10c is far too high. Where sites like this do pay out they only ever pay out 100ths of a cent! Lucky if you found work that pays you 3c a cent. So 10c just for someone ‘clicking’ on your links is not real.
  • When someone clicks on your link it actually generates no revenue. Unless you go to a site that loads ads, then you will see, that is one way that site is earning some income. 10c is not possible and I would love to hear of any site that is actually and really paying out such a figure.
  • If you UPGRADE then it is further unreal at 50c a click! That can never be true for reasons already stated.
  • It seems when your referrals referrals get ‘clicks’ then you get 1c from that as commission. So how then can your referral get 10c per click? This would meant that the platform ends up paying out 11c per click and not 10c? See how this logic is breaking down with their offer?
  • There  is no Date at the bottom of their site. That is highly unusual and something that we can consider a scam sign.
  • In their FAQ’s section we can see that their English is a little bit off. That is another scam sign as professional sites that offer work from home jobs would not let bad grammar occur.
  • The whole work offer is to click on ads, view those ads until the task bar is 100%, and then complete captcha. They make some small earnings from all completed tasks here but they will not and do not share this revenue. 
  • In truth they are benefiting from a free and unwary work force. They are trying to manipulate people to make them tons of referrals and so they are getting even more free labor. All fake earnings are tallied up in your account in real time.
  • There is a contradiction in their FAQ’s where they say once you upgrade you can earn up to 5c per click. I thought it was 10c a click? Contradictions is a good sign that you are on a fake site. Watch out for them as they could save you from a false site in the future.




‘Ug’! Is There Another Way To Earn Online That Is NOT A Scam?!


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Final Thoughts.

So the answer on What Is ‘EmeraldBux’ is that they are a scam so stay clear of EmeraldBux. com! We are not the only ones to say this about that site and so continue your research if you do not believe us. The fact you are even here reading this may show you have had problems with getting paid? Those scammed are welcome to report them below to help alert others. Thank. Looking forward to your comments to come. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers!

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!








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