Beware of ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ ‘Banker’ Email – 419 Advanced Fee Fraud Email!

By | March 18, 2019

‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ ‘Banker’ Email – Phishing and Advanced Fee Fraud Alert! – Also, What Is

Welcome to! Did you recently get an email from a ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ claiming to be a ‘banker’ claiming to split a percentage of millions of dollars with you? Who Is ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ anyways? Is the ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ email a scam, a fraud attempt, phishing attempt, advanced fee fraud scam, ‘419’ trick? Is this email legit, safe, genuine, real and trustworthy? Also, we will answer What Is scam connection.

Those contacted by this merchant of deception, and actually handed over payment information to, should really contact your payment provider right now. There is no way, no matter how ‘grandiose’ or believable the reasons whey they are contacting you, is some random internet stranger going to ‘magically’ pick you out and share millions with you.

Below is a real example email sent to us so you may compare the email possibly you received. The amount of dollars to be shared seems to vary from email to email.

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Is ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ (the ‘Banker’) Email Real or Fake? Warning for

This is an old money scam that goes way back to the 16th century where Spanish Prisoners would sent out many letters to homes globally. They would say they were falsely imprisoned and they know where there is hidden treasure. If you would send them some cash to bribe the guards then they will split the treasure with you. This worked! And so it became popular during the 90’s and became known as the ‘Nigerian Scam’, or, ‘419 Scam’. And this is simply a variation this so called ‘banker’ called ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ is trying to do

This is where cyber-crooks will or may ask for a fee, for whatever the reasons maybe, payable by you to release huge sums of free cash. While they are not offering ‘treasure’ they do offer huge sums of cash. The idea is nearly the same. This scam became so bad flooding out of Nigeria that it was responsible for 2% of the countries GDP.

So bad has it got that the countries legislatures had to make an article in law which they labeled as, you guessed it, ‘Article 419’.


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What Is!

What Is!



See Below Our Email Received From ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ – The Scam Email:-


As you can see the email is We simply Google that email address and we see that has it on a scam list. <- That is the link to that article as proof. So now we know without doubt we are dealing with a real scammer. The email sent to us at our sites support email and is typical of many we receive on regular basis. So fed up now that I have decided to try to expose every last one of them. 

Fraudsters will not use their actual real name and so we can say that ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ is not their real name. 

We can also see that they are asking for our full name, full home address, our phone number, age and our occupation. That is enough information to generate fake ID in your name, take out some loans and even get credit in your good name. 



How The Scam Works – Expanded Answer.

  • We can see that the scammer wants us to believe that the depositor of $30 million dollars has sadly passed away. In this event he wants to share that money with me into my bank account. That is 40% for me and 60% for him. This is absolute nonsense and I get many emails offering this scam to me.
  • The link within the email appears to lead to a fake BBC page. There we can see that there is a news article on some kind of tragedy, as if to convinces us the depositor has really passed away. That site is called I am suspicious of it.
  • Within that site we have links that do appear to lead to the actual BBC website.
  • We can also see how non-relevantly the cyber-crook leads us from sharing $30 mill to a story at the BBC. Where nonsensical statements are encountered then this is another sign that you maybe dealing with a deceptive site and or person.
  • Once you hand over all of your personal information it is very likely they will ask you for some cash. It maybe a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It will be significantly smaller than the sum said to be shared with you and so it may not seem so much.
  • However, once you pay then you may never hear from such fraudsters again. Do not let these people play on human greed as there is no such thing as free money unless you win the lottery or get it as part of inheritance. Otherwise, you have to work for your pay.
  • Scammers will or may also harvest your personal information. This information may be put onto a list that is sold online to the highest bidder. This typically happens on the Deep Web on auction sites. Scammers may hold onto this data (called data harvesting) for years before selling them on.
  • Cyber-crooks can make big and easy money from selling on such information, and even if yo do not give them any cash, this is almost a ‘fail-safe’ to earning ‘something’ from your communication with them.





Final Thoughts.

I am of no doubt that the real email sent to us above is an attempt to phish and defraud its receipients. To most it is an obvious scam. However, to others, the temptation to think it real may lead to some problems.

Those that have had experience interacting with the fraudulent sender of this email are welcome to let us know below. 

Those that have other examples of email frauds are welcome to alert us to that as well. Actually, anyone that  has any information on any suspected online scam are welcome to report in the comments below, or select either image link below to report to.

That is all on the fake, fraudulent and certainly not legit ‘Mr Ahmed Khan’ ‘Banker’ Email Scam. Looking forward to hearing from everyone concerning this email. This email scam is going into our List of Internet Scammers below.


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