What Is Ellicse.com – Is Ellicse.com Scam or Legit? Our Review

By | April 2, 2019

Review on What Is Ellicse.com – The Ellicse.com Review.

Welcome to our quick review on What Is Ellicse.com at www.ellicse.com. Is Ellicse com a scam, fraudulent, fake or is ‘Ellicse’ legit, safe, real and trustworthy? This www Ellicse com Review has some concerns about this site. Already we have found 1 other copy of this website using the same email address.

There is at least one report online saying that the prices are too-good-to-be true and calling them a scam. What has your experience been?. The following research is sourced online and is to help you decide if they are a scam or indeed a legit and safe site to buy bikes from.




www.ecllicse.com scam or legit e-store?



What Is Ellicse.com About?

So we begin to try to find out What Is Ellicse.com by asking who the founder is, where are they based as a business and contact information. This is an important step as legit and honest sites will make this info available without problems.

However, there are people who run e-stores legitimately that do not need to leave this info. This is where they are making commissions from third party vendors products. Where this is so then there should be a disclosure detailing this information.

Where this is not explained then such sites may leave them selves open to be called a scam site.

So Ellicse.com was registered online in 2019/01/04 and only for a mere year have they registered their site for. That is suspicious as they would have to make or source the products, set up their own logistical procedures, and also they would have other overheads to pay for.

So, why then register for just one year online? 

They are using a proxy address which has the effect of hiding where they are really operating out of. This address of 1928 E. Highland Ave, AZ is being used by many other online sites.

We see that on their own site they have not left a founder name, business address and only a contact email of admin@topservice4u.com.

Familysinc.com is also another site that is nearly identical. They too are selling bikes but also other products as well. They are linked in Google search returns by the same email address.

How can two seemingly separate businesses be using the same address? Of course that is impossible and so these sites that are using that email address are owned by the same unknown operator.




Final Thoughts.

What has your experience been with the site in question? You are welcome to leave your own information in the comments below to help others in their own research.

Where reports are too many complaining about the site just covered in this short review then they will go into our List of Internet Scammers.

That is all on What Is Ellicse.com and looking forward to discussing the nature of this site further.

You may view the report about this site we have located online HERE.



8 thoughts on “What Is Ellicse.com – Is Ellicse.com Scam or Legit? Our Review

  1. Shopper

    I ordered from Foshiana selling air conditioners. Showed up as MOBZEI.com on my credit card. Went to that site and they don’t even sell ACs. E-mail address is admin@topservice4u.com. So I quess I got scammed too. I thought is looked fishy. Should have gone with my gut. Have email out to credit card company. I don’t know what will happen there. This is my first time falling for this. Won’t buy again unless I can use paypal. that is safe.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your report here. Will look into Mobzei.com and Foshiana.com in a few days. Thanks again.

  2. Bruce Johnson

    I believe it’s a scam. Took my order for a bike and my money. No confirmation email and I can’t login at Ellise.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks for letting us know Bruce. If nothing arrives then of course put info or a refund. You are welcome to let us know how this situation resolves.

  3. tewfik hamidi

    I ordered a bike from this website. never got an order confirmation email. few days later, my credentials couldn’t work. my loggin and pass code where not recognized. I contacted them asking about my order, never responded.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Tewfik,

      Thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day for your Ellicse.com Customer Review / Scam Report / Complaint. Very to sorry to hear about this.

      If this situation persists then perhaps consider putting in for a refund from your payment provider, of which, you are most welcome to let us know how that resolves.

      Thanks again Tewfik. ~ Philip.


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