What Is ElleZarra.com – Is ‘ElleZarra’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | April 2, 2019

Our Quick Review on What Is ElleZarra.com – The ‘ElleZarra’ Review.

Hello and welcome to our review on What Is ElleZarra.com at www.ellezarra.com. Is ElleZarra com a scam, fake, bogus, dishonest or Is ‘EllaZarra’ Legit, safe, real, trustworthy and genuine? This ‘Elle Zarra’ Review is going to do a very quick check on this site to see if they are scam, legit or not recommended. 

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave those reviews in the comments below this article. This forum is open to those that have concerns, questions, stories about the site in question so do make good use of it.




www.ellezarra.com scam or legit e-store?




What Is ElleZarra.com about – Fake or Safe?

So in order to get more clarity on What Is ElleZarra.com we need to do a swift background check that takes only five minutes. You may follow along and apply these steps to every site you come across that you are not sure of. Where we find little scam reports online, or information in general, these steps could be the difference between losing cash or not.

We go to WHOIS and type in their site name, in this case, ‘ellezarra.com’. Hit ‘enter’. You will see the attached site information like date of site registration, founder name, business address and contact information. 

Where sites are not legit then we could see a fake address (a proxy address), no founder name, no contact info, no address or a fake one or an incomplete one.

In this case we should then look within their site for this information. If that information is not present there then we should use caution until more is known about such sites, if there is little online about them.

Their site was registered online in 2018/08/12 and for 1 year. 1 year online is very short indeed for a website business. Where do you see businesses opening up in the real world with the intention for such a short lease?

So that is considered a little suspicious because it follows the scam pattern of fake sites.

But, it could also be that the founder is opening a new business and wants to see how that fairs online before re-registering again.

Within their website there is no contact information like a phone number, business address, email address I can not find and only a contact form.

This means there could be people that have handed over payment information to a site where we have no way to determine who the owner is. Does that sound right and the kind of thing anyone should do?






Final Thoughts.

We have decided to wait for reviews before coming to a correct and accurate determination about this site. We have spotted one online complaint but that hardly is enough to call them a scam site.

Those with information are welcome to place that in the comments below this article.

That is all on What Is ElleZarra.com and looking forward to hearing from you and others. If reports of a negative nature are too many then we will place them in our sites List of Internet Scammers.

Over to you…



7 thoughts on “What Is ElleZarra.com – Is ‘ElleZarra’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Laura

    This company is a scam!!! I received my order and 5 out of the 6 items I received were damaged. One broken zipper, one must of been worn before stretched out, a medium dress that should actually been labeled a xxl men’s size. The fabrics are not what the say on the website. Some of the clothes no tags different fabric color. One shirt was supposed to be 95% cotton 5% spandex but was actually 97% polyester 3% spandex. Also everything smelled like cigarette smoke. Shipping was terrible. Was supposed to be delivered in 8-15 days and it arrived in 31 days. I complained to the company the day I received my order. They told me I could return the order or sell it on line myself. When I said I wanted to return it they responded by saying they would refund me $14 (I spent$136 on my order) and give me 15% off my next order!!!! Also told me that it would cost me more to mail it back to them than the order was worth. Complete scam!! I files complaints with my credit card company and pay pal cause they are impossible to deal with. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM ELLEZARRA! Also all their reviews are all positive, no negative and you cannot leave a review on their web site. So fake reviews!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      WOW! That is a lot to be damaged. Put in for a refund in this event. Thank you for your warning and I know it will help others make up their own minds Laura.

    2. Kelly

      I agree…same experience with their crappy clothes! Everything was shoddy, cheap and not sized correctly. I just shot them off an e-mail telling them I want to return all $236 of the items I bought. I am nervous I am going to get screwed! It also took forever to get my order and not even all of it is here yet! I don’t even want the other items at this pint! CRAPPY COMPANY, CRAPPIER RETURN POLICY! NEVER AGAIN will I buy anything from them!

  2. Kim

    Ellezarra – Most horrible shopping experience. Clothes are not what they appear online. The company told me I could return anything that didn’t work. However, when I tried to return the clothes, they told me it wasn’t worth the cost of return shipping and they would just give me a discount on my next order. Terrible company! I also paid for express shipping, and clothes have not showed up a month later.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Kim for being the very first person to kick-start this forum. Your ElleZarra.com Customer Review is gratefully accepted. You can put in for a refund if this situation persists and feel welcome to let us know how it all turns out anytime.

    2. Kelly

      Horrible company! Read my review above! I could go on and on! I’d be curious to know where they are based? And how many slave children workers they have attempting to sew these clothes together. Mine were awful…the lines were all over the place and random pieces of string hanging all over. Don’t spend one penny on their clothing! BEWARE!!!!!!!!


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