What Is Elfari.Biz – Is Elfari.Biz Scam or Legit Investment Program?

By | September 10, 2018

What Is Elfari.Biz and Can You Really Trust Them?

The answer to What Is Elfari.biz (www.elfari.biz) is simply that they are a HYIP site. They make claims of investing in yachts, splitting the difference between wholesale and retail prices with their investors, where you can expect daily percentage their profits. Those asking is Elfari biz real, good, honest, genuine or is Elfari fake, a Ponzi Scheme, dishonest, bad? This Elfari Biz Review will answer all of those questions. To save you time here I will say they are a scam site. I don’t see any evidence of them having to do anything with yachts. They are not registered, by any proof they have provided, and claimed to have been operating for some time. Below is all the reasons I believe, as my personal opinion, they may not be legitimate guys.

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What Is Elfari.Biz, Owner, Investment Offer and What their Business Model Exposed.

Elfari.Biz Site

You already know what I think about their site and so the answer to What Is Elfari.Biz is that they are running a Ponzi Scheme. Another name is HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and both business models are not legal. More on this later. For now, let us try to find out who people are handing money over to for ROI.

Elfari Biz was set up on the 31/07/2018. The address given is Panama. Their founders name is not listed. This information is freely available at WHOIS where websites are registered under their respective hosting providers. 

They claim they have offices in the UK, Denmark, Montenegro, Greece, Australia, Turkey etc and yet they have not supplied a legit address to confirm any of these locations. There is no company registration details provided either at WHOIS or at their site. Ultimately, no one knows who the real owner of Elfari is. Should the founder see this review, and disagree with me because I have got his/her site all wrong, then please do just correct me going forward. I simply wish to warn newcomers to investments of this nature of the risks.

Affiliate Program.

Their Affiliate Program runs 3 levels deep. You earn 5% commissions on all you refer. They refer someone and then they also invest then you receive 2% and 1% for the next level. Personally, I have never heard of a yacht company doing this kind of referral affiliate commissions program before and is another clue we are dealing with something other then the sale of yachts.

How they Generate Money.

Those that sign up and invest will then sit back and hope to receive their returns per investment levels. The investment levels are only two and they are ‘Yachting’ and ‘Regatta’. ‘Yachting’ nets you 125% Total Profit in 10 days, and then they say, you get 25% Net Profit in the same time period. Honestly, their figures just don’t add up to me. ‘Regatta’ nets you 175% Total Profit, and right below that, they say your Net Profit is just 75%. Is it me? Or are those figures just confusing? Anyways, moving on…

Where does the Revenue Come From?

This company makes their money solely from investors. I don’t see any documentations they have anything to do with yachts etc. So, when you sign up, make your investment then others will have to do the same and this is how you get your returns. There is no sale of anything that is physical or any digital products. Most of the money will just be kept by the Founder while paying a few payments to members here and there to generate legit payment proofs. On their site, however, I was unable to locate such payment proofs.

These kinds of business models are absolutely notorious for collapsing at any time! I once did a review of a new Ponzi Scam site that had only been up a few weeks. Next day, that site was gone! LOL!! While they have registered for just one year online, when the founder has either been sufficiently exposed thus reducing sign ups, or has made enough money, then they will just shut down their site and start up a new one. Thousands of these kinds of sites are set up daily. 

Best Time To Invest?

Have you not been listening hehe, you really should not be investing in these kinds of illegal operations. However, I know some of you will want to know this. Those too tempted should know that the best time to invest is the first two to four weeks of their time online. After that time period the founder will become greedy and the scam all to apparent. Of course, I don’t advise you do invest and advise you seek out other research as well if you are not satisfied with the information herein this article.

Who Will Get Scammed the Most?

Newbies! Experienced HYIP investors will know a few things that newcomers may not. For instance, the age of the site, withdrawals are not too low relative to deposits. Then such people will make some investment and then their chances of earning are pretty good.

Newcomers may go a little crazy with investment and tend to lose thousands on these kinds of investment programs. This happens because the founder may pay them some profits and try to entice further and larger sums of investments. Should you have already earned the I advise you walk away now.

Is it Legal to Invest in these Programs?

Yes – and – No! The law around investing Ponzi Schemes is a little weird to me. Well, if you joined and invested and earned then you keep your earnings. This is only true if you DID NOT KNOW it was a Ponzi Scheme. Also, in order to keep your earnings you MUST NOT HAVE PROMOTED YOUR AFFILIATE LINK i.e. pulled in other innocent members. It is very illegal to set up Ponzi Scheme as well and I know in the EU you would be looking at 12 years jail time if caught. Nasty schemes that have fleeced whole communities, and lets say you heavily promoted that scheme online, then the law may chase you down for that. It just all depends on how damaging each individual scheme is. However, don’t panic, that is only in extreme cases.

Those that have shared their affiliate can simply alert your networks by sharing this article to help them stay clear or not to invest at all.

Can You Get Back Your Money?

No usually. I did receive a comment on my website sometime ago that a gentleman simply asked another Ponzi Site for his money back. Unbelievably, they gave it back to him. So, that is worth a go. You can contact PayPal, your Bank and alert them if you have unwittingly invested in any kinds of these false schemes. I mean, if Elfari really was selling Yachts and as big as they claim to be, surely we all would of seen some kind of T.V. ads etc. I don’t see a digital trail online that proves their claims. 


Report all scam sites and suspicious emails at:- scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. Check the comments for additional data, if any.



Final Thoughts.

I believe Elfari is not what they claim to be for reasons mentioned above. There is only evidence of investing in the hope others will invest to. I am not the only site online calling Elfari a HYIP, which is just a  nicer way of saying, they are a Ponzi Scheme. As made clear above, Ponzi Schemes are illegal and I ASSURE YOU very cruel scams to fall for. Those that were scammed are welcome to report them below in the comments or contact me personally by the email provided above.


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Have questions on What Is Elfari.Biz? Need help to make money online? You may ask me any questions you please relating to the info herein. On the second one, you may read What Are Some Ways To Earn Money Blogging and how it is more than possible to start up your own online business without a sign up fee. Looking forward to all of your comments to come below. Take care for now.

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4 thoughts on “What Is Elfari.Biz – Is Elfari.Biz Scam or Legit Investment Program?

  1. Naomi

    Thank you so much for the info.
    Please I’d like to know if Appcoiner,niceus.net and super forex are scam sites.
    Thank you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I will get right on to them and let you know Naomi – Thanks for your question here and also you are most welcome and I really do appreciate your comment here. Great to see this article fulfilling its intent. 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Again Naomi,

      AppCoiner appears to be legit. I looked for reviews and here is one by another site https://learntogrowwealthonline.com/is-appcoiner-a-scam/ . I have not reviewed the app but since the job has been done by another there is not a point for me to do so. I do hope that article helps in your decision process about appcoiner.

      Regarding NiceUS.Net, oh that is a pure scam site! I reviewed one of their other identical sites but different names and you may read about one of them CALLED MYRISE.NET! You will immediately see how they are completely identical as they have same layout, same color, same offer, wording, scam process and only difference is the site name. So a review of one is a review of them all. I will check is NiceUS.Net has been exposed by another, and if not, I will be happy to do that. Nice catch Naomi 🙂 .

      As for Super Forex, I found a superforex. com. One review was bad on them. You may read that review HERE . However, TrustPilot.com out of 21 reviews has given Super Forex 8.6/10!! So, there is reviews there for you to read and decide for your self. I will pass on this particular one to a college of mine who knows more on Forex than myself. I will keep you informed on that one when I know more.

      Thanks Again Naomi for your questions here today.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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