What Is Elepantate.com – Is Elepantate.com Scam or Legit? – Reviewed.

By | January 25, 2019

Find Out Here What Is Elepantate.com Before You Get Scammed by Elepantate!

Thank you for ‘clicking’ here and now you will know for sure What Is Elepantate.com at www.elepantate.com. Is Elepantate com a scam, fake, crooked, fraudulent or Is Elepanate legit, good, real, safe, hones, genuine and trustworthy? This Elepantate Review is to alert you to avoid that site. Those already scammed need to contact your payment provider to dispute the charges and cancel your card. They are after your cash and personal info. Please take a moment to leave your scam reports here to help someone else avoid that site.

Don’t feel too bad if you were scammed. They are scamming potentially 1000’s of people with their other sites! Yes, that is right. They have tons of other identical sites. So please do stay clear from EscanyCare.comMjKiu.com,OnlineGoodBooks.icuConglide.comVsTroll.comInnovStylish.comSurprise.ShoppingSurpriseShopping.com, Ofun.StoreShopingLily.comYouthForSome.com, BalmllJucy.comSkying.icu,NuxtFit.com,InovGoods.com,ShopMyBest.com1SuperShop.comMoreRate.com,  MyLoveGoods.comEasious.comOnsuathyMealle.com,SetComing.comMySuperGoodss.com,LucuryBuy.com, SuperGoMall.com, Neoiu.com,Morderneo.comCoolerones.com and still there are more to be exposed. Almost all of their sites are identical. Even found some that don’t look alike at all but have the same verbiage in their about us section – dead giveaway!


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Elepantate.com Scam Alert Warning.

So you know now that Elepantate.com is not good and that you should stay away from www.elepantate.com. And you also have the knowledge contained in their other reviews above as proof that this article speaks to you from a place of truth. They are shutting down some older sites now and opening new ones for the year ahead. Some last the full year depending on popularity and a lack of scam reports. So your scam reports help keep the net a safer place, because when a site gets too many of them, they shut down due to a lowered earnings potential.


Elepantate.com REVIEW

Don’t shop online at www.elepantate.com!


  1. They registered that copy of the site in 2018/12/29 and only for a year is all they have decided to register that domain name. That is nonsensical because legit sites that sell will normally register for many years into the future. So one year is a scam sign and a well known one that follows the scam pattern of fraudster sites. They can even shut down weeks after setting up and really there is no way of knowing when. They do so even without warning therefore leaving their many unwary customers stranded for their orders. Always look up for reviews on any site you don’t know or is new.
  2. Incredibly we live in an age where we can send man to the moon but we can’t get hosting providers, and social media platforms, TO STOP HOSTING THOSE SCAM ADS AND SCAM SITES!!! Go figure. So, they have no founder name listed and there is no email for support at registration. These are all typical signs of a fraudster operating to hide their true identity.
  3. Their address is already being used by 100’s and potentially 1000’s of online scam sites. And so clearly they can’t be from that location. Their network I believe is from China which is a scam monitoring point to watch out for. You may see the other reviews if you wish to see more details in this area or go to WHOIS and find out all these details.
  4. Heading to their site and then we can see if they have left any information for contact, owner name and where they are from. And of course we don’t get anything really. There is no founder name, email is service.elepantate@gmail.com.
  5. There s a phone number and that is 1-626-456-6688. That number is being used by most of their other sites and so it cant be theirs or they own all those other scam sites, and of course, we already know they do.
  6. Their address I see several times a day, and even by other scam networks, and so it can’t be theirs. Actually, except for their email address that probably does not even work, everything they have presented is all lies. Always Google addresses, emails, numbers etc and see what comes up. Many times you will find other scam sites connected to such information. That address is 2.27 Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. Stay away from sites that have that address.
  7. Identical sites, that are not disclosed to each sites traffic, is another well known scam sign. SO now there are so many people unaware they have been snared into a major online scam network.
  8. Bottom left of their site you will see that they are saying their site started back in 2010. Another lie. We already know they started late 2018 and so that is only to make you trust them a little more so you are tilted into making a purchase. All of their sites say the same date and another thing that further proves they are not legit and only defrauding for their cash.
  9. If they send anything out to you it may be shoddy, and actually, maybe so worthless that such goods could only be worth a few dollars.
  10. They do not own the images presented to their traffic. Scam sites like this will typically take any images they see online to put up on their own site. That is to present those images to pretend that is what you are getting. Only then when you purchase and receive your order will you know they are not legit.
  11. SO NOW I hope you see that you should not buy from that site, and all of their other sites, and I hope you really let them have it in the comments below. Where there exist many scam reports online about a scam network then maybe the authorities might begin to do something about them.






Elepantate.com Scam Reports And Reviews Are Welcome In The Comments Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

They are not to be trusted and hopefully this article helps huge numbers to save their cash. All shares will go a long way to help other people who are currently snared by any of their sites. They are now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please don’t forget to report them below – thanks guys.

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That is all on What Is Elepantate.com and I hope this review was of use to you. Any questions? You are welcome to ask them below where I always respond to comments in good time. Those with reports about other sites are welcome to report them here also. Thanks for stopping by and take of yourselves 🙂 .


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