What Is ElectronisMostr.me – Is ElectronicsMostr.me Scam or Legit? Review

By | April 2, 2019

Our Review On What Is ElectronicsMostr.me – Is ‘ElectronicsMostr Me’ Fraudulent or Real? Scam Alert!

Welcome to this review discussing What Is ElectronicsMostr.me at www.electronicsmostr.me. Is ElectronicsMostr Me fraudulent, a scam, fake or Is ‘Electronics Mostr Me’ legit, safe, real, genuine and trustworthy? This www ElectronicsMostr Me Review is a scam alert and we are already saying they are not legit or safe. Those with customer reviews are welcome to report them below. 

Those with reports on other suspected Scam Sites are welcome to Report Them Here or any comments section within our website. We have given you the answer quickly to save you time. However, those inquisitive as to why they are not safe are of course welcome to read our research below and decide for yourself.




ElectronicsMostr.me Review – Report Them Below In The Comments!

So we have done some research to answer on What Is ElectronicsMostr.me and it is imperative you report them below to help others avoid their site. There are other sources online posting warnings about them as well. We will begin our own research to ask who the owner is, where their business located, contact information and also when they registered their website.




www.electronicsmostr.com is a scam!



Registration date for their site was in 2019/03/26 and one year is all they have done so for. 1 year registration is considered suspicious as why would a business only want to register for just 1 year? That is a sign of a hit-and-run scam site. 

However, it could also indicate a founder that wants to see how their new business fairs online for that time period with the option to renew. 

No founder name within WHOIS (or within their site) which keeps a record of all websites registration attached information. Anhui, CN (China), is all they have left for their business address. Incomplete addresses is a bad sign. Why would they not leave their full real address? 

Heading to their website we see that there is no contact information at all. Only a contact form and an email address of cs6@customerservicehome.com. That email is being used by many other fake online stores as well and is well reported on as being part of a scam network online.

I see cameras on their own website at $180 reduced to about $50 – plus there is FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY for orders over $50!!


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Final Thoughts.

This is so obviously a scam that any more information within this article is a waste of time. They have listed no information about where they are sourcing their products from. Where they are located as a business. No founder name.

Prices are far too-good-to-be-true.

Those scammed by that site are welcome to report them below in the comments to help warn others.

That is all on What Is ElectronicsMostr.me and I hope to hear from you and others in the comments. They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers.


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