What Is ElectronicScores.Shop – Is www.electroniscores.shop Scam or Legit?

By | April 28, 2019

Find Out What Is ElectronicScores.Shop – Our ‘ElectronicScores Shop’ Review.

Full Points to you for looking for reviews on What Is ElectronicScores.Shop! They are a scam!! So your answer on Is ElectronicScores Shop a scam, fraud, dishonest and untrustworthy, or Is ‘Electronic Scores Shop’ safe, real, legit and real? Our review has given you your answer fast to save you time. Below is our reasons why you must avoid this site. Their email of cs2@customercentervip.com is part a fake customer service port called CustomerCenterVip.com.<- That is our review.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to report on them below to help alert others. This will save many people their own cash when they see others agreeing with our own warning. Wherever you see that email that use extreme caution. It is more than likely you are dealing with a fake site. It maybe an honest e-store owner has been tricked into using that email. However, I can not see how that could be.







www.ElectronicScores.Shop Review.

The link in the intro is our past research on this scam network for one of their scam sites. ElecctronicScores.Shop is perpetrating fraud on their unwary customers. Those that handed them their payment information are advised to call your payment provider. This is cease any potential attempts to access your funds. You may also find out that you have to put in for a refund as you may not get anything, something shoddy, damaged, stolen and simply inferior for your hard earned cash.

Now we are going to point out other reasons why they are not legit and only an online scam.

We begin with WHOIS. They store information on sites that are registered. We can see that they registered their site in 2019/04/22. We have found them early and so glad to give out an early warning to all.

Address left is ‘CN’. That is China and of course we see it is an incomplete address. What company leaves an incomplete address anyways? Don’t their customers need this information? Surprisingly, I have seen legit companies do the same in various ways.

So we head to their site and we see that they have not left any address. If you find one of these sites, and you so happen to find an address, always Google such pieces of information. Emails, phone numbers as well. So many times we have found that they can be connected to complaints about those pieces of data on other scam sites.

No founder name traceable and so now we have no clue whom people are giving their payment information to. This is a very bad scenario to put yourself in. Always look for reviews. Where you do not find any then use caution and common sense.





Final Thoughts.

They are new and so you may find there are little to no reports on that site just yet. So please spare a moment to report on them below to help alert all whom maybe tempted by the offers on that site.

That is all on What Is ElectronicScores.Shop. They are now heading into our List of Internet Scammers. Thanks for coming by and feel welcome to bookmark this website as we report on recent scams almost daily. Looking forward to seeing you back sometime soon 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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