What Is ElectronicsBesto.com – Is ‘ElectronicsBesto Me’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 12, 2019

SCAM ALERT! Find Out What Is ElectronicsBesto.Me Here – Our ‘ElectronicsBesto Me’ Review Warning.

This review on What Is ElectronicsBest.me (www.electronicsbesto.me) is a scam warning. Is ElectronicsBest me a fraud, fake, and deceptive or Is ‘Electronics Besto Me’ legit, safe, real and trustworthy? So why Is ElectroniscBestMe fake untrustworthy? There are copies of this site online. Already a scam-alert warning has been raised by another. 

We will cover all reasons below. Those with customer reviews on this site are welcome to report them in the comments. This will go a long way to help warn others and to save them some cash. Most fake e-stores are from China and so we believe this is where they are from. Of course, not all stores of this kind from that region are not bad. Let’s find out more below…




www.electronicsbesto.me scam alert!



What Is ElectronicsBesto.Me about – Contact Your Payment Provider.

So you should probably contact your payment provider if you gave them your card details. This means cyber-crooks could now have that information to sell on or to make random charges to your card. We already know What Is ElectronicsBesto.Me and so let’s find out more on why that is so.

Registration date for their site was in 2019/03/26 and one year is all they have give their new biz to succeed online. 1 year is not a lot of time and so what honest business do we know that goes into business, given all the time and expense involved, for just 12 months?

This looks already to be a hit-and-run site. We have to say though, there are times that founders will give themselves this little time to see how things go. This is not one of those times.

Information about their site in WHOIS is highly limited. There is no founder name and their address is only Anhui, CN – that is China. Incomplete addresses as this one is a classic sign of a cover up. So now the founder can scam away for the time registration period and may never be caught for his fraudulent activities.




‘ElectronisBest Me’ Scam Signs.

There are a few obvious and glaring scam signs as soon as you land on their site.

  • Look at those price reductions! Too-good-to-be-true offers is normally an excellent sign of a fake site. There is no way a NEW BUSINESS can afford to be so generous and so that sign alone is enough to be very suspicious about them.
  • We have seen copies of this site online from time to time and so we have to assume they are run by the same cyber-crooks. The reason why they make so many copies is when one is shut down then the newer ones take over and so earnings do not go down.
  • Scam sites like this become popular fast because people fall for the prices. These kinds of sites lie about them, and so when people see this being shared on social media, then their site can pull in a lot of potential victims.
  • Their email of cs2@customercentervip.com located bottom of their site in the smallest font type possible. That is not right and good sites will make it clear to the eye such contact information. 
  • That email address is being used by multiple sites and so how can other companies online have the same email address? That is a huge scam sign. You only have to Google that email address yourself to see the other sites. 
  • Within their site there is no founder name. No customer phone number. Email address is being shared with other sites. Where is their business address? So that is a black-out of all details customers would eventually need should something go wrong.
  • This means that people maybe handing over payment information to a site where nobody is clear on that sites identity and location. Bad form and always look for reviews before imparting such personal and sensitive information like that.
  • Their social share icons do not link to their social media groups / pages. They only link to the respective platforms. We would expect to see a business link them off to their own social media promotions network.






Final Thoughts.

We are 100% sure they are fake and only a scam site. We are welcoming your reports about them below to help others make  up their own minds about them.

That is all on What Is ElectronicsBesto.me and now they are going into our List of Internet Scammers. Thanks for coming by and consider to share this article to help warn others.

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